Sunday, August 7, 2011



Its time for Saturday Scavenger Shots again...
Irony would have it that I got to pick this week's word:
and then I would have PROBLEMS posting.

The man had family from Idaho here to visit yesterday...
Saturday, when I was supposed to post.
Due to another drop-in visitor,
I was unable to follow my schedule for getting the house ready.
That was a problem that required me to awake to
dash madly around the house at the crack of dawn
and finish within minutes of the VIP arrival.
At least I solved the problems there and the visit was a success.
Unfortunately, my post is a day late!

The photo at the top is indicative of the school subject that gave me the most PROBLEMS.
Math sucks... well it did for me.

I am not sure who had more PROBLEMS...
This Barbie or the student who put her on his sister's locker. 
When looking at this photo, one might assume that my 
youngest son has PROBLEMS.
Yep.  He has issues with having his photo taken and refuses
to pose nicely.

 This photo represents a few problems.
My lawn mower broke.
My lawn is suffering from serious PROBLEMS due
to lack of water, cutting and weeds.
Mr. Mower breaks down often.
The man is tired of fixing it...
and hearing me complain about how hard it is to push
for a "power driven" mower.
It's urge to drive left before I met it.
Using the darned thing is like pushing a mule into a trailer.
I will end this post on a happy note...
Today we solve part of the lawn's PROBLEMS.
We are off to Sears to buy ME a new mower.
Then the man will fix this one...
one last time while I mow my poor sad lawn.
Next weekend Mr. Mower is being donated to 
a yard sale to benefit 
Breast Cancer.
I sincerely hope someone who enjoys fixing lawn mowers buys it.
Then everybody happy.
I hope you happy too!


  1. Great post! It seems only fitting that it should be a problem to post :-D My boys all seem to have picture-taking-itis too. Only my daughter adores being photographed.
    Glad you are getting a new mower! One problem fully solved.

    Had to come back in edit and add that my validation word was "dumbsod" Bwahahahah!

  2. laura b.- Ha! "Dumbsod" is a perfect validation word for this post. Too funny!

    Squeaky really hates being photographed. He takes after me in that way.

    The new mower is a beauty! Now all I have to do is figure out a name for him. Hummmm...

  3. My lawn is a jungle - it just keeps on raining.

    That barbie taped to the locker made me laugh.

  4. secret agent woman- The rain/jungle factor is a problem here too. Especially spring and fall. People here are very eco and not many water lawns to conserve water. You see a lot of brown yards here.
    I laughed as I watched the kid tape Barbie up there and again when he told me why. =:]

  5. broken lawnmower, no problemo!

    have you tried using premium gas? switching from regular to premium made a world of difference for my mower but who gives a shit.

  6. You scared me with all that math, what was that? The lad is ready for food, I can tell. Mine won't pose either esp when food is involved.

  7. Poor Mr. Mower. Although an obstinate mower can be the straw that breaks the back of us 'less than willing' mowing guys.

  8. Shopgirl- Believe it or not, that was 6th grade algebra. That's what I was teaching the day I baby-sat the class. Talk about scary! It was a good thing I had the teacher's book with the answers in it.
    I understand not wanting to be photographed eating. The funnier things was watching him try to wrap what was left of the cake when he took it on a 200+ road trip to his home. I think he would have left his nephew out of the car and put it in the baby car seat if he could.

  9. billy pilgrim- Its not so much not starting... it's a lack of cooperation from Mr. Mower and constant tangles in the pull chord. A very obstinate machine with a will of its own.
    "Who gives a shit" is exactly what I said when I decided not to feel sentimental about getting rid of him.

  10. Ew, math! That subject was a problem for me too.

    Oh the things brothers will do to their sister's dolls. My brothers tied up my Cabbage Patch doll and hung it from the ceiling. Good times.

  11. 3GK- Ha! True story. I can't help but wonder if the man developed his loathing for mowing at the handle of Mr. Mower.
    I know he made one of my favorite exercise activities into a chore with his stubborn attitude. He tangled his chord one time too many!

  12. Tara- Ew math in spades!
    My brother and I had Barbie funerals. =:]