Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ok... I'm giving you a break from the happy Christmas stuff.

A job is not just a job.
There are good jobs, okay jobs, great jobs
and the crappy jobs.
In today's job market, I have applied for all of those.
Still no job.

So several weeks back,
I get notification of a government job opening.
This falls into the category of great job.
What is that?
For me its a job with good wages,
insurance that is excellent,
retirement money into my vested retirement
so it can grow,
all holidays off with pay,
sick days paid,
working indoors,
working to help people.

It has everything that my job at the school had
except for summer vacation...
and I can live without that.

So up it comes...
and I apply.
Like a lot of government stuff,
response is slow.
3 or 4 weeks went by with no word.

Then I get a notice email...
telling me that I meet their criteria 
and that I am being considered for the position.
If I am selected for an interview...
they will let me know.
If I am not selected,
I will not receive further contact.

Another couple of weeks go by...
I get an email notification that I have been selected for an interview.
I follow all the directions and schedule an appointment time.
This requires a series of emails
and the following of links
and still more confirmation emails.

I do all the things I do to prepare for the interview.
I got my hair cut.
I got my nails done.
I even got a bran new outfit...
because this is a great job.

I already have all my info...
the application that I was instructed to bring with me,
printed off the web site,
3 letters of professional reference...
with updated contact information,
as these people will be called.
That's where things screeched
to a halt.
Yes, I do have 3 of them.
Yes, the contact information is correct.

on Dec. 3, 2011
my dear friend and mentor...
the lady who was the long time school librarian
who taught me how to run the library...
passed away in a very freaky
home accident.
She was only 61 years old.

Too bizarre.

I have been quietly morning her passing since...
which is part of the reason for my
Christmas stories.
I simply was not in the frame of mind
to post otherwise.

So today is that interview.
I did not have enough time to request another
professional letter of reference.
They did say that personal references 
could be substituted.
I emailed C4C last evening in a panic...
would she write one for me.
Being friends with one person over 30 years
has got to mean something!

She did of course.
But I am troubled.
No one is a better judge of what sort of worker I am
than my supervisor of 11 years...
who's work space I shared.
And I am unwilling to just toss her letter of reference away,
as if she is no longer of importance.

I decided to take K's letter anyway,
in addition to C4C's and my other two good letters.
I will explain that she has just passed away,
but I felt what she had to say is important,
because she was the supervisor
who spent the most time with me.
I am hoping that they will accept it.
It does not matter to me if they discount it in secret...
out of my hearing.
I will still have 3 letters to offer.

I guess it is important to me
because K was my friend...
and all I have left of her now...
is her opinion of me...
besides some great memories.
And that matters very much to me.
Its a gift.

So off I will go today...
and btw...
I woke up sick.
Another gift from little N...
who spent the night with us a bit back with a serious cold...
and do my best to be professional,
and make a good impression.
But I really do feel like crap.
I really want this job.
It is a perfect job for me.
as Roland, the gunslinger says
"There will be water if Kah wills it."


  1. best of luck!

    by the emperor, i hope you closed your eyes and rubbed roxie's belly for luck.

  2. billy pilgrim- Thanks! I need it. There were 14 of us in the group interview. They are having four of these a day for a week. Yikes! I will know in two weeks if I have made the first cut.

    I did in fact, rub the pigbull's belly and ruffled her ears until she grunted happily just before I left. How did you know? =:]

  3. Well, I'm so sorry about your friend. And really nice you have the letter at least. And of course memories. I hope the interview was great and that you stood out like a shining star and glad to hear you are writing follow up letters :-)

  4. NoRegrets- Thank you. I'm sorry too. She was a wonderful person. I am glad that I have that letter... its a nice thing to have someone's words about you to keep as a memento.

    Yikes! I made it through, but it was a toughie. I will post about it tomorrow.

  5. That's really sad about your supervisor, and I would have included the letter, too.

    I really hope you land this one - sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. secret agent woman- Yes it is tragic! She was a dear friend.

    Boy I hope so too. This is right up my alley. I like a job that actually makes a positive impact on my community. It gives me satisfaction knowing that I do something that helps others. Makes going to work more of a vocation than a job.

  7. Absolutely the right thing to do. That letter is still valid, even if the person who wrote is no longer with us physically.

    Best of luck!!!

  8. I wanted to comment on this post, because I did want to express how sorry I am about your friend and supervisor passing. You did the right thing by including her letter.
    I'm looking forward to reading ahead now, to hear how that interview went!

  9. Suldog- Thank you!

    laura b.- Thank you too!

  10. Sending good karma your way. I don't think it would've been inappropriate to include your supervisor's letter. Her untimely death didn't change your relationship with you.

  11. Cube- Thanks! I did include it but did not have an opportunity to explain that she passed away. I had to include that info in a thank you note. I hope they did not get it too late.

  12. oh i am so sorry for your loss. she was too young indeed. as i am catching up i hope there is good news for you here...