Monday, October 13, 2014

Who wouldn't want to sit here?

Who wouldn't want to sit here?
Ok. Me. I would not sit here. 

Hard to imagine but the man has been gone for 
25 days already. He is coming home on Wed. I have some mixed feelings. I know that sounds bad.
The reality is that I have no idea what to expect.
I wonder how much of his odder behavior was alcohol and how much was stroke related.

I think he has had some personality changes
from the stroke. He is much quicker to frustration than he used to be. Computers drive him crazy. Crazier than they do the rest of us.

His impulsiveness is through the roof. He sees something and he wants to buy it now... right now.

But I also think it was magnified by alcohol.
So yeah, 
my feelings are a bit mixed and apprehensive.
Loyalty is a huge part of my character make up.
Feeling iffy, feels wrong.
My feelings of excitement are dimmed by cautious curiosity.  Have things change for the better or not?

I will be driving him to AA meetings.
I am trying to find him a group that has other Vets.
I found one that is held in a Veteran's building.
I'm hope other Vets will be there.
That will give him a sense of community with people with other things in common beside

The man needs friends.
Since he had his stroke, his friends have vanished
for the most part. So I am also looking into the Senior Center here. He just squeaks in age-wise.
I am hoping that they will have card games or checkers... something to just drop in and play.
Maybe even crafts, which he loves, or other classes.

He needs a regular group of people to see while I am off working.

His kids are too busy. 
Busy, except for the one who lives so far away. 
He is visiting his dad today.
He's my favorite.

So today I am off on a trip of discoveries...
looking for activities for the man.

I put a pot of Chili Colorado into the rice cooker
that doubles as a slow cooker. I'm hoping that works out well. If not I'm going to be eating it anyway for a while. Waste not want not as they say.

Here are some random things to share:

I have earned a full week vacation.
Yay! Yay! Yay!

I can't have a "requested" day off until after Christmas.  Boo! Hiss! I was ready to take that vacation as soon as I got it. Oh well.

We got a new dress code.
We now have to wear dress shirts and slacks.
And joys of all joys... a vest.
The vest is ugly.
It is made of a thermal weave fabric.
The front of the vest proclaims in print that 
"I am a proud Big Dubbya Associate."
I'd like to know where they got that notion.

If you recall a few years back, some nut job
woke up with the bright idea that all the Big Dubbya Associates who had smiley faces on the back of their vests would make excellent targets for 
shooting practice.
The decided that the happy face vest was not a good idea after all and told folk not to wear them.
The smiley faces are gone, but have been replaced with what I like to call the
 "Big Dubbya Asshole".
They call it a "spark" but that does not make it any less of a big o'l target.

I am less than thrilled about wearing one.
But on the bright side, it will make a nice bib at lunch time.

See what I mean?

And with that snarky comment...
I hope you all find silver linings in your troubles today.


I almost forgot!
Shife's book is here!

Congratulations Shife!
I cannot wait for my copy to arrive!
Isn't it exciting?