Saturday, July 9, 2011


How to feed the man...
Do not feed breakfast.

Lunch and diner...
just about anything that does not crawl away.
The man is not a picky eater.
He has his lists...
"Put that one on the make again list."
"Put that on not one of my favorites."
There is no "do not make list".
Truth be told, the man does not eat much.
He "eats to live, not lives to eat".

Except for one category:

The man eats more sugar than my kids!
There is always dessert...
and munchies.
Lots and lots of munchies.

He's not an ice cream sort of guy...
a fact that astounds me, since ice cream is one of the greatest inventions on earth!
I have made a wide variety of cookies, cakes, pies, cobblers, and puddings.
I have run out of things to feed the man.

Every trip to the market involves going down the candy aisle.
We stock his sugar pile with candy bars and tid bits.

I purposely did not feed my kids sugar things.
Child abuse!
Ask them.
I knew that I would eat the sugar if it was there...
and turn into a sleepy, lazy rabbit.
Not to mention gain weight like a piglet.

I know how to make lots of sugary delights.
But I am running out of ideas!
I never imagined that would or could happen.

I need an idea... or many.
Something that lasts for several days with one man eating them.
One man who has to have dessert every night and often gets up in the middle of the night for a second helping...
on top of the candy bars and tid bits!

We're talking big desserts...
picnic desserts, church social desserts, pot luck desserts!

I'm thinking
Black Forest Cake
made in a long pan in one layer.
Cherries on top while warm... to soak into the cake...
then pudding with almond extract added for extra yum...
mixed with whipped topping and spread to cover the cherries and cake.
What do you think?
I know he will eat whatever sugar I put before him...
especially if it contains chocolate and or fruit.
I need ideas here!
The sugar pile is low and the desserts are all eaten.
Time to bake.
Give me a name and I can find a recipe.
After the Black Forest Cake...
Oh crap!
I've made myself hungry.


  1. No suggestions from me since this is the very category of food I'm working hardest at avoiding!

  2. secret agent woman- I know me too!

  3. Oh my goodness...there are so many desserts to choose from! I think you will have a fun time concocting things to feed the man :)
    Me, I really am a simple ice cream girl.

  4. This is one category I'm not very good at... my little sister is the baker in the family.

  5. Cube- My second oldest sister of three was our baker. My mom did not bake. I have simply run out of options. I ended up leaving it up to the man and he chose cheese cake. That's an easy one. Hard part is to is avoid eating it.