Friday, July 4, 2014


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My computer went to the dark side.
But it's back...
and I fixed it myself!

So let me back track a bit.
About the time the computer crapped out,
we took a trip up to see my kids.
It was the man's birthday,
his 55th,
and that was what he wanted in the way of a present.
We got up there and the boys...
Squeaky and Boo...
were working.
So we went to where they work...
The Sawtooth,
which is half way up 
Mount Hood.
                                                                                                       My kind of place!
A whimsical atmosphere...
that is calm and quiet during the day...


And gets rocking in the spring and summer evenings with live music.

This post is kind of all over the place... oh well. We had our diner and dessert on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather.

There is a river behind that fence.
You don't really see it well, 
but you can hear it sing.

 This is one of the murals painted here and there.
Nice place!
We really enjoyed it.
Bear, Turkey and Bug came too.
You've met Bug...
she's the little chub from my last post.

Boo was anxious for us to see his new house
on the mountain...
and to meet the new grand dog...

Chevy and his steel belt from a radial.
That's his favorite chew toy.
Chevy did not like the man!
Not at all.
He spent a lot of time in his kennel.
Poor guy.
We think it was the fuzz on the man's face.
Eventually he will like him.
This was my "vacation"
We also saw my darling little Olivia and her mommy.
I forgot my real camera, 
so these are not the best pics.

As vacations go...
I can never go wrong with family.
Good food, lots of chatter and joy all around.
I only had one day of vacation that I paired with my days off.
Then it was time to come home
and back to work...
where this sight awaited me...
 I thought one giant balloon bread was funny.
Three is silly squared.
Who says I don't live an interesting life?
I hope you all have a terrific and joyful
4th of July.
As usual,
the man and I will drag our camp chairs down
to the end of the drive way
to enjoy the neighborhood fireworks display.
I think I like the duds as well as the 
successful explosions.
I miss the town fireworks
in DPH.
In a town the size of a small high school,
it was like a very large family party.
There is nothing like the smell of fireworks
combined with barbeque aroma,
children's squeals and adult laughter.
Our neighborhood has that same feel
on a smaller scale.
Very nice.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I found this jolly guy on penterist.
Peculiar things are a foot.
Call it a run of not terribly bad luck.
For example:
Last Saturday was my second of two days off in a row.
I was determined to get some overdue house chores finished.
I got up, and got busy.
I went to start the dishwasher and recalled
that I was not thrilled with the detergent packs
I had gotten at the dollar store.
Sometimes you win there, sometimes you lose.
Off I went to the Store about six blocks away.
It was hot, so I drove.
I wanted to get in and out... no sight seeing.
I parked,
 walked inside and straight to the dishwasher soap isle.
I was almost to the check out near my car
when the lure of pretty flowers trapped my interest.
Ok, I told myself.
One small, inexpensive plant.
As soon as I walked out to the nursery area...
I saw them.
I nabbed them up and was  hardly a tick off schedule.
I slid into my hot car.
We're talking temperature.
I delighted in imagining the cool air
that would be blowing on me as I hauled my keys up to
select my ignition key.
I must take a moment here to expalin that there was a
recall on my year and make of car.
Something in the ingition makes it do things
that can cause it to crash.
Chevy assured us that if we did not put anything
but the ignition key into the ingition...
no possiblity of crashing weirdness was possible.
And as soon as the part arrived,
the joker ignition would be replaced for free.
I was terrified of losing my key if it had to be solo
while its key friends hung out on the key fob.
Those keys are spendy!
They have a security chip in them that allows the key to start the car.
I decided that I needed a clip that I could use to clip and unclip the key
and keep my keys together.
It worked so well.
At least until I made my jaunt down the aisles of the market.
I looked at my keys and it was not on its clever little hook.
Well crap!
Back I go, not worried because I had taken no more than ten minutes.
How far can a key go in that much time?
Apparently it can go to hell.
No matter how many times I walked the same path,
it refused to be there.
I asked all the cashiers... the service desk... any associate I saw.
I had no choice but to walk in the heat, that I sought to avoid, home.
Did I ever tell you that I take a medication that causes
sun sensitivity?
I can burn in as little as 15 minutes.
I had also washed my hair just before I began my sad journey.
Wet head... exposing more scalp.
By the time I got home,
my hair was dry but my scalp was pig nose pink.
I got my spare key and had no choice but to walk back.
Did it occur to me to put on a cap or scarf?
Heck no!
I had things to get done.
I was in a hurry and this was holding me up.
I did not think anything about my hair,
let alone the sun.
My mind was awhirl with visions of the cost of replacing that key.
By the time Otto Mobile and I returned, my head was more the shade of
fresh spanked naked butt...
a shade I recall clearly from childhood.
I did my chores and fell into bed after diner.
I was pooped.
I actually felt the intensity of the burn at the moment,
after oversleeping, that I finished my shower and
grabbed the brush to drag thru
my once again wet head.
It certainly woke me up quickly.
sun bruned head is not a good motivational tool.
I launched off to work using my spare without a spare key.
I made up for my lateness on the freeway.
I chuckled to myself at my awesome ability to still
make it to work on time as I slid
Otto into a prime parking space.
My not terribly bad luck streak was over.
Whoo Hoo!
Sadly the thrill died when I pulled on my door handle and
it came off in my hand.
Such is life.
Hope you all had a glorious and grand weekend
in the company of folk who love you to pieces.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Avery speaks.
Again, my apologies...
My computer has not been acting well
and would not let me post for some
reason beyond my ability to figure out.
Today it is being kind.
Above is the small yet loud Avery,
who has begun to speak.
She will be heard!
She is also crawling and on the move.
Nothing is safe.
Look at those cheeks!
<*)))<   <*)))<   <*)))<
At the Big Dub-Ya things have been
I have come to the conclusion that the 
meth heads are in high spirits
because the weather is warm enough
not to have to pay power bills.
They have that au de cat piss that is unmistakable.
They also have a distinct shopping style.
They are somewhat obsessive.
One might select a tee shirt it likes and then
fill the cart with every single tee of that kind...
leaving an empty shelf behind.
(This is not at all suspicious!)
They fill the cart with things they like,
sit on the floor and sort through
their treasures for hours.
(Doesn't everyone do this?)
We call them "Pretty Birdies" because they
 are like magpies or crows
that gather things because they find them
pretty, shiny, etc.
They do not see this as odd behaviour,
though... it is.
They are stealing while they do this.
I guess the idea might be that if you fill one cart full of one type of shirt,
how will we ever be able to tell that they have
stuffed just one into their bulging back packs.
The same back packs they showed up with
that were saggy and flat when they came in.
I don't know why, but this is the time of year
for pretty birdies.
I wonder if they are free to get high
because school is ending for the year...
Summer living is cheaper and they have
more money to get high...
subsidized in part by thieving...
'cause you know there is never enough money
to get high.
Whatever causes it...
the Pretty Birdies have returned
to the Big Dub-Ya.
I get to put back all their loot.
I guess I should be grateful...
job security and all that.
There is no real other news.
Life is kind of dull right now.
Better dull than sorry.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bad behavior.

