Tuesday, July 5, 2011


TV has been a real bore lately!
There are only three shows that we really watch;
Judge Judy, Cash Cab and Wipe Out.
What does that say about us?
Well, I guess we are people who enjoy
seeing how ridiculous people can be...
testing our broad knowledge base...
and laughing at things that look like they must have hurt.

True as that may be... there really hasn't been much on to watch.
Shows that we do like have been on hiatus.
We have amused ourselves with other activities
like playing games
watching older TV series that the man has...
I have seen every single Stargate SG1,
Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, Firefly, The Lost Room and Star Hunter
in order from beginning to end.
That is why I am excited that Syfi is  going to be starting its summer line up in
7 more days!
In particular... Haven | Syfy
If you have never seen it...
Haven is a show based on a story by Stephen King
That would be "loosely based".
I have read nearly everything that Stephen King has written.
But I'd never heard of The Colorado Kid prior to finding Haven.
Naturally, I had to investigate.
None of the King fanatics I know had heard of it either.
A mystery!
So I found the link above and enlightened myself!
I solved that mystery but also found a new mystery.
Talk about getting a bang for my buck!
The Colorado Kid is loosely based on a real life mystery:
It is referred to as a "famous case"...
yet, I'd never heard of it either and I love stuff like this!
Not that stuff like that happens,
but seeing how very weird our world can be.
It is a very odd case that involves several wrong identifications
of the body in question and other bizarre connections
to other cases that have never been solved.

Yep... looking up The Colorado Kid led me down several paths away from my original point.
If you like mystery... follow the links!

But getting back to Haven...
if you have not seen it,
its a story about an odd little town...
charming on first glance but laced with strange
Troubles are inexplicable events...
likely never to be solved.
Not techno based... more like weird and eerie.
I love weird and eerie!

So with that said...
What summer shows are you looking forward to if any?
Do you like science fiction, reality, drama or what?

And what... if anything... 
do you think your TV choices say about you? 

 (I like being a scared little rabbit!)


  1. Ha! I'm the first to post. But I had to... I began my blogger day over at Suldog. If you have not visited there, this is the day you should or a clue about the sort of things you can find there. LMAO
    Next I moved on to Cricket and Porucpine for another good giggle.
    If you have the time, give yourself a treat today and visit both.

  2. Thanks, SR! My favorites are mostly comedies, and mostly re-runs. I'll be writing about it sometime next week, probably. Current shows I like? Not too many. We always watch Jeopardy. Cash Cab is a good one, but we usually get home around the time it airs, so we miss it some days and other days we see it. I like House, too. Generally, though, I've taken to buying complete DVD sets of old series I liked and watching them again. No ads, no annoying pop-ups, no network or station ID in the corner - just TV as it used to be; purer, uncomplicated.

  3. Suldog- You are most welcome!
    You have TV tastes and ideas that I find very agreeable! I'm all for DVDs with no commercials. Here we get 2 hours of Cash Cab in the evening! And Jeopardy is another one we enjoy, but they air it here during the news. WTH?

  4. Well, I used to like Survivor (as in the "vote off the island", not Survivors where almost everyone dies, which I like as well). I actually wanted to be on the second season. What the hell was I thinking? I have finally stopped watching it. People could get seriously hurt playing those games, and they aren't even given safety equipment. And there's been what I'd have to call sexual harassment, which always seems to end with nothing being done to the man and the woman leaves.

    Sliders was good as a summer replacement series, but as a regular show on SciFi, not as good.

    As for old shows, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman both have their own websites with full episodes, The Six Million Dollar Man now being up to the Deathprobe episode. Hulu now has Isis, a live-action Saturday morning show people my age used to watch. And Hulu has also added the first season of StarHunter instead of just StarHunter 2300, so I can watch the five or so episodes that I missed.

    And don't buy seasons of Star Trek Voyager online from anybody, they are fake.

  5. I found you from Cricket, and am so glad I did! I am Stephen Kings SECOND biggest fan, just under Cathy Bates! I missed the whole Soprano's thing, and am now devouring every episode via Sky Atlantic - wow, it's the best viewing of my week. Shamefully, I adore the True Crime channel, but I've seen everything on it.. hubby get's twitchy whenever he walks in on me wating a re-run of "Women who kill" (wink)!

  6. Oops, that was meant to read, "watching".

  7. laughing- Ha! The man and I have both commented that even young, we would never have subjected ourselves to being a contestant on on any of the Survivor or Wipe Out sort of shows. It looks fun but the physical abuse! Nope.
    I liked Sliders and agree that once it became a regular show, it lost some of the good writing.
    There are so many older shows that I liked a lot. I can keep myself busy for a long time.
    I saw that about the Voyager DVDs. What a shame.

  8. Shrinky- Welcome down in the hole! It's a pleasure to have you here. I love finding others with similar interests to mine. And I am also a fan of the Sopranos! Funny that... I ignored it on purpose for a long time, then found it fascinating. Unlike a lot of people, I liked the final show, but I won't ruin that for you.
    LOL on Women Who Kill. I see plants... Foxglove or Oleander and I'll say... "Did you know dear that you can kill someone with those?" Hee hee.

  9. We have at least one TV on in the house at all times, mostly for background noise, but I am a fan. Love the sci-fi shows, mysteries, detective shows, true crime shows and even some reality shows, especially the cooking ones and lately, because of my daughters, I've gotten snookered into watching some of the Housewives shows, too.

    There are so many more choices now than when I was a kid. It's a whole new world of choices and I love it. Technology is my friend.

  10. Cube- There are a lot of choices! The trick for me is to find those that we agree on, since we tend to watch together. Not that I can't go into another room... we have a TV in most of them and I do that sometimes, especially during the day time.
    The man is more about educational things... lots of Science Channel, Discovery etc. and I do like those. But he does not care for mystery or crime shows, true or not or the cooking shows that I like.
    Technology is a good friend! When I was a kid we had 3 whole channels. That was such a big deal, especially when they gave us PBS to make it 4! LOL

  11. My TV choices probably say I am a shallow, totally unsophisticated, nosy, bored person who needs to get a life. However...I am the exact opposite of that. I don't know why I like to watch Teen Mom! Why? Same with Toddlers and Tiaras! See I told you. I think it's 'cause it's sooooo different from my regular life....maybe. Good excuse anyway. I do like to people watch. :) Here's a post you might like.

  12. I'll have to look that show up.
    I only at this point look forward to Supernatural. But then, I try to do other things....

  13. Healthier and Wealthier- That's ok. My obsession with Judge Judy is about why on earth anyone would expose themselves as idiots on TV. Its an addiction! And very opposed to how I behave. I think of it as my window on weird world. =:D People watching is great fun too.
    Thanks for the link... I'll be there soon. I'm so glad you fell down the hole today. Welcome!

  14. NoRegrets- Yay for Supernatural! I love those boys. Its one of my watch by myself in the day time shows. If you like it, you will like Haven. I promise.
    You do indeed do other things. I am often amazed at the things you do. Silly scared little rabbit that I am, I see you as very brave and an inspiration to enjoy the more thrilling side of life.

  15. I tend to watch regular season sit-coms mostly. Of them all, Modern Family is must-see for me.

  16. Hilary- Hi! I have never seen Modern Family! It is very popular too. One of these days, I'll have to take it in and see. Thanks again for the POTW award! That was a nice unexpected thrill.