Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yeah... he's a biker!
No, I'm serious.
He rides in a special backpack on the back of a big burly biker.
The goggles protect his eyes.
You never know what you will see in DP's H.

Two unexpected things happened  yesterday.
I was taken out to lunch.
(for a bribe and sneak attack)
I was volunteered to assist a mini older person
in writing a news letter.

Her name is Dolly.
She is so tiny that her head just about reaches my shoulder...
and I am 5'3".
She's so cute that you want to adopt her.
She is a hugger and calls everyone
All her giggles end with an exhaled 
To find someone more adorable,
you would have to be looking at a baby.

So we went out to lunch...
Mom, Ron, Dolly and myself.
Dolly drove me home.
It was hard to fit into her car.
Her legs are so short that the car seat is set so far forward
that my knees were at my chin.
(So that's how tall people in my car feel!)

I ran inside and locked the dog door.
Roxy was out back, 
lazing in the sun and 
I hoped that she would not notice.
I didn't want Roxy to do her happy-to-see-a-visitor dance,
which can be quite loud...
and possibly knock tiny, delicate Dolly over.

We wrote the news letter fairly quickly.
It was cute.
This is for a group of elderly RV campers who formed a club.
Most of them have known each other since, at least, high school.
All either grew up here or married someone who did.
The average age is 80.
They are a huge support for each other.
I attend their monthly "fellowship" diners.

Its a simple news letter...
a paragraph for each event, 
past and present, if needed to be mentioned.
It has a humor section,
and a place for club member
medical issues, births, deaths, weddings,
and requests for prayers.

Once they were printed,
I let Dolly out the front door and Roxy in the back door.
quiet time to relax and crochet or maybe take a nap.
Then the phone rang.

That is how my entire day went.
I would sit down and the phone would ring.
"Can I borrow an extension cord?"
"Did you get the news letter done?"
"Do you want trade veggie slicer/shredders?"
"I want to talk to my dad... when will he be awake?"
and my favorite...
"Oh, never mind!"

I never got my nap.
I didn't finish my crochet as scheduled.
(I tell myself I need to do so many rows per day.)
Things just kept popping up.

Life is fairly boring for a month...
then a pile of things happen all at once.

One last random thought.
Not all elderly people are cute.
Like all people...
some can be totally rotten if they want to.

But you have to like Dolly.
She's so sweet and enjoyable.
It was a real pleasure to help her out with the news letter...
even if it was sprung on me.
Had I known that I had a choice in the matter,
I honestly would have opted out of helping in some polite way.

Sometimes I need a gentle push forward
to do things I would not normally do.
I'm glad that I did this one.


  1. What a day! And yes, not all old people are cute. You could visit the evil nasty grumpy man at my mom's assisted living place.

    Hope the man is sleeping ok...

  2. NoRegrets- There was an old guy at the home where my GG was for a few years that would pinch me really hard whenever I had to walk past him. (I was 13 years old.) Unfortunately he was on the way to GG's room,left sitting in the hallway in his wheel chair. I used to wonder if he was being punished like a school kid and placed there to think about what he had done. Eventually I figured out that he really was a lot like a kid and acted up for attention. Of course that did not help the pinching situation and it sure didn't make anyone like him more.

  3. All- Just what is that symbol next to my name in comment? That one... the one that looks like a cigarette in a grey circle. I suppose it points out that I am the author of this blog. But it doesn't look much like a pen, which I don't use for this blog or a computer, which I do use for this blog. How strange!

  4. Dolly reminds me of a woman on the walkathon who would dress all in pink and greet every walker with a hug whenever we reached significant checkpoints. She was tiny and frail, and I was always a little leary about hugging her for fear that she'd break!

  5. I hope with all my heart that when I get old, I can be the kind of old person people want to help, not one of the crotchety ones.

  6. i looked in the mirror the other day.

    son of a bitch!

    i'm an older person.

  7. Tara- Yep. Me too.

    Secret Agent Woman- Absolutely! But I doubt you will have a problem with that. You don't seem to be the crotchety type.

    billy pilgrim- Sssshhh... don't tell. I am too. But Dolly still has twenty something years on me. Though when I say it that way I don't feel so far behind. I've raised kids longer than that. Yikes.

  8. Dolly sounds sweet. It's nice that you had an opportunity to help her out :) It seems like people's basic natures are just sort of exaggerated a bit in old age. Grumps get grumpier and happy people are joyful!