My Easter Prince and Princess

Life is good.
Gotten a few things done that I needed to do.
After my  yearly physical,
the doc decided to send me to 
Diabetic Obedience School.
You know, where they send badly behaved
Diabetics to be retrained.
 I will let you know what happens.

We have gone fishing and no one fell in.
I seriously do not believe that there are real fish
in that river.
Only ducks and geese.
The goslings have been out learning to swim.
So at least there was that.

We just finished that lovely work tradition
known as "inventory".
Management was so stressed over it...
making sure that we did all the grunt work to 
get a passing mark from corporate. 
They were so exhausted that they 
have all taken long weekends
(except for a few)
and left us cleaning up the mess it makes.
Fun times at the "Dubbaya".

We had a bit of excitement there...
one of our coworkers had 
absconded with a major amount of
goodies from our shelves.

I felt extremely disappointed.
I worked with this person all the time.
I had zero clue that she was a sticky fingers.
I was shocked that they 
took her away in handcuffs... 
while I was working.

She has two small children.
She has a handicapped mother who relies on her.
She has ruined her chances for future
employment, housing and even unemployment.
She has no one to blame but herself.
But I am still sad about it.

If that was not weird enough...
I walked past this the other day.

Oddly enough,
it made me crave a turkey sandwich
and think of all the after Thanksgiving
sandwiches made on "balloon bread".
It is of course just a big balloon.
But the idea tickled me.

not a great deal of substance to this post.
Its hard to get back into the swing.
It will come.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with the people you love...
having so much fun that you don't read this til Monday.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Any way the wind blows...

Seems impossible that it was only a month or so ago that we were sealed in ice.

My days off have been so beautiful of late that 
I can hardly believe my luck.
It is not that it is not raining... this is Oregon
in the spring after all... and rain it does.
I seem to have become lucky that way.

My yard is full of weeds.
Its the same each spring. Part of that renewal thing.
It has a bunch of dead grass that my father in law sprayed with chemicals.

This is my therapy.
Not the chemically altered grass removal.
Rather the weeding and planting of things that make my yard and home smell and look so nice.
Its the ability to create something of beauty that I can see and feel satisfied that I have done something of value that others can enjoy too.

We took down a fence in the front yard.
The posts are in great shape,
but the wood was old and had to go.
It was not a tall fence, only a 4 footer.
We decided not to replace the planks.
Instead Randy is making bird houses to go on each of the posts.
Then we will eventually put up hog wire sprayed green between the bird house posts.
Cheap but hopefully creative enough to bring some smiles.
Maybe I'll add some honeysuckle vines too.

Looks like I came inside to avoid the sprinkles
just in time.
The wind is picking up and making
the bent up windmill clank furiously.
Maybe getting it straightened back out should
be my project for tomorrow afternoon.

