Friday, January 27, 2012


What a cool tree pic!
My daughter-in-law took it in her yard 
after a snow and wind storm a week or so ago.
I love how it split down the middle
and fell so neatly to each side.
Time has not been my friend this past week.
One of those weeks where I feel like I am running
and not really getting anywhere.
Lots of little bits are happening:
Squeaky sent me a new sci-fi series.
"The Black Company"
is the title of the first book and the series.

The Black Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

by author Glen Cook.

I am working my way into that world...

and when I read... I lose all track of time.


I have two grand babies due to arrive soon.

Olivia will arrive on March 6th via c-section.

Zoe will arrive in early May sometime.

So being me,

I have to make baby afghans...

which meant a trip to the store and lots of time

wasted deciding which pattern to use...

and what yarn and colors.

My fingers are flying.


Very cool:

I can crochet and read my kindle at the same time!


I spent 4 and 1/2 hours straight taking assessment tests for a job.

Really people?

Most of them were timed tests too.

Gosh... I hope they don't want me to work as fast as humanly possible

all day long.

By the time I finished...

I was exhausted from hurrying.


The man has been working 7 days a week with no days off.

This is our third week of this.

You might think that this would buy me a lot of extra time.


What I do is fill it all with busy work...

so now I have rearranged cupboards,

a new filing system in my office space,

several meals frozen into single portions,


So I have been busy doing those things...

instead of being here.

I think my brain needed a rest.

Sometimes it is good just to be active

and not to think.



  1. busy indeed. those tests sound ridiculous. and you must be one heck of a crocheter to be able to do that and read, even a kindle, at the same time!

  2. lime- While I would love to claim to be a heck of a crocheter, I'm pretty average. Its a very simple pattern. I don't go too fast and I sometimes lose count and have to back track.
    But I did meet a blind woman who crocheted many wonderful things for charity! (Totally and completely blind.) Very good quality work too. I think there are many things we can do that we just don't know are possible until we try them.

    Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

  3. You are a busy woman! I guess the money is nice when someone is working overtime, but that has got to be very hard on both of you. Hope his schedule eases up soon. At least you have lots to look forward to, with those two baby girls on the way! Woo!

  4. Doing is sometimes WAY better than thinking, I agree. And everyone needs that rest sometimes. What an exciting time! And so sorry the man has to work 7 days a week! But I guess better than nothing. And, did you hear about the job?

  5. Making meals ahead can take some time, but it is so worth it to have nice meals all made up and ready to eat. We eat so much better when we do that.

    Your book sounds good.

    Good luck on your job hunt.

  6. laura b.- Yes, it is sort of hard on us both. He is tired most of the time or sleeping. I prefer that he sleep to trying to stay up and getting sick though. My crocheting baby blankets is keeping me occupied.

    NoRegrets- I have not heard one peep out of the job. My assumption at this point is that they found more qualified people. I saw in the paper that over 600 people applied for it! I guess I should be happy that I got an interview at all.

    Churlita- I enjoy cooking and since I am rattling around the house mostly by myself, its a good way to spend my time. You are so right... its those times when you are tired and do not want to cook where you make quick and likely poor food choices. The book is good!