Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The man and I took a little trip to a fairly local farmer's market.
It was smaller than those that I am used to seeing up in P'land.
But that gave it a quaint cozy feel...
centered around a nice bubbler fountain.
I was actually impressed at the lack of crafty things!
Or gizmos, sunglasses or blankets...
with wolves or fairies on them.
Most of it was stuff you grow...or that someone grew anyway.
This woman had spices and some smell pretties made from them.
She also had some decadent chocolate brownies.
The man was thrilled.
I got fresh kettle corn.
I like the veggies and the flowers the most.
Only one vender sold food... Thai on a stick stuff.
Another had the only craft sort of thing...

These driftwood logs with holes drilled and planted with succulents.

The vendor wore a T shirt that said
"Of course you can, but you won't."
That made me laugh because I am one of those people who think I can do that myself.
He's probably right too.

While we were there, near the library, the man wanted to show me this
 mosaic on the outside of the library wall.

Many years ago when his Jr was a little 5th grader,
his class won the opportunity to make tiles for this mosaic.
See... all the little animals are reading books!
All but one.
This American Bald Eagle...
we laughed because this was Jr's contribution!
Yep, the only animal not reading a book...
on a library mosaic.
Because he is watching over the other animals
and protecting their right to read!
I thought that was pretty savvy for a 5th grader.

There was one more very cool statue I'd like to share.
Hard to tell the detail,
but it's a rino with... 
a man balancing one handed on a pole...
and a bird perched on his feet.

We got some great veggies and strawberries...

And Farmer McGreggor and his shot gun were nowhere in sight!
Its Hump Day everyone...
Okay... it WAS Hump Day when I posted this!
That's what I get for posting so late in the day.
happy after Hump Day!


  1. What a clever kidlet.. with his guardian eagle! I like farmers' markets too but dislike when the get too glitzy. This one seems just right. And that t-shirt made me laugh too. I would have been thinking just that. ;)

  2. Hi Hilary! thanks for showing up... I was starting to wonder if anyone was out there. =:)
    The kidlet is actually 30 now and a talented artist. Must be that free thinking deal.
    I agree... too much extra dribble is distracting in farmer's markets. I always enjoy someone with a good sense of humor like that vendor.

  3. The eagle story was wonderful, but for a fifth grader, it was even better. Such a nice legacy for the library.

    BTW I loved the t-shirt too. I think of myself as a crafty person, but it's mostly in my head anymore ;-) I can't find the time to do the stuff I used to do.

  4. OMG my latest idea for a craft was creating a statue of a rhino with a man balancing one handed on a pole with a bird perched on his foot!!! What are the odds? ;-)

    Happy Friday!

  5. Cube- LOL! What are the odds indeed! Great artistic minds think alike.
    Well, Jr grew up in a country, flag and military appreciating and respecting household. I was thrilled to see the mosaic and his contribution. I see a lot of his dad in him.

  6. oh i just love that mosaic. our kids' elem school made one when the girls were there and i helped sketch out the blocks and paint them after the kids designed them. such a fun project and i LOVE the eagle protecting the other animals right to read. sounds like the child of a librarian!

  7. lime- I love it too. And I have spent many happy hours helping students with projects similar in nature. Always fun stuffs!
    I proudly claim Jr as my step-son! His mom actually works in a photo lab. She's more of a fan of penny dreadful romance than actual books.
    (Can you hear the librarian snobbery?) But any book that gets someone reading deserves some credit. :) Jr is a reader and in my book that makes anyone very special.

  8. "I was actually impressed at the lack of crafty things! Or gizmos, sunglasses or blankets...with wolves or fairies on them."

    This made me laugh, because it's so true - there are usually a few stands that sell that kind of stuff at every flea market and farmer's market I've been to with my friends or family! I do admit, though, I own one T-shirt with a fairy on it, but I bought it at a store that sold mostly Irish stuff.

  9. Tara- I actually like the fairy stuff. Irish is great too. I love the Celtic knots.

  10. I love going to farmer's markets - so much to see.