Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tallan Noble Latz "Stranglehold"

Farting around on youtube last night... trying to settle a question of who performed a certain song, we ran across this young man in a different video.  Tallan "T-Man" Lantz is 10 in this video.  He was not scheduled to play at this festival, but a band was two hours late and young Lantz was asked to fill in.  His voice needs to mature, but the talent is there for sure.  He has played with many well known blues and rock greats. I loved his story about Ted Nugent at the start of this video.

I think you can get to many of his videos from this video if you care to listen to more.  I recommend his video with the great Les Paul when Lantz was only 8 years old.  He is something else!  And Les Paul's comments, which are kind of hard to hear, are priceless. If you follow all the videos, you will see this boy's interesting story.  I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot from this young man.

Welcome to 2012!  We have nothing much to do today other than take down the Christmas tree and my first load of laundry in the new year.  We are resting up not from last night, which was a mellow evening at home together ... but for tomorrow's Rose Bowl game!  If you're interested in it, I hope you catch the game. We will be watching in duck style... at a baked potato party.  Feel free to pop a spud into your microwave and join us where you're at.   Go Ducks!


  1. happy new year!

    ted nugent might make my top ten list of insufferable pricks. i'm still a ray of sunshine!

  2. billy pilgrim- Ha! Ted can be that. Go right on shining. =:]

  3. Cool! Check out this concert stage picture also:

    click here

  4. dmarks- Now that's a hoot!

    secret agent woman- Back at cha! But I see you are doing that. Yay!