Monday, July 18, 2011


Baby bunnies!

It doesn't matter how old they get...
your children are always still your babies.

I know that mine have become adults
and I do enjoy having the mature relationships that we now have.
But it does not take much to transport my mind
to perfect memories of when my kids 
were babies.
Those were very, very good times.
Frustrating, mind-blowing, exhausting and often stressful...
wonderful times.

The hardest change I made in my life
when I decided to change my starts,
was to move this far from my children
and grand children.

I was thrilled when Boo called on Friday to say that he and Saucy
were coming down to spend the night.
I was so excited, I could not sleep well...
reminding me of when I was a kid the night before summer camp.
Such excitement!

The weekend was everything I knew it would be...
loud with laughter...
fun with games...
a great barbecue
and a double date to see Green Lantern...
and a big surprise!

Saucy has a baby bunny in the oven!
Yep... we do multiply like rabbits.
I can't stop hopping for joy.

Saucy told me about her telling her son and room mate's daughter 
about the new bunny.
It goes like this...

"Guess what I have in my belly?"
4 year old: 
"A necklace?"
(he has been known to eat odd objects)
9 year old:
"No.  I'll give you a hint...what wears diapers?"
9 year old;
"A baby!"
very concerned 4 year old:
"Did you eat him?"

Happy Monday folks!


  1. Ha! I love it. Kids say the funniest things.

    We just celebrated my eldest's daughter's 21st birthday this last weekend so I can empathize with you when you talk about them always being our babies. Trouble is, they think they're adults.
    Not so fast, I say. It makes for friction, but nothing love won't solve.

  2. Cube- The things that kids say and think are an endless amusement to me.
    I hear you on that one! Legal adult and real adult are different things. And I know its all part of the growing up process to have a desire to make all your own choices, but our experience and past help us to see things that escape them with their limited experience and rose colored glasses.

  3. We had two babies at our house on Saturday (my brother's and my sister's) and we were golden. It was so much fun.

    The line between our baby and an adult is very nebulous especially when we're the parents.

    I watched my daughter drink some strawberry daiquiri, in moderation of course, but it was still quite a sobering experience for me.

  4. Oh, congratulations. It reminds me of when I got pregnant and my mom asked when we'd started trying to get pregnant. I said "Last month" and she said, "Yep, you're a rabbit like the rest of us!"

  5. Cube- Things like that are so scary, even under your watchful eyes. Especially things like drinking. And you are right... that line between is very fine to parents who love and worry and care about their kids...which shows you are good parents.
    Two babies! How fun!

  6. secret agent woman- Ha! That is so funny! =:)
    Thanks for the congratulations too. I am so glad that Boo found Saucy. They are good for each other. I see happy years ahead for them. Yay!

  7. hahahaha! gotta love that. my second one used to think she could peek on the third one thru my belly button when i was pregnant.

    but your wee one....makes me think of the shel silverstein poem about someone who ate the baby.

  8. That's great! I'm glad you got to spend time with the spawn and that you will soon have new spawn to spend time with. yea for you!

  9. lime- Ha! I'd forgotten about that poem. I love the idea of trying to peek in on the baby. Kids are so much fun.
    Churlita- Thanks. I am looking forward to it, but that's next March and I'm not good at waiting.
    Spending time with my kids is the best time I spend.