Monday, August 8, 2011


Look at me shine!

(mid-mowing... a bit dusty)
Here he is... the new guy at our house.
I got to pick him out.
I know ZIP about lawn mowers...
so I drove the poor salesman crazy asking questions.
Naturally I had to pick the model that was not in stock.
The salesman offered to order it and I'd have it on Friday.
I did not want to wait.
He then offered to sell me the next model up (on sale) for the same price.
Cool beans!
Only that one was out of stock too.
So he offered to sell me the floor model.

The man stepped in at this point...
he loves to dicker prices down.
By the time we left with it...
We were paying $100 less than the asking price of the first mower I'd picked...
and had the oil thrown in for free.

Out at the truck, the man smiled.
He had evaded the extra fee for having it assembled too.
 We carefully tilted the handle down,
lifted him into the bed and secured him in place.

I love my new mower.
Mr. Mower had served this house for a long time and another house before that.
Its sort of sad to see him go.
I will not miss his refusal to initiate his power drive feature.
He was a lot like trying to push a mule uphill.

There is one thing left to do...
no, the yard is already mowed...
I like to name things.
I did not name Mr. Mower... his former owner did.
What name is appropriate for a lawn mower?
Here are some thoughts:

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I'm open.
(Oh  for goodness sake... my photo didn't show up with this post!
I had to come back in first thing this A.M. 
and add it back in.
Sorry if you got here before the pic showed up.)


  1. How about "The Barber" (as in you are giving the lawn a flat-top haircut)?

  2. Suldog- Ha! Good one. The Barber of S street! My dashing blade runner of a lawn slayer!

  3. How about "Chewy"?...Or no - sticking with the barber theme, how about Sweeney Todd?

    My mom and I bought a new lawnmower once upon a time. It was just a regular mower with the cord you'd have to yank to get it started. We didn't name it, though, but we should have!

  4. Tara- Sweeney Todd is right up my alley! It's got a quirky feel that appeals to my sense of humor. O'l Sweeney was quite the artist with a razor and would think nothing of gobbling off my toes or a hand. A serial grass slasher! A monster of a machine! Shiver, shiver. I love creepy things. =:D

  5. Go for broke:


    And as you mow, listen to all of the greatest lawnmowing hits.

    Start with this one:

  6. dmarks- Too funny! I went to your Sweeney Todd post and left a comment. It didn't show up, so I left it again... then I see it has to be accepted.
    LOL sorry, but I believe I repeated myself.
    Thanks for the link to the lawn mower song. I'm off now to listen to it. =:]

  7. This post was near and dear to my heart because we name inanimate objects is our house as well. I thought we were the only crazies that did it, but I'm pleased, thanks to the Internet, to find that others do it too.

    Keeping with the naming theme at my house, he'd be named Mowie. I'm just saying.

  8. Cube- I've always named inanimate objects! All my cars, appliances, etc.
    David Mowie? What about Mowsley? Ha! This is fun.
    Hey at least when the machines rise up and revolt, I'll be on a first name basis. =:]

  9. how about slash?

    welcome to the jungle!

  10. billy pilgrim- Ha! Good ol' Slash. That's appropriate he could bring grass to its "shun n,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,n,,n,n,,n knees, knees"!

  11. Le Mower est mort, vive le Mower!

    No idea - I just called mine the mower.