Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yeah... he's a biker!
No, I'm serious.
He rides in a special backpack on the back of a big burly biker.
The goggles protect his eyes.
You never know what you will see in DP's H.

Two unexpected things happened  yesterday.
I was taken out to lunch.
(for a bribe and sneak attack)
I was volunteered to assist a mini older person
in writing a news letter.

Her name is Dolly.
She is so tiny that her head just about reaches my shoulder...
and I am 5'3".
She's so cute that you want to adopt her.
She is a hugger and calls everyone
All her giggles end with an exhaled 
To find someone more adorable,
you would have to be looking at a baby.

So we went out to lunch...
Mom, Ron, Dolly and myself.
Dolly drove me home.
It was hard to fit into her car.
Her legs are so short that the car seat is set so far forward
that my knees were at my chin.
(So that's how tall people in my car feel!)

I ran inside and locked the dog door.
Roxy was out back, 
lazing in the sun and 
I hoped that she would not notice.
I didn't want Roxy to do her happy-to-see-a-visitor dance,
which can be quite loud...
and possibly knock tiny, delicate Dolly over.

We wrote the news letter fairly quickly.
It was cute.
This is for a group of elderly RV campers who formed a club.
Most of them have known each other since, at least, high school.
All either grew up here or married someone who did.
The average age is 80.
They are a huge support for each other.
I attend their monthly "fellowship" diners.

Its a simple news letter...
a paragraph for each event, 
past and present, if needed to be mentioned.
It has a humor section,
and a place for club member
medical issues, births, deaths, weddings,
and requests for prayers.

Once they were printed,
I let Dolly out the front door and Roxy in the back door.
quiet time to relax and crochet or maybe take a nap.
Then the phone rang.

That is how my entire day went.
I would sit down and the phone would ring.
"Can I borrow an extension cord?"
"Did you get the news letter done?"
"Do you want trade veggie slicer/shredders?"
"I want to talk to my dad... when will he be awake?"
and my favorite...
"Oh, never mind!"

I never got my nap.
I didn't finish my crochet as scheduled.
(I tell myself I need to do so many rows per day.)
Things just kept popping up.

Life is fairly boring for a month...
then a pile of things happen all at once.

One last random thought.
Not all elderly people are cute.
Like all people...
some can be totally rotten if they want to.

But you have to like Dolly.
She's so sweet and enjoyable.
It was a real pleasure to help her out with the news letter...
even if it was sprung on me.
Had I known that I had a choice in the matter,
I honestly would have opted out of helping in some polite way.

Sometimes I need a gentle push forward
to do things I would not normally do.
I'm glad that I did this one.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Time for another Sat. Scavenger Shots.

Our word today is TIME.
This fellow is from a long, long time ago.
Time can be measured in years...
Or months, and days.
Ticking off the days on this calendar
was my way of showing that time really 
was passing, even if it didn't feel like it.

Birthdays are a way of showing how much
time has passed in our lives...
and celebrating good times together.

Raising my children took a lot of time.
Or at least it felt like it...
at that point in time.
Above are Squeaky, Bear and Max
(left to right)
and the start of a new generation
little Turkey,
who continues my family's saga in time.

Don't even get me started on days, hours, minutes, seconds...
We don't have enough time!

Have a marvelous weekend!


What a cool tree pic!
My daughter-in-law took it in her yard 
after a snow and wind storm a week or so ago.
I love how it split down the middle
and fell so neatly to each side.
Time has not been my friend this past week.
One of those weeks where I feel like I am running
and not really getting anywhere.
Lots of little bits are happening:
Squeaky sent me a new sci-fi series.
"The Black Company"
is the title of the first book and the series.

The Black Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

by author Glen Cook.

I am working my way into that world...

and when I read... I lose all track of time.


I have two grand babies due to arrive soon.

Olivia will arrive on March 6th via c-section.

Zoe will arrive in early May sometime.

