Saturday, June 7, 2014


Avery speaks.
Again, my apologies...
My computer has not been acting well
and would not let me post for some
reason beyond my ability to figure out.
Today it is being kind.
Above is the small yet loud Avery,
who has begun to speak.
She will be heard!
She is also crawling and on the move.
Nothing is safe.
Look at those cheeks!
<*)))<   <*)))<   <*)))<
At the Big Dub-Ya things have been
I have come to the conclusion that the 
meth heads are in high spirits
because the weather is warm enough
not to have to pay power bills.
They have that au de cat piss that is unmistakable.
They also have a distinct shopping style.
They are somewhat obsessive.
One might select a tee shirt it likes and then
fill the cart with every single tee of that kind...
leaving an empty shelf behind.
(This is not at all suspicious!)
They fill the cart with things they like,
sit on the floor and sort through
their treasures for hours.
(Doesn't everyone do this?)
We call them "Pretty Birdies" because they
 are like magpies or crows
that gather things because they find them
pretty, shiny, etc.
They do not see this as odd behaviour,
though... it is.
They are stealing while they do this.
I guess the idea might be that if you fill one cart full of one type of shirt,
how will we ever be able to tell that they have
stuffed just one into their bulging back packs.
The same back packs they showed up with
that were saggy and flat when they came in.
I don't know why, but this is the time of year
for pretty birdies.
I wonder if they are free to get high
because school is ending for the year...
Summer living is cheaper and they have
more money to get high...
subsidized in part by thieving...
'cause you know there is never enough money
to get high.
Whatever causes it...
the Pretty Birdies have returned
to the Big Dub-Ya.
I get to put back all their loot.
I guess I should be grateful...
job security and all that.
There is no real other news.
Life is kind of dull right now.
Better dull than sorry.


  1. holy christ, it's june already. we've been having crow wars recently. hundreds if not thousands in the trees around us fighting a squawking like crazy.

    once all shopping is done on-line, what are the poor shoplifters going to do?

    upgrade their skills and commit fraud over the net?

    1. The crows are kind of crazy here too. I wonder then if its mating season. I'm still trying to run them down but the darned things just won't stand still. Too quick for me.
      Perhaps I should take a job taking orders for on-line shopping. A quick end to pretty birdies.
      That's the smart move for a shoplifter. Sort of a promotion to a higher pay grade. But a thief is a thief.

  2. Avery is a cutie, for sure!!
    Every word she says is and always will be precious.
    Can you tell I am a Nana, too!!!
    Nothing like our Grands.

    1. You have that right Jackie! She cracks me up because she is so loud for a baby and has very selective feelings about things. I love being a grandma more than anything I've done.

  3. Oh my, meth heads. That's scary.

    1. We actually had one cut his throat with a knife in our men's room. Don't worry, he did not cut it enough to kill himself. But it was enough to make it look like Hanibal had visited. They took him away, sewed him up... he claimed it was an accident. Then he came back for his back pack. Life is not dull at the Big Dub-Ya.

  4. I hated theives more than anything when I worked retail. I think they ruined that feeling of wanting to see good in the world.

    1. I do believe that you have hit the nail on the head, catskillblogger! That is exactly what happens. It alters your view of people and makes you super suspicious. Its depressing. I find that I now see pretty birdies all over. At the market, at malls, at restaurants or walking down the street.

  5. Avery is a cutie pie. Write down everything she says because everyone will laugh their head off when they read it later on in her life.

    I don't have much experience with shoplifters. I didn't even know they had a season. It's sad that some people think they deserve what others work very hard for...

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