Thursday, August 4, 2011


Company is coming.
The man's Uncle D is coming to visit.
I've never met the man before, but I've heard stories.
Lots of stories.
He will visit us in the morning here at our home.
With all the other relatives local in tow.
Guess what I'll be doing the next few days?

I was over at Blogging Incognito
a few weeks back.
Secret agent woman decided to make a few lifestyle
changes that involve eating healthy and getting exercise.

As you know, I did that a few years back...
and lost a considerable amount of weight.
I made other changes too, which led me to be here in this home.
All good choices... something I don't always do.

I was inspired by her post.
In the last year I have been a back slider of sorts.
Busy with job hunting and starting life with the man...
I stopped walking daily.
Too many barbecues and pot lucks later...
I've regained a few pounds.

So last night I announced to the man...
tomorrow you will take me out for a hot fudge sundae...
and on Friday, I will start my health program again.
He asked me where this comes from...
did he give me something I misread as dissatisfaction?

The whole point of my walking and changing my eating habits was to get healthy.
Not to get skinny or please anyone but myself.
He was a happy accident along the way.
Sorry babe... its not for you.
I told him that the only thing about it that concerned him...
was that I intend to be here a very long time...
so don't plan on cashing in on my life insurance anytime soon.

He laughed and said I was prize enough.
I said yeah... booby prize.
He said... well, I happen to like boobies.
That was not what I meant...
but I laughed anyway.

Which led to another thing...
his offer to help me with ah... exercise.
I pointed out that was not walking.
He pointed out that it was a lot more fun.

There's more than one way to clean up.
I think I'm hitting them all.
Cleaning up my health.
Cleaning up my home.
And cleaning up in healthy relationship.
Okay... time to clean and LATER a hot fudge sundae...
followed by some healthy exercise.
I love clean living!


  1. Good for you for being healthy. Your man sounds so awesome and supportive and funny.

  2. Dieting and exercise is a real pain in the butt, but I always feel better about myself when I do it. I'm looking forward to the start of school just so I can be back on the track team again.

  3. Churlita- I laugh a lot around here. He is awesome and supportive. Thanks!
    I feel so much more energetic when I do my walking and my mood is elevated. Exercise is such a great bonus... but getting back into has been slow. Its time to just go out and do it.

  4. BrightenedBoy- You are so right! I love it once I get into it. All of me feels better... mind, body and emotionally.
    Track is a wonderful sport! It doesn't get the glory of other team games, but I think it is a very healthy outlet that will last your life if you take it along over the years. School will be starting soon. I'll look forward to seeing you post about it. (hint, hint)

  5. A sundae sounds way awesome. Make mine a pineapple, though.

  6. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- Ha! You got it.

  7. Well good for you and good luck with the exercise plan. Enjoy the last hot fudge sundae and hope the visit goes well with the Uncle. Take care.

  8. Clean living! Yes, you have inspired me in the same way secret agent woman inspired you.

    I recently started talking vitamins and gave up diet soda for water, but you've inspired me to pull down the treadmill and walk.

    There. I wrote it... now all I have to do is do it ;-)

  9. PS - you couldn't find a photo of a rabbit cleaning? :-)

  10. Cube- Cool beans... you'll have company!

  11. NoRegrets- Ha! I should have looked for a rabbit cleaning.
    Yay! Started walking this morning. It felt good.

  12. Congrats to you for deciding to start back on the healthy lifestyle again! I hope that hot fudge sundae was good to the very last spoonful!

    Your guy is funny; I'm glad you make each other laugh and be happy. :)

  13. Tara- Thanks. Actually I haven't had it yet. A friend popped in and that was that. I'll have to have it as a reward in a week or two.
    I am happy! Yay!

  14. Your blog has always been fun to read. But it is extra special now because you are so happy and being treated as you should be! That man is awesome and soooo lucky to have you :-)

  15. Well, how cool is that?

    I'm about 6 weeks in now and feeling better all the time!

  16. secret agent woman- I'm only a couple of days into it and I'm already feeling much, much better.
    Thank you!