So being me,

I have to make baby afghans...

which meant a trip to the store and lots of time

wasted deciding which pattern to use...

and what yarn and colors.

My fingers are flying.


Very cool:

I can crochet and read my kindle at the same time!


I spent 4 and 1/2 hours straight taking assessment tests for a job.

Really people?

Most of them were timed tests too.

Gosh... I hope they don't want me to work as fast as humanly possible

all day long.

By the time I finished...

I was exhausted from hurrying.


The man has been working 7 days a week with no days off.

This is our third week of this.

You might think that this would buy me a lot of extra time.


What I do is fill it all with busy work...

so now I have rearranged cupboards,

a new filing system in my office space,

several meals frozen into single portions,


So I have been busy doing those things...

instead of being here.

I think my brain needed a rest.

Sometimes it is good just to be active

and not to think.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can you say AAAAAAA

Rain, rain, rain.
Where I used to live they got one foot of snow last night.
Never thought I would miss that.
But I sort of do.

Now that the man is back on graveyard shift...
I'm back to making diner at 7:00 AM
and pretending to talk to Roxy when I am speaking to myself...
most of the day long.

We have one outing every morning
to our local mini mart that has a drive up window.
They have cheap coffee that is actually good
and if you have a hanker for it...
biscuits and gravy also cheap.
$2.58 will get you a big serving of both.

I avoid the biscuits and gravy.
At any rate...
Roxy has learned that the kid who serves at the 
drive up window keeps dog treats for her there.
As I pull up,
she gets behind my headrest and shoves her big head
as far as she can through the small space...
making loud snuffling noises.

Twice she has startled the girls who fill in 
for the kid on his days off.
But they recover and Roxy gets her happy treat.

So the man sends me to the bank to make a deposit.
Off Roxy and I go.
On the way there I decide not to go inside the bank.
I've got my flip flops on and I don't like the idea of soggy socks.
Its been raining for days.

By now  you've guessed it.
I have to roll my window down entirely just to put the deposit
into the drawer that pops out.
That narrow gap between my headrest and 
potential doggie treat opens wide...

It should have been very funny.
The way she tossed the money and slip into the air
as she screamed and windmilled her arms
to keep from falling over.

But I felt terrible.
Roxy is not a mean dog.
She's just a goof of a dog who thinks drive up windows have Milk Bones.
The bank lady doesn't know that the bark she heard
was Roxy's higher pitched happy chirp.
She heard the war whoop of a crazed pit bull.

After a moment or two...
when one of the other bank ladies ran over to see what the trouble was...
and that lady laughed.
Roxy had her ears perked up and her tail wiggling for all she was worth...
tongue lolling out of the side of her chompers.
She would have gladly jumped through the thick glass 
and played pick-up with them.

The frightened teller collected herself
and apologized for over reacting.
I apologized for Roxy's behavior.
Then the teller apologized to Roxy for only having suckers,
no Milk Bone biscuits.
I drove away on happy terms with the bank staff.

All the same...
I'm thinking that Roxy isn't going 
to the  drive up window  at the bank again soon.
I did stop on the way home long enough to run into the market...
for some Milk Bone biscuits.

By the way... has anyone seen a show called

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Saturday Scavenger Shots is back!
Our mission today:

An excellent choice!
I've always enjoyed looking for "shapes"
in the clouds.
This one looks to me like its a sky 
full of ocean waves.

 I enjoy being able to "shape"
things with my hands.
Some clever gardener took the time
to "shape" this plant into a cactus "shape".

This one comes from FB...
It shows the difference between a 
closer to average "shaped" woman...

and a typical "shaped" runway model.

Which reminds me of my plan to 
get back into "shape" this year.
All I need is a pair of these...

Shoes that is...
I do not need an ankle "shaped"
like that again!

Yay!  This was fun.  Hope to see  you next week!


Roxy Nightingale. 

I've been down with a bug.
Does that imply that quitting smoking is bad for your health?

