Saturday, July 30, 2011


Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots!
This week's word is LOGICAL.

I believe it requires LOGICAL thinking to create furniture that looks nice.

The LOGICAL thing to do when one is in a restaurant with small bored
children is to provide their brains with a 
LOGICAL activity.

This adult beverage was a highly LOGICAL choice while
in another restaurant experiencing a bored small child...
with no LOGICAL game to keep him occupied...
for grandma who was not driving.

And now... because I totally spaced last week's game...
Honestly, it wasn't my fault really.
I simply forgot that it was Saturday until about Monday.
While not working...
the days seem all the same to me.

So... here is last week's word 
chosen by one of my favorite BEARs... laura b.
Who is if you read her profile...
a dancing BEAR!
Sadly, I have no photo of laura b.
(insert your imaginary pic of laura b here)

Of course I cannot have a BEAR post without
Kind of makes you wonder if she  also had one of those 
LOGICAL adult beverages huh?
Naw... different day, just a fun shot of a feisty BEAR.

Where ever you are today...
whatever you are doing...
be thankful
for the Ws...
Who you are with
Where you are
and What is good in your moment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Attack Shark

I got him for ya ma!  =:)

Shark Week is coming!  According to a commercial I saw on the tube yesterday... it begins on Sunday.  

I have never had a shark encounter.  My friend Cube was bitten by one. =:/
The idea of that freaks me out!

I did pet one at the Oregon Aquarium... it was small enough to still be cute
and I'm guessing that since he was in the aquarium version of a petting zoo...
a shark of a type that does not bite at all.  

I like to touch the urchins.  They're just sticky.  Touch them and they close right up.  Its the same kind of joy you get as a kid when someone shows you their ouchie and you poke it.  "Hey!"

I thought it was interesting how many dogs bite sharks on film!  Youtube has a bunch of them.  Sharing is caring as they say!


Lesson learned... if I want to swim in the ocean... I'll take Roxy with me.

I knew there was a reason that I got a dog. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(The white portion of this woman's torso is untanned skin, not a blouse)

I don't normally report on local news issues...
why would my readers want to know what is happening far from them?
But this news story piqued my interest.
You can see a video of the story here:

Junction City Woman Thrown Out of Walmart for What She Was Wearing

KEZI | News, Weather and Sports in Eugene, Oregon

In short... this woman went into WalMart wearing an outfit she actually purchased at this very store... and was asked to leave because of the outfit she was wearing.

She is considered "elderly"
and is decidedly odd looking with her shaved head and multiple tattoos.
The outfit in question was a bathing suit top and a pair of fairly short shorts,
a removable cast on her leg and shoes.
She is obviously overweight, but not frighteningly so.
It was a very hot day here.

A manager came to her in the store and took her aside...
saying that a customer had made a complaint
in regards to her attire.
The manager then told her that she must leave and put on a different top
if she wanted to shop there.

The woman was insulted and has asked for a formal apology.

When local news reported this story,
they were told by a WalMart rep that it is store policy
and wearing a top is a matter of health concern since they sell food items.
KEZI decided to test this policy out.
A slim younger woman in her twenties and was sent into the store
wearing cut off jeans the same length and a bikini top.
She visited all areas of the store...
including the grocery sections...
and lo and behold...
she was not stopped and cautioned about her clothing,
the policy  or health concerns...
only smiles.

You would not catch me wearing this outfit in public...
and probably not even in my own yard.

(I feel like I need to apologize to the neighbors
when I wear my baggy long shorts and a wife beater
when I mow the lawn!)
Therefore when I saw this on the news...
I immediately put it into my mental 
"what was she thinking?" file.

Yet on a rational level...
I think WalMart owes her that formal apology.
They were happy to sell her that outfit and take her money.
They do not enforce their "health policy"
for younger, thinner and more socially acceptable

So let's make this a "Choose and Defend Wednesday" Question...
What say you in this issue?

Was WalMart wrong in demanding that she leave?

Or did they have a right to decide who can dress in what manor inside their store?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When I was a kid almost everyone had a snazzy mower like this
to keep their yards under control.
It was a great system, really.
Few moving parts and you could stop quickly.
Add in the benefits of some solid aerobic exercise...
and it was quite the machine.
Of course, I hated ours.
It was actually Big Boo's job to mow the lawn.
But Big Boo was a jock and played every sport humanly possible
at that point in ancient history.
Guess who got to mow the lawn when he had practice?

