Monday, June 9, 2014


I found this jolly guy on penterist.
Peculiar things are a foot.
Call it a run of not terribly bad luck.
For example:
Last Saturday was my second of two days off in a row.
I was determined to get some overdue house chores finished.
I got up, and got busy.
I went to start the dishwasher and recalled
that I was not thrilled with the detergent packs
I had gotten at the dollar store.
Sometimes you win there, sometimes you lose.
Off I went to the Store about six blocks away.
It was hot, so I drove.
I wanted to get in and out... no sight seeing.
I parked,
 walked inside and straight to the dishwasher soap isle.
I was almost to the check out near my car
when the lure of pretty flowers trapped my interest.
Ok, I told myself.
One small, inexpensive plant.
As soon as I walked out to the nursery area...
I saw them.
I nabbed them up and was  hardly a tick off schedule.
I slid into my hot car.
We're talking temperature.
I delighted in imagining the cool air
that would be blowing on me as I hauled my keys up to
select my ignition key.
I must take a moment here to expalin that there was a
recall on my year and make of car.
Something in the ingition makes it do things
that can cause it to crash.
Chevy assured us that if we did not put anything
but the ignition key into the ingition...
no possiblity of crashing weirdness was possible.
And as soon as the part arrived,
the joker ignition would be replaced for free.
I was terrified of losing my key if it had to be solo
while its key friends hung out on the key fob.
Those keys are spendy!
They have a security chip in them that allows the key to start the car.
I decided that I needed a clip that I could use to clip and unclip the key
and keep my keys together.
It worked so well.
At least until I made my jaunt down the aisles of the market.
I looked at my keys and it was not on its clever little hook.
Well crap!
Back I go, not worried because I had taken no more than ten minutes.
How far can a key go in that much time?
Apparently it can go to hell.
No matter how many times I walked the same path,
it refused to be there.
I asked all the cashiers... the service desk... any associate I saw.
I had no choice but to walk in the heat, that I sought to avoid, home.
Did I ever tell you that I take a medication that causes
sun sensitivity?
I can burn in as little as 15 minutes.
I had also washed my hair just before I began my sad journey.
Wet head... exposing more scalp.
By the time I got home,
my hair was dry but my scalp was pig nose pink.
I got my spare key and had no choice but to walk back.
Did it occur to me to put on a cap or scarf?
Heck no!
I had things to get done.
I was in a hurry and this was holding me up.
I did not think anything about my hair,
let alone the sun.
My mind was awhirl with visions of the cost of replacing that key.
By the time Otto Mobile and I returned, my head was more the shade of
fresh spanked naked butt...
a shade I recall clearly from childhood.
I did my chores and fell into bed after diner.
I was pooped.
I actually felt the intensity of the burn at the moment,
after oversleeping, that I finished my shower and
grabbed the brush to drag thru
my once again wet head.
It certainly woke me up quickly.
sun bruned head is not a good motivational tool.
I launched off to work using my spare without a spare key.
I made up for my lateness on the freeway.
I chuckled to myself at my awesome ability to still
make it to work on time as I slid
Otto into a prime parking space.
My not terribly bad luck streak was over.
Whoo Hoo!
Sadly the thrill died when I pulled on my door handle and
it came off in my hand.
Such is life.
Hope you all had a glorious and grand weekend
in the company of folk who love you to pieces.


  1. Love the picture.

    I'm sorry about your car. Those key fobs are EXPENSIVE... we know from experience.

    I can't commiserate about the sun insensitivity because of the drugs.. I've been trying to get some sun lately because I was so winter white I looked radioactive... literally I glowed in the dark. I try to keep it at 30 minutes a day. My Doberman sits with me and keeps me safe while I get my vitamin D.

    As far as life goes, it's one surprise after another, isn't it? Beats the alternative.

  2. Hi Cube! It does beat the alternative. I seem to only get sun on the top of me. My legs are still a lovely shade of pale. =:]

  3. Your comment makes me think of Annie Lennox's cover of Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale"... It's currently on the playlist in my car.

  4. hahahaha! I was listening to Procol Harum's version yesterday. =:]

  5. It seems like we have days like that every now and then. I wrote about my most recent episode on the blog this week. Hang in there silly rabbit and please wish your husband a Happy Father's Day. Have a good one.

  6. My life is a whole series of that sort of thing. But I guess that's the definition of life in general.

  7. dang but those keys are crazy expensive. what a racket! hope things go back to boring for you. ;)

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