The man was called back to work.
Yay!  Yay!  Yay!
I immediately became ill.
Because that is the way it goes...
when I need someone to take care of me...
I am left alone.

I was only feeling sort of crappy when he left for work the first night back.
As soon as I was back inside and checked the door locks
and turned off any lights...
Roxy and I looked at each other and raced to the bedroom.

Not that I'm glad to be alone in the bedroom 
except for foxy Roxy.
But because it is the warmest room in the house.
And because Roxy doesn't get to sleep in there when the man is home.
She was extra psyched.
I just wanted to get warm again.

By morning I felt way beyond crappy.
The man came home to nothing done and no diner.
Poor man.
I felt no remorse at all over my lack of activity.
And I was prepared to be spoiled rotten.

Yeah... that did not happen.
Not to blame the man.
He was back at work and needed to sleep.
He did fix his own meals, ran all the errands, etc.
and checked on me now and then...
as he came and went.
Those days are a bit of a blur.
I mostly slept.
My stomach hurt so much that I did not think of food.
Yet there was no puking involved.
My joints and bones ached.
A fever came and went.
I had a case of the dreadfuls.

What I do recall is that silly dog up there...
Roxy never left my side.
As I moved from room to room 
for whatever reason...
Roxy padded along and waited until I was 
safely back under the covers again.

Then she would sit next to the sofa
or my bed and lay her big hard head next to me.
I would pet her and scritch her ears.
When I fell asleep...
she would creep to her blanket and lay down.
But if I moved...
she was right back there to poke me with her cold nose.
Just to make sure that I was okay.

Dogs are so funny.
She knew when I was sick.
And she knew as soon as I wasn't.
This morning when I woke up feeling good again...
she took off outside to lay in a sunny spot in the yard.
She's back to coming in and out as she pleases
and growling at squirrels and cats in the yard through the window.

Roxy is still on the job.
Doesn't matter if its as nurse or guard dog.
Whatever the day calls for...
she's right there.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I woke up feeling like a slug today. 

Neither of us has smoked since we decided to quit. I believe its a done deal. Once the mind is made up to quit, you can quit.  Its getting your head into that place where your determination flips the switch in your head
and turns off the part of the brain that wants to light up.  I have to give a big hat tip to the Creator for His help and for all the prayers from those who did that for me.  =:]   Thanks!

Tomorrow I will begin to walk.  I wanted to wait until a week after I quit smoking to start that up again.  I know a week does not heal your lungs.  But I'm not coughing in the morning, so some healing has begun.  And being asthmatic, I really don't like to piss off my lungs.  They can be real creeps when they want to be.

Right now I am looking out the back door to Roxy's yard.  The grass is high and needs a good mow.  Nope.
I just went to look at the grass up close.  Its all wet.  It is unlikely that the sun will be out long enough to dry it.
Maybe I'll do that tomorrow as part of my walking... if its dry enough.  If not, I'll be slogging through the wet when I walk.  Gee I miss my nice warm, dry gym.

That's it from the silly slug today.  What did you folk do for your weekend?  I hope it was more fun than being a slug.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I bet I could turn him to ash pretty fast!

Three days smoke free.
Its pretty much like days with smoking
only less aroma and more boring.

The fact is that when you smoke,
there are things that keep your hands, mouth and mind busy.
Patting yourself down to find your smokes or lighter.
Looking for misplaced smokes and lighters.
Dumping and cleaning ashtrays.
No more than 3 butts in an ashtray are allowed
before it must be emptied and wiped clean.
The actual extraction and lighting up of smokes.
And the minutes spent in going to the store for smokes.
Tiny little bits of time that add up over the course of your day.

Not only have I gained money by not smoking...
I am gaining time...
but  mostly small bits of time that do not have much value alone.
I suppose I could switch to picking my nose in those moments...
but I'd rather not be known for this behavior.
Any other suggestions for tiny bits of time filler?

