Saturday, December 17, 2011


What a nice, curious face!

After a long evening last night,
I decided to treat myself to breakfast out,
and left the man snoozing on the sofa.

I seated myself next to the service area.
I like this location for two reasons...
if I need something, I can flag down a waitress
and it has a nice big window where I can glance outside as I think.

I know the menu here,
so my order was taken as I sat down.
She brought my cup and hot pot of coffee.
I pulled out a puzzle and began to work on it.

I was comfortable and involved.
I didn't pay much attention to the time passing.
Suddenly my waitress appeared and
began to apologize.

The "ticket" computer in the kitchen had run out of paper.
My order had accidentally been skipped.
So, because I had been so patient,
they were going to give me a slice of free pie to take home.
I happily said that any form of chocolate pie would be fine,
and thank you!

I finished my meal once it arrived
and got my to-go box.
I don't usually eat an entire order of anything.
They always give me too much
and I take the other half home to the man.

I leave a tip and head to the register.
A man stops me as I take my place in line.
He says
"I don't know who did it,
but I was told to tell you that your meal has been paid for...
and Merry Christmas!"

Pleased but baffled,
I drove home, pie and doggie bag in hand.
I've heard about these random "giftings"
going on all over the country.
I have no idea why anyone would pick me,
but what a nice surprise!

One woman in a WalMart paid off all of the lay-aways
at her local store as a Merry Christmas in the name of her deceased husband.
When one grateful lay-awayer asked if she could do something
in return, the woman responded that she should pay it forward
at another time when she could afford to do a kindness for someone else.

I think that is a lovely idea!
I began to think of who and what I might do.
I've decided to leave it to happenstance.
A time will come up when I see an opportunity
and have money in hand.
I wonder what and when it will be?
How exciting!


  1. Human kindness is sometimes unexpected.
    I tend to forget that people are so very good.
    Merry Christmas, Rabbit.

  2. Peggy- Merry Christmas to you too! I also forget how good people can be, so I was truly surprised.

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  4. Lovely. Paying forward really is the best way, and feels pretty great to boot!

  5. That is so sweet! It feels great to be the recipient of such kindness and it also feels great to pass it on! What a wonderful opportunity :)

  6. secret agent woman- It was a great feeling and I am looking forward to the time when I can pay it forward.

    laura b.- It is! I'm so excited.

  7. a lovely surprise and i know you'll enjoy giving in turn when the time comes :)