Friday, July 4, 2014


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My computer went to the dark side.
But it's back...
and I fixed it myself!

So let me back track a bit.
About the time the computer crapped out,
we took a trip up to see my kids.
It was the man's birthday,
his 55th,
and that was what he wanted in the way of a present.
We got up there and the boys...
Squeaky and Boo...
were working.
So we went to where they work...
The Sawtooth,
which is half way up 
Mount Hood.
                                                                                                       My kind of place!
A whimsical atmosphere...
that is calm and quiet during the day...


And gets rocking in the spring and summer evenings with live music.

This post is kind of all over the place... oh well. We had our diner and dessert on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather.

There is a river behind that fence.
You don't really see it well, 
but you can hear it sing.

 This is one of the murals painted here and there.
Nice place!
We really enjoyed it.
Bear, Turkey and Bug came too.
You've met Bug...
she's the little chub from my last post.

Boo was anxious for us to see his new house
on the mountain...
and to meet the new grand dog...

Chevy and his steel belt from a radial.
That's his favorite chew toy.
Chevy did not like the man!
Not at all.
He spent a lot of time in his kennel.
Poor guy.
We think it was the fuzz on the man's face.
Eventually he will like him.
This was my "vacation"
We also saw my darling little Olivia and her mommy.
I forgot my real camera, 
so these are not the best pics.

As vacations go...
I can never go wrong with family.
Good food, lots of chatter and joy all around.
I only had one day of vacation that I paired with my days off.
Then it was time to come home
and back to work...
where this sight awaited me...
 I thought one giant balloon bread was funny.
Three is silly squared.
Who says I don't live an interesting life?
I hope you all have a terrific and joyful
4th of July.
As usual,
the man and I will drag our camp chairs down
to the end of the drive way
to enjoy the neighborhood fireworks display.
I think I like the duds as well as the 
successful explosions.
I miss the town fireworks
in DPH.
In a town the size of a small high school,
it was like a very large family party.
There is nothing like the smell of fireworks
combined with barbeque aroma,
children's squeals and adult laughter.
Our neighborhood has that same feel
on a smaller scale.
Very nice.