Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Attack Shark

I got him for ya ma!  =:)

Shark Week is coming!  According to a commercial I saw on the tube yesterday... it begins on Sunday.  

I have never had a shark encounter.  My friend Cube was bitten by one. =:/
The idea of that freaks me out!

I did pet one at the Oregon Aquarium... it was small enough to still be cute
and I'm guessing that since he was in the aquarium version of a petting zoo...
a shark of a type that does not bite at all.  

I like to touch the urchins.  They're just sticky.  Touch them and they close right up.  Its the same kind of joy you get as a kid when someone shows you their ouchie and you poke it.  "Hey!"

I thought it was interesting how many dogs bite sharks on film!  Youtube has a bunch of them.  Sharing is caring as they say!


Lesson learned... if I want to swim in the ocean... I'll take Roxy with me.

I knew there was a reason that I got a dog. 


  1. The shark appeared to be weakened but, hey, still a solid effort (it was sure as hell better than I coulda' done).

  2. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- I think you are right. It sure isn't as frisky as I would think a healthy shark would be.

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  4. I thought I heard my name ;-)

    You never fail to remind me that Shark Week is near. Yay! I don't always see the commercials.

    I wish my dogs would jump into open water like that. I have to drag mine into the pool and they will dog paddle to the edge and frantically crawl at the edge even though the stairs are very easy to use.

    I hope Roxie is braver than my two chickens.

  5. Cube- Ha! Were your ears burning? =:D

    We took Roxy to the ocean and she looked at it and said "meh" then turned, saw some people and made a bee line to go meet them full of happy wiggles. She was not at all curious about the waves or the water.

    But you know she is a fierce pit bull and they are the most dangerous of all dogs!

    NOT this puppy. So far she has protected me from birds, squirrels and the sound of anyone taking their garbage out. Everything else scares the crap out of her. I think its more likely that she would go tell Randy that I was being eaten and to make sure that he would feed her and water her with me gone.

  6. My virtual ears did burn a little. I'm glad it wasn't a rash ;-)

    I think our mistake with our dogs was not taking them to a dog beach where they could walk in and get used to the water. Dragging them into a pool was a mistake, however well intentioned.

    Roxy sounds so much like my pit bull 'niece', Pumpkin. They are mirror-images in so many ways. I wonder if it has anything to do with being a rescue dog versus a young puppy when adopted.

  7. Cube- I think you could be right. Roxy had such a miserable pre-us life. I don't know how Punkin's was, but our pup is very emotionally dependent on us. Sticks to us like glue. She will even go into the bathroom with one of us and then politely sit with her back to you. =:)
    I think rescue dogs are truly grateful when someone gives them a home. They know what it is like to be lonely and spending all their time in a kennel or worse, like Roxy, to be abused.
    I have never had a more affectionate animal.

  8. It's the same with Pumpkin. My sister doesn't know what her pre-adoption life entailed, but she was a real mess when they took her in and gave her a good home. Pumpkin bonded with us early on as we take care of her when they go out of town. She's an extremely loyal and affectionate dog, even to us her second family, but we can all tell that she has her demons by the fear behavior she exhibits.

    She actually improves when she stays at our house by running around with our dogs, but my sister says she reverts shortly after she goes back to being the single dog back at her house.

    They've taken to giving her tranquilizers during loud events such as July 4th and thunderstorms. It has worked very well.

    Poor dog. I don't know how people can be so mean to innocent creatures.

  9. Cube- I think its wonderful that you have adopted Pumpkin too! She not only has one happy home but a second home where she is safe and has friends.

    Roxy has only met one other dog since we got her and it did not go well. Poor Champ did not want a pig bull earring! We were shocked to see her go from sweet to aggressive in an instant! He is very big and she must have felt threatened, even though Champ is just a big dufus who would never harm a fly. Roxy cannot have friends and no dog parks. =:( We are going to try social behavior training and see if that helps.
    Sometimes she becomes Eyore and mopes around. I think she does get lonely. We are going to have to do the tranq thing too. We can't stand to see her cower like that. Breaks your heart.

  10. Cube- I don't know how anyone can abuse any animal. Your Cat Blog Friday really got my dander up!

  11. That shark looked a lot bigger before the dog jumped in!

  12. Give Roxy time and exposure. I have read that the more dogs they're exposed to, the better they socialize. Thankfully, Pumpkin took to Elke, our German Shepherd first, and then she took to Maxine, our Doberman. They run and play like crazy.

  13. I am thinking Tank would not be much help to me if there was a shark attack. As a matter of fact Tank is not a big fan of water. Also it is kind of funny because I talked about sharks in my latest blog post. Have a great shark week.

  14. secret agent woman- I think you are right.

  15. Cube- A female dog got under our fence and ran into the yard and Roxy was mostly curious. But Champ is male and she instantly took a dislike to him. We wondered if it had anything to do with her being used as a breeding dog and if it was just males that she objected to. Or if it was simply that she was larger than the female and smaller than the male.

  16. Mr. Shife- Ha! Our Basset would only go in the water up to the top of his toes... which left 90% of his body not even near the water. Tank is an amazing breed that is full of odd quirks.
    I am on my way to check out your post now. Great minds do think alike.

  17. Wow amazing video. Is that your dog? The shark did seem to have shrunk by the time it got pulled onto the beach. I hope I am with neither when I am in the water now. :)

  18. Shopgirl- Nope, not my dog. My dog would run around the deck barking fiercely... but that would be about all that would happen. She seems to have only one opinion about water... its good to drink.
    Yeah... I don't really care for the idea of swimming with sharks. Too close to sleeping with the fishes.