Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Today's work is "bric-a-brac"...
as evidenced by the piece above.

 A bit of bric-a-brac found here in the hole.

It's Mr. Moose!
... a bit of bric-a-brac that I made myself.

I am, as shown, a real fan of bric-a-brac...
though I try to keep the clutter to a minimum!

It is the nature of bric-a-brac that we all seem to collect some of it.
I leave the frilly or fragile to Little Bunny Fru-Fru...
and tend to collect the hand-made
oddity varieties.
In fact, I like to collect "ugly" things.
Some one should want them!

Well, Boo and Saucy are coming down to visit...
they are still 43 miles away and made the error of texting...
I demanded a mocha!

Today we will barbecue T bones
and this evening we are all going to see 
The Green Lantern.
Hope your weekend is just as happy.
Big grins.



  1. I love it when the snout and ears are all individually larger than the cranium. And I'm totally with you there, bucko, ugly CAN be cute!

  2. Very neat moose. Good job and great pictures!

  3. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- LOL. Ugly things are great.

  4. 3GirlKnight- I took up wood carving last winter and I love it! Very relaxing... I get lost in it.Mr. Moose was almost finished here... now he has nice shoes too.
    Thanks 3GK!

  5. I remmeber you making Mr. Moose. And everyone needs a little bric-a-brac (doodads, knick-knacks, tchotkes, whatever you want to call it) in their lives.

  6. secret agent woman- Ha! That's a funny tale! Thanks for the great link.

  7. i love your moose. he has personality. our weekend was kicked off with a grad party for calypso today. tomorrow we send isaac to camp and i sit down. lol

  8. L.O.V.E. your bric-a-brac! That moose is the cutest. Thanks for choosing such a great word this week!

    And again...sorry I don't comment here more because of whatever compatibility issue my work computer has with this site. I read every day though!!!

  9. lime- Enjoy the sit down! You've had some busy times of late and certainly deserve it!

  10. laura b.- I can feel you here sometimes. =:) No problem on the work computer issue. And you are very welcome for the word this week. I have a lot of fun with SSS.

  11. billy pilgrim- I know what you're up to this weekend...Ain't life grand on Adam's Ark?

  12. I love that shelf with all the bric-a-brac. The card/cutout of the rabbit wearing sunglasses made me smile.

  13. I love the bric-a-brac, but can't seem to get a handle on the clutter.

  14. Tara- Ha! I loved that rabbit cut-out from a card display so much, that I talked the store out of it after Easter one year.

  15. Cube- Clutter is a problem for me. Or was... the man is not big on clutter and tends to clear it all up. Its a good thing!

  16. I love your homemade bric-a-brac the best.

  17. Churlita- Why thank you! I have fun.