Thursday, August 16, 2012


A barn in the middle of nowhere.

The man drove me to pick up my first check today.
That I was finally getting paid...
That I was not the one driving down the beltline.
Yay! Yay!
I trotted inside.
I'd done my homework on getting paid.
The first check is always paper.
Then its auto deposit.
I could pick it up "anytime"
between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
We arrived at 10:15 a.m.
I passed the manager in her office
on my way to the HR office.
No one was there.
Quick as a bunny I was off
to the manager's office.
Only she had managed to leave and lock up.
Eventually I found a manager
(this place has more titles than Carters has little pills!)
and he agreed to get the keys to unlock
the safe that held my check.
He hands it to me with a big smile.
he says.
I look at my check.
It is sad, sickly and pale.
One quarter of the checks that I am used to bringing home.
Heavy sigh.
I knew this would be the case.
I knew what my wage is.
Not a surprise,
but still a wisp of a black cloud.
But it is my day off!
I had money in hand... 
that I handed over to the man for deposit into our account.
The sun was shining
and birds might have been singing if it wasn't so
humid and hot.
my hand rode the air waves out the tuck window
and my grin was tickled by
stray crazy hair.
The man chuckled and asked me not to grow up.
No danger there.
I have been absent of late.
Mostly exhausted by heat and getting used
to standing for 8 hours on concrete floors...
and the stress of that damned phone ringing.
I come home from work.
The house is hot.
I grab Roxy and head for my bedroom.
We barricade ourselves inside.
The air conditioner hums.
An additional fan whirs.
I pick up my book
(Odd Hours)
and before I know it...

Friday, August 3, 2012


What's that do?
Take a guess...

I am busy being a worker bee these days,
learning my new job.
Well, actually learning all the propaganda...
I mean...
philosophy of the company I now work
Let me say that Herman Hesse would never work there...
or if  he did,
there's a good book in it.

I have had over 20 years of retail experience...almost
all the experience I have under my belt before
working at the school was retail.

I have never had to do workbooks
and  classes on computer
plus watch many short videos
and signed so many documents saying
that I have been given information and understand it.

They would simplify things if they
asked us to sign a form that says we promise not to sue
if we are harmed at work
and that our actions are our actions alone...
and not a reflection of the company policies
if we piss someone off.

So today I look forward to 
6 hours of online classes.
6 hours!
Good lord almighty!
What have I got to learn that I can't get through
without 6 hours more of classes ?

This is NOT brain surgery.

Want to know what my job will be?

"Good morning, thank you for calling BlahBlahBlah.
How may I direct your call?" 
I push a lit up button on a normal looking phone
to put them on hold
while I look on a chart to see what extension they need
and then push two more buttons.

Sometimes I let people into the dressing room.
I count how many things go in...
and how many come out.
You only need to be able to count up to six!

I put things on a rack to be put away later.
If I see something damaged...
I put it into a box.

And of course...
I am nice and helpful to all customers.

Hi ho!