Saturday, July 9, 2011


The sun is shining down in the hole today...
so put on your sunglasses and take in the rays...
It's Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Today's word is... you guessed it...

I love stuff like this sun made out of a recycled oil drum.
In fact, I have a mind to find a pattern
of a sun I would like to carve out of wood
to hang on my patio wall. 
That's part of the fun of SSS isn't it?
Getting those creative juices going!

Where ever you are... 
whatever you are doing this weekend...
I sincerely hope the
is shining on you and the ones you love!
That's all folks!
Wanna play too?
Then don't forget to go visit 
What Fresh Hell Is This
Eclectic Spaghetti
to tell laura b. or Tara of your intentions.
You can find them on my sidebar.

Oops! Almost forgot...
I get to pick next week's word!
And I pick...
Just 'cause I like the sound of it.


  1. Beautiful sun! I love that recycled oil drum sun too! Also, thanks for the GREAT word for next week. That should be a lot of fun :-)

  2. You know that, once you carve the sun pattern out of wood, you will have to share it on your blog with us! That's so cool, I'm glad the SSS game inspires you!

    I love sky shots like the one you have there. They're so cheerful.

  3. Very col oil drum sun. I have a metal sun windchime outside my window.

  4. secret agent woman- I love things like that.

  5. Rabbit looks totally cool in the shades. I'm telling you, give him a beard and a fuzzy guitar and he could flat-out jam with ZZ Top ("Cheap Sunglasses", remember?), make an amazing music video with chicks, etc..

  6. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- LOL! Give Silly Rabbit a chance to rock with ZZ Top and it would be one hopping ride! Do a video... even better!