Thursday, July 14, 2011


A lady opened her refrigerator and saw a rabbit sitting on one of the shelves, 
"What are you doing in there?" she asked. 
The rabbit replied, 
"This is a Westinghouse, isn't it?" 
The lady confirmed, 
"Well," the rabbit said, 
"I'm westing." 

I know... a hare corny!
But everyone should laugh at least once a day.

Not much doing here today...
getting the man up and into the shower...
not as easy as it sounds, actually.

When we first decided to live together,
we had a conversation about what things we did NOT
like  about our ex-spouses.
My #1 complaint about X was his explosive temper.
One moment nice... the next BOOM!
(No, no physical stuff... just instant extreme anger.)

The #1 complaint he had about his X...
nagging to the nth degree.

We promised to try to avoid these issues.
So, when I was asked to be sure he woke up and got around at 8:00AM...
I gave it a shot.
The man is NOT an early bird.

"Randy... you told me to wake you at 8:00."
"I know."
"Randy... you told me to wake you at 8:00...
it's 8:15."
"I'm working on it."
"Randy... you're mom's on the phone."
"I didn't hear the phone ring... I'm working on it."
"Randy... it's 8:30. You made me promise to wake you."
"I'm sorry."

I took his covers.
He snoozed on.
Frustration was setting in...
Clearly I needed assistance...
I showed Roxy a dog treat and led her...
anxiously sniffing to the side of the bed...
I pushed the dog treat next to his naked butt...

Holy crap!
I have never seen him move so fast!



  1. OK, must say the story made me laugh more than the joke! Silly man.

  2. NoRegrets- Ha. I found the pic of the rabbit in the fridge and it reminded me of the joke.

    A very silly man indeed! And he calls me the "silly rabbit"!

  3. That picture of the rabbit is so adorable.

    That definitely sounds like an effective way to get someone out of bed in a hurry.

  4. BrightenedBoy- I used to have a house rabbit that we called the "fridge rabbit". We lived on a shelf next to our fridge and would lean around you to see what was inside.
    It worked!

  5. Westinghouse is classic Bugs Bunny... my all-time favorite rabbit. You're my second favorite.

    Having a pit bull chomp your butt is one way to wake up in a hurry ;-)

  6. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, served him right! That is one cool bunny (cringe) but how the heck did you manage that photo, is it for real?

  7. Cube- I knew I'd heard it somewhere before! Good old Bugs.
    It wasn't so much the chomp as the cold wet nose! Roxy is actually very, very gentle about taking treats.
    Hey... you're my very favorite cube!

  8. dmarks- Yay! Glad you got here ok. I've missed you. =:)

  9. Shrinky- I found it on google images. It looked pretty real. There even seems to be a reflection of bunny on the inside wall. But you never know.

    I do love rabbits. They are so funny. We had several. Our fridge rabbit was named Chub McFeely and I am certain that he never had a clue that he was a rabbit at all.

  10. A cold nose would probably motivate me to move, too.

  11. good solution. if he becomes hardened to it though may i suggest ice cubes in the jammies or in the sheets if he sleeps nekkid.