Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I got up this morning and something smelled fishy.
As in a very strong odor of fish was filling my house.
We did not have fish last evening.
Well, not fish that was cooked in the house
or even on the patio.

What we had was salad night.
That's an evening when neither of us feels much like cooking,
it's warm out and no one wants anything heavy.
We each make our own
because we don't always like the same things in it.

Two of those things were crab fakes
and tiny salad shrimp.
I'm not one of those people who plan on having shrimp.
I always like it when I have it,
but it just doesn't pop into my head as what I want.
Not even in a Chinese food platter.
But last night, shrimp minis topped my plate.

We both enjoyed our salads.
Then the man made a comment.
"Something tastes really salty tonight."
before he mentioned it, I had not noticed...
but then I could.

We ate all the shrimp minis.
Crab fakes were put in a zip baggie in the fridge.
The dishes were rinsed and dishwashered.
Nothing this morning should have smelled like fish.
We also put stinky trash into used baggies and then into the trash.
Its a mystery to me...
and I am hoping that it does not mean the the shrimp went bad.

Especially since I have an interview this afternoon at 3:00 PM.
The last thing I need is to be troubled with ominous
intestinal sounds... or worse!

Oh well.
I opened the doors and windows.
Its raining out today and cool.
The ominous odor is fading away... yay!
There is not much to do today but wait for the time to be interviewed.
Everything in the house is done.
The rain halts the need to be outside.

As for the job...
it's working as a bakery clerk in an upscale market in a fancy part of 
the Emerald City.
Not exactly a high profile career.
But I'd get to hand out free cookies to the kiddos.
The pay is lousy compared to what I used to make
handing out books and reading to kiddos.
I suppose I could eat cookies for them.

I'm hoping that the fish smell is not some kind of omen.

At least I won't get lost.
Yesterday when they called and I had my "phone" interview...
this is so strange to me...
and I told the man where this place was and asked directions...

He got the leash.
That made the pig bull quite excited.
I understood.
He drove me to the location.
He pointed out landmarks on the way.
He is determined not to allow me to have one of my 
great directional adventures.

It should be smooth sailing today.
All I need to do now is shower an hour before leaving and 
remember to give myself enough time to gas up.
Piece of cake!

Do me a favor...
when it gets to be around 3:00
think positive thought for me.

Oh... and have a great day!


  1. I'm doing even better and writing right beofre that time. Good luck!! CRossing fingers! And bakeries are cool...
    If I drive through Oregon, will you give me a free cookie?

  2. NoRegrets- Thanks! I need luck!
    You bet... in fact, if you drive through Oregon, I'll bake you cookies or a pie if you want!

  3. hmmm... a free pie and cookies... :) nice offer ...

  4. From what you posted on Facebook, it sounds like the 1st interview went well! Still thinking positive thoughts for you, though! That sounds like a good job you're going for, and if it makes you happy and you get to hand cookies out to kids, than the rest will fall into place.

    I'm making less now as a receptionist than I did when I worked in another department, but I'm not as stressed and I have fun.

  5. I would think working in a bakery would be so wonderful, surrounded by all of those yummy smells. Of course, it's probably like working in a candy store or anything like that, and being told you can have all you want. After a while, you get so you can't stand the stuff. Anyway, here's wishing you luck!

  6. Muhammad Israr- Welcome down in the hole! I love to make goodies for people. Its very satisfying to see someone enjoy my efforts. Purely selfish.

  7. Suldog- I agree, its an amazing place too. Just about everything you see is some version of "sin on a plate".
    Upon returning to the car... with two cream puffs that were beyond simple sins... the man smiled and said "Baby, you get this job and I'm going to get fat!" Keeping the man happy is my number one job, so that made me happy.
    Still... I'm hoping you are right and it will make me ill to see it or smell it... the man can get fat, but I'd rather not push it myself.

  8. Sending good job landing vibes your way.

    Suldog is right. I love subs, but after working at a sandwich shop for a while, I grew to loathe the sight of them. It took me years to get over it.

  9. Oh, hey, I did a FB deletion for those who weren't posting much and what I had a bug up my ass. If you care to refriend me, that would be great.

  10. Thanks Cube! I can't imagine being sick of subs.
    But, I've worked to build them yet. =;)

  11. NoRegrets- Ha! I've done similar things. No problem... refriending!