Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad behavior.

My Easter Prince and Princess

Life is good.
Gotten a few things done that I needed to do.
After my  yearly physical,
the doc decided to send me to 
Diabetic Obedience School.
You know, where they send badly behaved
Diabetics to be retrained.
 I will let you know what happens.

We have gone fishing and no one fell in.
I seriously do not believe that there are real fish
in that river.
Only ducks and geese.
The goslings have been out learning to swim.
So at least there was that.

We just finished that lovely work tradition
known as "inventory".
Management was so stressed over it...
making sure that we did all the grunt work to 
get a passing mark from corporate. 
They were so exhausted that they 
have all taken long weekends
(except for a few)
and left us cleaning up the mess it makes.
Fun times at the "Dubbaya".

We had a bit of excitement there...
one of our coworkers had 
absconded with a major amount of
goodies from our shelves.

I felt extremely disappointed.
I worked with this person all the time.
I had zero clue that she was a sticky fingers.
I was shocked that they 
took her away in handcuffs... 
while I was working.

She has two small children.
She has a handicapped mother who relies on her.
She has ruined her chances for future
employment, housing and even unemployment.
She has no one to blame but herself.
But I am still sad about it.

If that was not weird enough...
I walked past this the other day.

Oddly enough,
it made me crave a turkey sandwich
and think of all the after Thanksgiving
sandwiches made on "balloon bread".
It is of course just a big balloon.
But the idea tickled me.

not a great deal of substance to this post.
Its hard to get back into the swing.
It will come.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with the people you love...
having so much fun that you don't read this til Monday.


  1. the poor woman. it sounds like she did it out of need not greed. the world is not a forgiving place these days.

    1. Probably true billy. But it still was very shocking and disappointing.
      I think that they gave her way too much rope to hang herself on before dealing with it. It was a felony amount. Sad.

  2. Diabetic Obedience School. That's funny. I'm sure they're going to tell you to stay away from the sort of bread that balloon i s made to look like!

    1. I haven't eaten balloon bread in years. lol but I'm sure you are right Secret Agent Woman. At this point, I am ready to avoid all processed foods and be done with it. Might be more expensive, but I am more likely to survive it.

  3. what a pair of easter cuties. so shocking about a coworker when you have no clue. and even though she has earned punishment i agree it's terribly sad because others who depended on her will also suffer. just such a shame. hoping diabetic obedience school goes well for you. take good care of you.

    1. Thank you lime. I am unbelievably in love with my grandchildren. Yes, still makes me sad to think about it. I will be a good student. I have had a diabetic trainer before, but he didn't seem to know a lot and did not find answers. I am hoping that this will be a much more formal training.

  4. Your grandchildren are adorable.

    My husband got a pre-diabetic scare during a routine physical and he finally took his diet seriously. He's lost weight and his numbers have improved dramatically. Hoping that Obedience school turns out well for you.

    Sad to hear about your coworker. I can't imagine what her family is going to do without her.

    I don't even know what balloon bread is, but I'm craving a turkey sandwich on it right now.

  5. Hi Cube! thank you! Those little cuties (and others too) keep me smiling.

    I an ok diabetic. I was a fabulous diabetic back when I was walking every day and eating the diet I designed for myself... back when I dropped 100 plus pounds. I need to do it again, which I can. Its just getting started. I think diabetic obedience school will help a lot for motivation and education. As much as I'd like to think that I know everything, surprisingly enough, I don't!
    Good job Mr. Cube! That is awesome.
    Balloon bread is any of the style of processed white bread that we ate as kids... Rainbow, Ovenjoy, etc. Turkey sandwiches on it were the best! At least until I grew up and decided that I loved other breads more. =;]

  6. When I worked retail there was a few coworkers that I knew stole stuff and got caught. It was always hard.

  7. I'm just glad you are back out here blogging again. There are not too many of us left as Facebook seems to gobble them up. Happy Mother's Day to you and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Adorable grandkids. Lucky grandma!

  9. Love the comment about the inflatable bread! And so sad she stole and got caught. And wonderful grandkids. Life has its ups and downs. Sigh...

    1. It does indeed. Especially with me.

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