We lived in a nice upper middle class neighborhood.
The race to best the Jones was always on.
The McPearsons were the clear winners
with their first ever color TV
and matching Cadillacs.
We weren't sure what Pricilla's daddy did for a living.
But unlike our daddies
he wore his church clothes to work every day...
suit, tie and hat!

Naturally it was big news when any
delivery truck showed up at the McPearson's house.
One lovely Saturday morning
the Sears van dropped off a big brown crate.
I could see it from my bedroom window...
and had to go investigate!
By the time my sneakers hit their lawn,
it was out of the box.
The biggest, fanciest green and yellow lawn mower
I had ever seen in person.

Mr. McP stood behind the bar grinning
and pointed out the features to his oldest son.
Two things stuck me as funny...
Mr. McP was wearing casual clothes
Mr. McP had his hands on the bar as if he intended to use 
the wonder machine himself!
Everyone knew that they had a "man" who did all their yard work....
and no one knew he had casual clothes!

Had the McPs fallen on hard times?

We gathered... the neighborhood kids...
around it at a safe distance.
Mr. McP carefully filled the gas tank with a funnel
and screwed the cap on tight.
After a couple of pulls on the rope...
it roared loudly to life and he warned us all to stay back.
I've never seen a man mow a yard so proudly!
Or a herd of children following behind one.

It was noisy and it stunk.
We loved it!
I suppose it was the thrill of the moment
and a big sense of pride that caused
Pricilla to become so frisky.
Mr. McP hollered at us to go home.
Mrs. McP let me stay.
Was I lucky or what?
She warned us to stay away from Pricilla's father
and went back to her quiet house.

We decided to pretend to be horses.
The things little girls do for fun!
I had a pixie but tossed my head anyway
to get the proper horsey expression.
Pricilla was way better with her long curls
and even longer legs.
Neither of us bothered to notice
that she had crossed onto the long grass.
We were wild stallions from Arabia running like the wind.

The clash was horrific,
when the wild Arabian met John Deere...
Pricilla and Mr McP met as they rounded the same bush.
I first ran for Mrs. McP
and then home.
News spreads fast in the old neighborhood.
By the time she got to school on Monday
everyone knew that the McPs' fancy new lawn mower
hadn't cost an arm and a leg...
just three toes.

My lawn mower died yesterday.
Its a gas powered Craftsman that would never impress anyone.
I prefer electric like I used to have,
but this one was here and mine is up there.
My yard has a big square O in the tall grass.
Today the man will be using part of his day to fix it.
I won't be getting a new toe-eater.
But I did think about getting one like this
It looked fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Del Shannon Runaway

I have a friend who calls songs that get stuck in your head "ear worms".  This is the ear worm that I woke up with in my head today.

The thing about ear worms is that you have a connection of some sort with them.  It may simply be that you heard that song one time too many (or a thousand times too many) or that you connect it with an event or memory.

This one has a few connections for me.  As a wee small rabbit, my way older siblings were very into the Dick Clark sort of TV shows.  I recall very clearly watching Del Shannon lip-sinc this song.  I have visions of my sisters dancing around the den in their socks... with boo-foo hair dos and sixties make-up... swooning over ol' Del.  Sighs and giggles.  Big boo and I, rolling our eyes to their teen insanity and silly dance moves like the swim or boogaloo.  This clip of it tickles me... those teen bunnies hopping around their idol.

Singing along into my hair brush in the privacy of my bedroom.  Ha.  I can't sing to save my soul... at least not in tune.  Later on and for all these years, this particular song has been a constant in the shower show line up.  I love those high notes and dropping down to gravel and gritty. 

It left me for a time.  Forgotten and replaced by "my" music, not that of my sisters.  Then made a fierce return to ear wormdom via the TV series Crime Story.  That put a new connection into my head... a little strip about a bad man waking up in a strange phony town full of mannequins. A vision of poetic justice in a corrupt world.  Now when this ear worm visits me, that video memory plays in my head with it.  The look on that bad man's face when he finally figured out where he was and what was about to BOOM!

There... now I can set the ear worm free until the next time.  Sorry if you caught it.  For me, talking about it, gets rid of it.  Though as ear worms go, this one at least has some fun memories attached.  Unlike "They're Coming To Take Me Away".  I don't want to go there!  Oh crap.  Too late. Heavy sigh.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The man and I took a little trip to a fairly local farmer's market.
It was smaller than those that I am used to seeing up in P'land.
But that gave it a quaint cozy feel...
centered around a nice bubbler fountain.
I was actually impressed at the lack of crafty things!
Or gizmos, sunglasses or blankets...
with wolves or fairies on them.
Most of it was stuff you grow...or that someone grew anyway.
This woman had spices and some smell pretties made from them.
She also had some decadent chocolate brownies.
The man was thrilled.
I got fresh kettle corn.
I like the veggies and the flowers the most.
Only one vender sold food... Thai on a stick stuff.
Another had the only craft sort of thing...

