Saturday, December 31, 2011

Queen - 'Who Wants To Live Forever'

This was supposed to post on New Year's Eve!  Girrr...Bad Blogger!  Whatever you do on New Year's Eve,
please be safe! 


Do you make resolutions?
What if anything have you resolved to do?

Resolutions don't work that well for me.
I think of them more as
"good intentions"
or "the paving stones of the road to hell"...
because they tend to be things we are trying
to force ourselves to do that require
some form of suffering or deprivation.

No more resolutions for me!
I have decided instead to opt for
"making plans".
A plan sounds more positive and pleasant.
I have four!

Plan One:
Last summer I halfheartedly decided to quit smoking.
Like most halfhearted endeavors,
it failed.
I lacked a strong enough motivator.

(Who wants to live forever?)

Plan One has an excellent motivation factor...

Plan Two!
To put money into a kitty for renting the cabin we just stayed in
and spending 3 nights visiting family, friends and fishing.
It will be paid for by Plan One!
The money I save each week by not smoking
is going into the Plan One Kitty.

Plan Three:
Get back to obsessive walking...
because I like how I feel when I do...
because it is something I can do if I want to smoke...
walk until the urge passes.
Because I can do it when I feel the need to nibble instead of smoke...
and because it is required for Plan Four.

Plan Four:
Resume losing weight...
by eating small portions of healthy foods...
and walking, walking, walking.
No diet has ever helped me lose and KEEP weight off.
Walking is my weight stablizer... and reducer.

So there you have it.
Now, what if anything are you doing to improve
your wellbeing or accomplish in 2012?
Whatever it is...
I wish you success and satisfaction!

If you do not have a resolution...
take a moment to look back over your year
and tell us something 
that changed in your life in 2011.


  1. I love your idea of making plans, rather than crazy promises that might be hard to keep (ie - resolutions)
    Yous all sound really good!
    I am going to plan to be less anti-social in the new year. It is way too easy for me to stay in...I'd be better off getting out more. So, I'll try :)

  2. laura b- Sounds like a good plan to me! I also have trouble being social... at least until I know people well. But its a catch 22. How can you get to know them if you don't go meet them?

  3. i always make resolutions. i've have a few in mind and the pressure is going to be on me tomorrow evening.

    one of my favorite expressions is "if you have too many priorities, you don't have any." if i were you i'd stick with plan #1. dying from smoking can be a slow painful death. aren't i a ray of sunshine.

  4. billy pilgrim- Ray of sunshine or not, you are right. I've seen it with a friend. =:(

    Fortunately, I have not smoked for very long. But all my plans work well together and give me methods to deal with each other. The priority is my health and I need to do all but the saving of money for the trip, though that is a strong motivation to follow through.

  5. glad you had a nice christmas surprise with the hotel room and a sweet time together. wishing you the best in 2012 and success with your goals. i too gave up on resolutions a long time ago. 2011, well a lot of it changed me, way too much to put in a comment but you know the story ;)

  6. I like the idea of calling them 'plans'. I struggle to keep my resolutions. Mine are similar to yours, walk more and lose weight. Best wishes with your goals and a happy new year to you :-))

  7. Lady Daa Doo- Welcome down the silly rabbit's hole! Its a pleasure to have you here.

    I hope that your plans or resolutions come true and that you have an amazing new year full of blessings!

  8. I agree about resolutions and posted about that, too. Intentions are better, I think.

  9. Those sound like great plans! And funny, you didn't smell like you smoked... so I guess you had already been abstaining?

  10. I resolve to make no resolutions for 2012. I'm tired of making them and breaking them. I'm freeing myself from the yearly guilt trip.

  11. secret agent woman- I think you are right!

    NoRegrets- I am careful not to offend others with my smoking. Very careful. Yes, I am trying to ween myself down.

    cube- An excellent idea! =:]