At night I have gained a restlessness.
Between weird, weird dreams
and periods of wide awake-ness in the middle of the night,
I am not getting much rest.
Not that I am getting up in the morning,
which might help after a day or two.
Rather, I flop around in the morning...
watching the tube in bed and dozing off and on
until I look at the clock and yell "Oh crap!"
because it is near or after noon.
I really need to get a grip on my days and nights again.

People have offered interesting suggestions.
One involved cutting a soda straw to cigarette length
and using it as if it was a smoke. 
As if my mouth and lungs could not figure out this ruse!
I ended up chewing on this and drooling into
the straw, having to suck it back in or let it drip out.
Finally I just crammed it into my mouth and
chewed it up then spit it into the waste basket.

Suckers were suggested.
As a diabetic, this can mean two things;
getting sugar jitters or the runs.
Sugar free suckers are worse...
more than a few of these guarantee the runs.
Forget the sucker idea.

Besides, the point is to break the habit,
not to replace the habit.

Well, bitching aside...
it is day three smoke free.
That's something anyway.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the second day... frustration

Plan One / Day Two

I am happy to report that no has yet had a near death experience...
and only one biting incident, but that involved tickling and did not break the skin.

However, I have gotten a few looks from my neighbors in regards to the noise from our home.
The code phrases are working well.

But someone, who is not me, snuck out and had a few puffs off an old butt.  He confessed later when I began dumping butts into the trash and a strangled gasp escaped his lips.  Did he really think I would keep those cigar butts forever?  The truth of his back sliding bubbled out in a gush of guilt.  Now the temptation is over.

Actually it has not been too bad.  Harder I think on the man than it has been on me.  I had time to wrap my brain around this.  He joined in spur of the moment. Jumped right on that band wagon and has had regrets.

I find it the most difficult to drive in the car alone and not smoke.  So I am avoiding the car. I think I will walk to places as much as possible for awhile anyway.

Another difficult place is the market where I used to buy my smokes.  That mental list you go through in your head.  Do I need bread?  Milk?  Smokes?  Wait... they have smokes here!  Walk away... walk away!  I have decided to take up speed shopping off of a written list.  No looking around.  No thinking!  Buy the list and go.

Today was my pay day, so I FED THE TRIP KITTY!  YAY! YAY! YAY!  The trip kitty really is making this easier for me.  Instead of feeding it daily, I have decided to feed it once a week.

With quitting smoking, my posts are becoming lamer.  Sorry about that.  Right now this is where my focus needs to be.  So posts will be short and likely a bit off for a week or two.  =:]

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Plan One

Today is the day!
Last night I smoked my last cigarette.
This morning the process begins.

Not Smoking Week One / Day One

1) Be crabby!
     Oops... did I say that out loud?
     I meant "Be strong!"

2) Remove all traces of cigarettes;
    butts, ash trays washed and put away for guests,
    dump garbage cans into dumpster and put away lighters.

3) Only drink one cup of coffee...
    because I intend to sleep a lot for the first few days,
    but still need to function on some lower level zombie mode.

4) Drink lots of water in small doses and shower twice a day. 
    Nicotine leaves your body through your pores.... wash it out and off !

5) Cut up celery to keep handy for nibbles and that oral need thing.

6) Try not to kill the man...

 7) Avoid having the man kill me.

    (We are both quitting.)

8) Carve.  (Not crave!)
    It is impossible to carve and smoke at the same time.
    I've got scars to prove it.

8) Spend as much time as possible in the house where we do not smoke...
    avoid situations where others are smoking.

9) Wash all clothes, coats, etc. that have a smoke scent.

10) Reward myself for good behavior...
      feed the trip kitty!

Safe guards have been put into place.
I asked the man to think of a code phrase in case my crabby level exceed his ability to cope.
He settled on
"Shut the fuck up!"
That should do it.
And no worries... its designed to make me laugh and it will.
My code phrase for him...
"If you're going to ride my ass, at least you could pull my hair! "

Yep.  It ought to be an interesting week.

A little non-smoke music to get me going....