These driftwood logs with holes drilled and planted with succulents.

The vendor wore a T shirt that said
"Of course you can, but you won't."
That made me laugh because I am one of those people who think I can do that myself.
He's probably right too.

While we were there, near the library, the man wanted to show me this
 mosaic on the outside of the library wall.

Many years ago when his Jr was a little 5th grader,
his class won the opportunity to make tiles for this mosaic.
See... all the little animals are reading books!
All but one.
This American Bald Eagle...
we laughed because this was Jr's contribution!
Yep, the only animal not reading a book...
on a library mosaic.
Because he is watching over the other animals
and protecting their right to read!
I thought that was pretty savvy for a 5th grader.

There was one more very cool statue I'd like to share.
Hard to tell the detail,
but it's a rino with... 
a man balancing one handed on a pole...
and a bird perched on his feet.

We got some great veggies and strawberries...

And Farmer McGreggor and his shot gun were nowhere in sight!
Its Hump Day everyone...
Okay... it WAS Hump Day when I posted this!
That's what I get for posting so late in the day.
happy after Hump Day!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Baby bunnies!

It doesn't matter how old they get...
your children are always still your babies.

I know that mine have become adults
and I do enjoy having the mature relationships that we now have.
But it does not take much to transport my mind
to perfect memories of when my kids 
were babies.
Those were very, very good times.
Frustrating, mind-blowing, exhausting and often stressful...
wonderful times.

The hardest change I made in my life
when I decided to change my starts,
was to move this far from my children
and grand children.

I was thrilled when Boo called on Friday to say that he and Saucy
were coming down to spend the night.
I was so excited, I could not sleep well...
reminding me of when I was a kid the night before summer camp.
Such excitement!

The weekend was everything I knew it would be...
loud with laughter...
fun with games...
a great barbecue
and a double date to see Green Lantern...
and a big surprise!

Saucy has a baby bunny in the oven!
Yep... we do multiply like rabbits.
I can't stop hopping for joy.

Saucy told me about her telling her son and room mate's daughter 
about the new bunny.
It goes like this...

"Guess what I have in my belly?"
4 year old: 
"A necklace?"
(he has been known to eat odd objects)
9 year old:
"No.  I'll give you a hint...what wears diapers?"
9 year old;
"A baby!"
very concerned 4 year old:
"Did you eat him?"

Happy Monday folks!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Today's work is "bric-a-brac"...
as evidenced by the piece above.

 A bit of bric-a-brac found here in the hole.

It's Mr. Moose!
... a bit of bric-a-brac that I made myself.

I am, as shown, a real fan of bric-a-brac...
though I try to keep the clutter to a minimum!

It is the nature of bric-a-brac that we all seem to collect some of it.
I leave the frilly or fragile to Little Bunny Fru-Fru...
and tend to collect the hand-made
oddity varieties.
In fact, I like to collect "ugly" things.
Some one should want them!

Well, Boo and Saucy are coming down to visit...
they are still 43 miles away and made the error of texting...
I demanded a mocha!

Today we will barbecue T bones
and this evening we are all going to see 
The Green Lantern.
Hope your weekend is just as happy.
Big grins.


Friday, July 15, 2011



This will be a lazy weekend for us.
No big plans, no parties.
Just the three of us at home for the most.
I erred last week or so when I said that the first episode 
of this season's "Haven" would air last Monday.
That was the day that a couple of other Syfy series began their season.
Tonight is the first Haven episode!
That's where we will be tonight to start our weekend.
Other than that... maybe some fishing.
Yard work is a must.
Recent rain has made the lawn go insane.
And I have a flower bed to finish.

Nice, calm and sedate.
Of course around here you never know who will pop in
or what event may suddenly come up.

And now for the following commercial...

And I have some pics to take for SSS.
(Saturday Scavenger Shots)
Stop by tomorrow if you have a mind...
and see what I come up with for the word
Play if you like... its fun!
But stop in at 
Eclectic Spaghetti
What Fresh Hell is This?
and let them know you are going to play and to get more details.

What ever you end up doing this weekend,
be safe and enjoy!