It is so nice to be back!
I've missed blogging and following you all.
I will try for 2 posts a week.
Thanks to those who have been checking up on me.
Big hugs to you all!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Time for an update.
I hope to be back writing regularly soon.
This will have to do for now...
so that you know that I have every intention of
I have forgotten no one.
I miss you all.

First the most devastating of newses...
(is that even a word; newses?)
I still cannot believe that we lost laura b.
Seems impossible with someone so young and full of exuberance. 
You know this news of course.
I wanted to say something.
I miss you laura b.
I miss  your brightness and your joy in sharing...
that wonderful sense of fun.

Then the most incomprehensible of news,
I lost my father.
I know, he was 87 years old for heaven's sake.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
But my father was a man who worked hard all his life.
Not because he had to, but because he chose to.
He liked physical activity and kept very active.

Its the way he died.
He hardly ever got sick.
But, this year he got shingles.
You hear a lot about them.
Related to chicken pox.
The virus that many mothers purposely exposed their children to
when young because it is easier on the young than adults.

That's what killed my otherwise healthy father.
His shingles showed up on his head and 
curved down his face following an angry nerve.
It caused swelling in his brain...
then brain damage.

He went from a healthy and fun old man to 
instant dementia with very little sense of reality.
He was frightened and scared much of the end of his life.
He briefly entered into reality to tell us very directly
"I don't want to live like this."
He stopped eating.
We let him without challenge.
As per his living will, no attempts to feed him were made.
 He died in his sleep after about a week.

I am still getting used to this.
One of those thoughts that feel too expansive
to be in your head.
But I was at peace with his death
when it happened.
No one should end their life frightened
 and feeling like they are with strangers.

He was a good dad.
I'm glad he was mine.
Event when I pissed him off royally...
he was still there for me.

Who knew?


We are still fighting for Randy's Disability.
We hired lawyers.
The claim was refiled after he was turned down.
Everyone says they always turn you down the first time.
Yeah, whatever.
I am sick of waiting for Disability.
I am sick of lawyers who claim they can rush things.
It has almost been a year.

On the sunny side...
Randy is all set with his VA health insurance now.
They will help pay off some of the stroke bills.
Plus he has medical care that won't kill us to use.
My health insurance sucks.
I have a $1,750 deductible.

Our taxes are filed and we are not getting much,
but it beats sitting on a tack.
It will help pay those pesky bills.

We were going up to bury my Dad this weekend.
But we have much snow up here...
which scared off my Cali family.
The mortuary will do it alone.
I do not like this.

If I can.
If the snow will allow me to...
I will be there to watch until the last clump

The sunny part of that will be seeing my kids and their kids.




Monday, September 2, 2013



Ok. I’ve had folks checking up on me and asking for updates… so here it is.
Thank you for your concern.  It is appreciated.  =:]
Life has been busy recently. 

On the good end… my amazing daughter, Bear…
Who took her final test for nursing school on the afternoon of Aug.6th
And gave me my newest granddaughter in the early hours of
Aug. 7th
And then…
Graduated from nursing school on Aug 24th!

 The Bear

I am so very proud of Bear.
To top it off, her doctor offered her a job in his clinic…
After taking some baby time.
Now that’s the way to work it!

Here are some pics of the event...

 Avery Rebecca

 Proud big brother.

 Turkey, G'pa Fuzzy and Avery
(The cigar is out!  I swear it !)

 Turkey lost his tooth in the parking lot.

Olivia dancing... she knows how to celebrate!

Squeaky was living with us and helping out with Randy.
But he was offered a job with Xerox…
As one of the tech people for their line of smart phone products.
And has moved north again to take advantage of that.
I’m pretty proud of him too.

That brings us to Randy and myself.
We took a trip up to DPH to watch the Bear graduate
And meet Avery Rebecca.
I fell deeply in love with her, sigh.
Spending time with her proud big brother was fun too.
So much happiness there that it was hard to come home.

But home we came.
Roxy was crazy happy to see us.
You’d think that we had been gone for a week
Instead of over night.
I had a last “day off” of doing laundry,
Making lunches for myself and Randy for the week.

I snore.
Very loudly, I am told.
So we have opted to use separate bedrooms for sleeping…
Now that Squeaky is gone and one opened up.

I never thought that I would like that arrangement.
But its a lot like when I was a kid and finally got my own room…
I do like the freedom of sleeping however I like…
Including sprawled out kitty-corner if I wish.
I can have the air conditioner or fan on as long as I like and not have to
Worry about Randy getting grumpy about being cold.
I love to be cold when I sleep.
I can watch whatever show I want and not have to consult
The man who doesn’t like most of my shows.
So that was a nice surprise.

We wait.
I am waiting to be old enough to retire.
So that I can be home to help the man.
We are still waiting for disability to be determined.
It should be a “Duh” sort of decision.
His doctors all say he cannot work,
Cannot drive.
So we wait.
I’d much rather be proactive about it.
Waiting is no fun.
  But I am good at it.