Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad behavior.

My Easter Prince and Princess

Life is good.
Gotten a few things done that I needed to do.
After my  yearly physical,
the doc decided to send me to 
Diabetic Obedience School.
You know, where they send badly behaved
Diabetics to be retrained.
 I will let you know what happens.

We have gone fishing and no one fell in.
I seriously do not believe that there are real fish
in that river.
Only ducks and geese.
The goslings have been out learning to swim.
So at least there was that.

We just finished that lovely work tradition
known as "inventory".
Management was so stressed over it...
making sure that we did all the grunt work to 
get a passing mark from corporate. 
They were so exhausted that they 
have all taken long weekends
(except for a few)
and left us cleaning up the mess it makes.
Fun times at the "Dubbaya".

We had a bit of excitement there...
one of our coworkers had 
absconded with a major amount of
goodies from our shelves.

I felt extremely disappointed.
I worked with this person all the time.
I had zero clue that she was a sticky fingers.
I was shocked that they 
took her away in handcuffs... 
while I was working.

She has two small children.
She has a handicapped mother who relies on her.
She has ruined her chances for future
employment, housing and even unemployment.
She has no one to blame but herself.
But I am still sad about it.

If that was not weird enough...
I walked past this the other day.

Oddly enough,
it made me crave a turkey sandwich
and think of all the after Thanksgiving
sandwiches made on "balloon bread".
It is of course just a big balloon.
But the idea tickled me.

not a great deal of substance to this post.
Its hard to get back into the swing.
It will come.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with the people you love...
having so much fun that you don't read this til Monday.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Any way the wind blows...

Seems impossible that it was only a month or so ago that we were sealed in ice.

My days off have been so beautiful of late that 
I can hardly believe my luck.
It is not that it is not raining... this is Oregon
in the spring after all... and rain it does.
I seem to have become lucky that way.

My yard is full of weeds.
Its the same each spring. Part of that renewal thing.
It has a bunch of dead grass that my father in law sprayed with chemicals.

This is my therapy.
Not the chemically altered grass removal.
Rather the weeding and planting of things that make my yard and home smell and look so nice.
Its the ability to create something of beauty that I can see and feel satisfied that I have done something of value that others can enjoy too.

We took down a fence in the front yard.
The posts are in great shape,
but the wood was old and had to go.
It was not a tall fence, only a 4 footer.
We decided not to replace the planks.
Instead Randy is making bird houses to go on each of the posts.
Then we will eventually put up hog wire sprayed green between the bird house posts.
Cheap but hopefully creative enough to bring some smiles.
Maybe I'll add some honeysuckle vines too.

Looks like I came inside to avoid the sprinkles
just in time.
The wind is picking up and making
the bent up windmill clank furiously.
Maybe getting it straightened back out should
be my project for tomorrow afternoon.

It is so nice to be back!
I've missed blogging and following you all.
I will try for 2 posts a week.
Thanks to those who have been checking up on me.
Big hugs to you all!