Monday, August 1, 2011


Mmmm... fresh blueberry cobbler!

I baked this cobbler last evening once the house cooled down.
Its been hot here.
Understand that anything over 80 degrees is hot to me.
We put the air conditioner in the window but have yet to turn it on.
Our house tends to stay cool most of the day as long as we keep it closed.
Two ceiling fans do a great job of moving the cool air.

The man has been sick most of the week...
making a sort of cobbler of his own.
I spent most of my time tip toeing around...
letting him rest.
By Friday he felt better.

We kept the weekend slow and lazy.
No visitors... just us.
On Saturday we briefly visited with our new daughter-in-law
when we dropped off some paper for her.
She gave me a big bag of fresh blueberries.
I eat them in yogurt or in muffins.
But I had no real idea how to make them into anything else.
I didn't want to waste them.
I tried to look up recipes on line, but alas...
it was down.
So I improvised and came up with the above cobbler.
When I tasted the berries, they were tart.
My cobbler recipe that I always use calls for sugar in the cake
portion, not the berries.
I think it gives them a fresher taste and less sugar is good for me.
But these babies required it...
that much was clear.
I tossed them with a whole cup of sugar on top of what I usually use.
It worked!
The man was happy with it and that's what mattered.
Other news wise... yes as news... cobbler is tame.
I took a typing and 10 key skills test for a job on Friday.
I haven't gotten a thanks but no thanks email yet.
The job would be working in a medical lab
handling people's "specimens".
The paper work on them, that is.
I don't want to touch them.

No sense in wasting time waiting for response.
I'm amazed by how many employers don't bother with any response to interviews or skill tests in any fashion.
Those who do, send mass emails to the losers.
Its a strange new world.
Back to the application grind.

I guess I better freeze blueberries too...
cause I still have a big bag full.
Hope you have a good week.


  1. Tart blueberries? We seem to have an abundance this year, but super-sweet.

  2. remember jim on taxi speaking of blue berries not blueberries? i miss that show.

  3. secret agent woman- We have had a very cool summer. They are moving and I think she decided to pick as much as she could of the blueberries before they were really ready. Oh well. It worked.

  4. billy pilgrim- I do indeed recall Taxi and Reverend Jim! I loved that show.

    Its funny, our guy who married us is Rev. Jim... just not that one. But we laughed about how perfect that was.

  5. Your cobbler reminds me of our last trip to Cape Cod to visit Mr. Cube's family. The children picked the blueberries (Mr. Cube's fah-thah calls them bluebreeze- all one word) and his mom baked them into a cobbler. Very yummy.

    Our summer has been cooler than usual. I hate it because I love the heat. That's why I live in Florida.

    As far as job hunting goes, I can empathize on one level. My girls are having no luck finding summer jobs. Many applications and interviews have not turned into a job for either one. Most of these companies don't even call them back which I believe is very rude.

    It certainly is a strange new world.

  6. Cube- I'm not generally a blueberry fan. But it was very yummy!

    I have great sympathy for your cubettes! The problem is that its such an employer's market these days that they can afford to be rude. Its a waste of the applicants time when they don't respond and you are right... so rude when someone takes the time to apply.

  7. I'm more of a cherry fan than a blueberry fan, but I won't turn either away if someone is nice enough to bake them into a desert for me.

    You should see my cubettes. They are gorgeous and I'm not just saying so because I'm their mother. I look around at people who are employed at places where we shop and, for the life of me, can't figure out why these girls can't get jobs.


  8. Oh man, that cobbler looks awesome!

    I'm sorry the guy was sick! Glad he started to eventually feel better. It's bad enough feeling sick in any weather, but especially when it's so hot out.

  9. Tara- It was very tasty!

    He is much better and I agree, sick in the summer sucks serious gas!

  10. I love that. "making a cobbler of his own"
    I thought I would die in NJ with 90-100 degree heat, but I survived. whew.

  11. NoRegrets- I can't take heat like that anymore, let alone function in it. You did a fantastic job of getting things done in the heat. I'm glad you survived!