Friday, December 16, 2016

There is nothing like family. 

I have been so busy! We decided to move.  I have never had such a crazy time moving.  The amount of stuff here is astounding. Worse, both the man and his mother are terrible about letting things go.
We had so many office things; shelves, storage, old programs, clip art, and others. Tons!

I got sneaky. I got up early and hauled off boxes and boxes of "things that are still good" to charity because we will never use them again. Someone should! Every room has been filled with things that are still good. I swear that I have given a whole household away.

How can we move into a smaller home if we don't reduce the clutter? Sheesh.

So that's been happening.  There's also been a clash of agendas.  Mine is to reduce clutter and get packing. But there were pauses, like pulling up the carpet that covers the office floor... to expose the oak flooring because that will help sell the house. Common sense said, pack the office and when all packing is done, worry about getting it ready to sell.

We don't use common sense. Let's leave it at that. So there have been detours along the way.

That includes weather issues. We are currently living in ice world.  My movers (my kids) can't get down to help. Then the gorge closed from snow storms. It's been a challenge.

That's why I haven't posted or lurked.  We are now hoping to move the day after Christmas. Cross your fingers and think good thoughts. I may be off until relocation. So happiest of holidays to you all!