Saturday, July 30, 2011


Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots!
This week's word is LOGICAL.

I believe it requires LOGICAL thinking to create furniture that looks nice.

The LOGICAL thing to do when one is in a restaurant with small bored
children is to provide their brains with a 
LOGICAL activity.

This adult beverage was a highly LOGICAL choice while
in another restaurant experiencing a bored small child...
with no LOGICAL game to keep him occupied...
for grandma who was not driving.

And now... because I totally spaced last week's game...
Honestly, it wasn't my fault really.
I simply forgot that it was Saturday until about Monday.
While not working...
the days seem all the same to me.

So... here is last week's word 
chosen by one of my favorite BEARs... laura b.
Who is if you read her profile...
a dancing BEAR!
Sadly, I have no photo of laura b.
(insert your imaginary pic of laura b here)

Of course I cannot have a BEAR post without
Kind of makes you wonder if she  also had one of those 
LOGICAL adult beverages huh?
Naw... different day, just a fun shot of a feisty BEAR.

Where ever you are today...
whatever you are doing...
be thankful
for the Ws...
Who you are with
Where you are
and What is good in your moment.


  1. there has to be a mr spock connection with logical but my brain lost its logic microchip a little over a week ago so i can't come up with one at the moment.

    life can be a lot of fun without the logic microchip but i think young people should hang onto theirs.

  2. billy pilgrim- Ha! You're right. I forgot old Spock, who is certainly stuck on logical!

    I'm sure I fried my logical chip. And I'm fairly certain I am out of date and lacking a great deal of memory in the computer called my brain.

    I agree... young folk should keep their logical chips and avoid burning them up.

  3. Great job with the double post! Your logical logic is very sound.
    And I forgot that your daughter is Bear! What or who could be more perfect. :-)

    Would you like to choose a word?

  4. laura b.- It was a fun post! I had a perfect word for next week in my head... sat down to tell you and promptly forgot it! Sheesh. I really do need more memory in my brain computer.
    I think I'll have a cup of coffee to turn on the extra ram I need to pull that up, then come back and let you know.

  5. the shot of bear is my favorite. may or may not be logical but there it is.

  6. lime- Ha! Thanks. Truth be told it's my favorite too. =:)

  7. I think that I could design (as in, conceive of) furniture that looks nice (as well as have decent utility). I just don't think that I could actually build it. Where would this set of facts put me on the logic scale?

  8. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- Ha! Good question! Now let me see if I can formulate a logical answer. Well... engineers design bridges and buildings, very logical work, and I doubt that all of them actually know how to put the darned things together. Does that help?

  9. Spock is the logical word that occurs to me when I think of the word logic. Knowing me, what else?

    BTW my eldest daughter turned 21 this month and she chose as her first drink a tiny version of the drink you highlighted (margarita?). She hated it.

  10. Cube- You and billy pilgrim both had that idea. I do not know why it did not pop into my head after all the Star Treks I have seen over the years. It should have been a no brainer!

    That particular margarita was the biggest drink I have ever had. That's why Squeaky and Bear are looking at it so funny. It was like a cereal bowl on a fat stem! The straw was almost as big around as my little finger. Grandma was feeling pretty happy by the time she finished it. I love margaritas! But then, I can eat a lime like an orange and be happy. I'm not into sweet very much. Sweet drinks tend to give me the urps.

  11. I don't like the sweet drinks either, but my girl is young and still likes the sweet drinks.

    BTW I'll bet grandma was happy after polishing off that ginormous drink. I could've bathed in that glass ;-)

  12. Yes, it takes lots of logic to make something out of wood. Lots of measuring, drilling, sanding, etc. "Measure twice, cut once" is what I used to hear all the time.

  13. secret agent woman- I'll drink to that!

    Cube- Grandma was giggly all the way home. =:]

    Tara- The man amazes me. People will call on the phone and he will start a little sketch and ask questions about size, use, materials. In a very short time he has his own designed detailed plan and in a few days something is finished and delivered. My brain could not do that.

  14. Tara- I'll be in the shop watching him work and he will say "Where is my clamp?" I sit there for a few minutes before it clicks in my head and I jump up to hold something for him. =:] That's the extent of my cabinet making skills.

  15. There are so many different types of intelligences, Rabbit. Thank the Lord that we all seem to have at least one of them.

  16. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- Right you are! And we need that variety to keep us all going. What I don't know, someone else does and so on.