Monday, December 19, 2011



Sunday I had a rare piece of joy.
After exchanges over the last few years on blogs
and Facebook...
I had the wonderful experience of meeting one of my blog friends
in person!
The absolutely delightful NoRegrets
was driving through my neck of the woods and we met for
a late lunch/diner.

I admit that I was nervous.
I am not the most confident person in the world.
I am a silly rabbit after all,
in more ways than one.
You can tell me to be myself all you like,
but I will still worry that myself is not that likable.

It was exciting!
She called me about 45 minutes out of town...
perfect timing to get ready.
I had suggested a nice brew pub near the freeway.
I knew she would be driving on,
but it was local and one of the few places that I knew existed here.

I had not been there myself before,
so I was not sure what I was getting her into.
As it turned out,
it was sort of sports bar-ish but not obnoxiously so.
NoRegrets had arrived first and found a nice cozy table for two.
I entered the place cautiously...
not being sure that I would recognize her face.
But there she was...

I sat down and she gave me a gift!
I cannot tell you how much this tickled me.
Tucked inside a gift bag,
was a white rabbit, laced with gold rick-rack,
and a really-o truly-o California naval orange!
The rabbit, 
she thoughtfully turned into an ornament...
is now my "shining star" topping my tree.

I had not thought to gift her.
She didn't seem to mind.
I imagined that talking at first might be awkward,
but it wasn't.
She is great at conversation.
We seemed to blend well.
My nervousness faded away.

The hour and a half went fast.
We split a delicious berry salad
and answered each others questions.
Then it was time for her to drive on northward.
And for me to go home.

I walked with her to her car,
where we took a photo of our feet!
Proof that we met...
with respect to our online identities.
Then we hugged and said good-bye.

I came home and the man immediately asked me what was in the bag
and did I have fun.
When  I pulled the white rabbit out to show him,
he had a great laugh.
Silly rabbit is what he named me...
and that I have passed on to you.

He didn't get the orange though.

No matter,
a real California orange
untouched by frost bite is rare up here.
Our stores tend to carry Florida oranges
more suited to juice than eating.
I taste the frost bite in them.
I taste their lack of freshness.
No offense Florida...
but a naval orange from my home state
is a piece of my childhood.

The smell of it!
The familiar thick skin...
that makes my fingers smell so good.
All the memories of my home growing up
are wrapped up in that aroma.
Fresh oranges picked off our own trees at breakfast.
It was a treasure!

And best of all...
that silly white rabbit on the top of my tree...
this year to mark the day I got to meet my friend.
A new memory for me to unpack each year
to remind me...
for many years to come...
of a pretty, smart and kind woman
that I am thrilled to call my friend.

Thank you NoRegrets!

Unfortunately, I could not find my cord to connect my camera to my computer...
a pic of the ornament will show up here when I find it.
Silly rabbit!


  1. Isn't it great when a person you've only met via writing turns out to be someone you really truly like in person? Hurray for both of you!

  2. Suldog- It is great when that happens! I was very impressed by her thoughtfulness too. She created the ornament based on my blog and took the time to find what she needed to make it.

  3. and by the way, did she mention my name?

    is the landlord still a loser....

  4. Very cool! I'm so lucky that Sams club carries CA oranges. Don't think I could survive on the Florida version. Want to see the feet!

  5. billy pilgrim- Your name came up. =:]

    I don't know about the landlord.

    3GirlKnight- Cal oranges are the best! NoRegrets took the pic. When she gets home, I'm betting she will post it over at her blog. Be sure to look for it.

  6. Billy was quoting a Gordon Lightfoot song.

    And cool to met a fellow blogger.

  7. secret agent woman- You know that is one of the things I really like about billy pilgrim! Sometimes I recognize the lyrics, sometimes I don't. Now I will have to look it up.

    Yes, it was very cool to meet her.

  8. It is so much fun to meet our online friends in real life! I am not surprised to hear that NoRegrets would be so thoughtful and creative. So glad you had this opportunity :)

  9. laura b.- It is! It was an absolute pleasure.

  10. Aw shucks is all I have to say. Great meeting you too! Has it really been a couple years? wow, time flies... And dammit! I forgot all about stopping for a chainsaw bear. Oh well... it will be for my next trip. Even just driving up I realize I must get back up and wander around the state. And had I known that it really was such a big deal to have the oranges, I would have brought a whole case! And I give gifts not to get them *(usually...) so no worries!

  11. NoRegrets- There are so many chainsaw bears up here that we won't run out. =:]

    The orange was a wonderful treat. I ate it on Christmas morning. So sweet and good!

  12. so glad you guys had such a nice time every blog pal i've ever met i have had a wonderful time with. :)