Monday, January 9, 2012


I woke up feeling like a slug today. 

Neither of us has smoked since we decided to quit. I believe its a done deal. Once the mind is made up to quit, you can quit.  Its getting your head into that place where your determination flips the switch in your head
and turns off the part of the brain that wants to light up.  I have to give a big hat tip to the Creator for His help and for all the prayers from those who did that for me.  =:]   Thanks!

Tomorrow I will begin to walk.  I wanted to wait until a week after I quit smoking to start that up again.  I know a week does not heal your lungs.  But I'm not coughing in the morning, so some healing has begun.  And being asthmatic, I really don't like to piss off my lungs.  They can be real creeps when they want to be.

Right now I am looking out the back door to Roxy's yard.  The grass is high and needs a good mow.  Nope.
I just went to look at the grass up close.  Its all wet.  It is unlikely that the sun will be out long enough to dry it.
Maybe I'll do that tomorrow as part of my walking... if its dry enough.  If not, I'll be slogging through the wet when I walk.  Gee I miss my nice warm, dry gym.

That's it from the silly slug today.  What did you folk do for your weekend?  I hope it was more fun than being a slug.


  1. congrats on the many days of success and how great that you're noticing improvement already. saturday a cousin and i went up to find the tree my aunt wants to rest under. it was bittersweet but a good day.

  2. Congrats on the lack of smoke! Good for you!! Walking is good. Keep it up!

  3. Oh, and I didn't really want to say anything, but maybe it's not good if I don't... your posts are a lot easier to read when the type isn't center justified. This one is good!

  4. Hang in there. I can empathize. Many, many years ago, Mr. Cube & I smoked. He quit before me and nagged me to death, but I wouldn't quit because I felt like I had to decide my own path in life. Then one, day while driving over an overpath, it suddenly became cloudy and all I could see was a gray landscape before me and it jumped into my head that this would be the rest of my life if I didn't quit smoking. I never smoked after that moment. I can't speak for other people, but for me it was that sudden.

    Hang in there and remember my overpath story.

  5. Slug? Au Contraire! You have gone a week without smoking. That's better than I have ever done in the past forty years, and you are to be congratulated. Awesome!

  6. You and the Man are both such rock stars! I know you will enjoy walking when you begin again. It will be a nice, healthy distraction :)

  7. Congratulations on your non-smoking progress! I went out for a walk last weekend. It's been awhile, and it felt good to be out in the crisp air.

  8. Hi - congrats on not being a slug! But, you know, water won't kill you. Wet on legs is not bad. I should be easier on you, but then again, that's not me. No excuses for you! Go walk!

    And, actually, I like the center justified...I associate it with you.

  9. billy pilgrim- Thanks! I'm rather proud of me.

    lime- I was very sorry to hear about your aunt Bea passing. I think it is wonderful that you took time to find the tree she wanted to rest under. And where you can visit.

    3GirlKnught- Thanks. I have begun... and I'm only about a week away from being addicted to walking again. It sure feels good.

    Cube- I think that is how everyone should quit smoking. Well, maybe not on an overpass... but just decide to stop. I'd been thinking about it, but when I decided that is exactly what I did... I put out my last one and stopped. Of course it hasn't been 16 years. I will share your story. Its pretty amazing.

    Suldog- Hey! I thought you quit too. Well, I can't get on you for back sliding. I have back slid in the past.

    laura b.- Boy you've got that right. I'd rather walk than fidget around. It really does help.

    Tara- I like the way fall and pre-spring feel... that crispness you speak of. Its very refreshing and gets you moving.

    Pamela- I am. =:] No excuses!
    I like the center justified too. I have a thing about balance on the page. Kind of like having to straighten out a crocked painting. Having it centered feels nice to my eyes.

  10. I hope you are still fighting the good fight. Haven't hear from you since Tuesday, but I know we're all busy, so I'm not worried about your willpower.

    Even though I have always been infatuated with the lunar and martian landscapes (big scifi fan), the landscape I saw on the overpass that fateful day was, I want to say apocalyptic, but I think that would be too harsh a word. It was just a hopeless, awful place to see. It scared me straight. I think of that day everytime I drive over that overpass. Thankfully, it has looked "normal" ever since.

  11. Oh how I dream of the days of being a slug. Not really a possibility anymore with the two little ones and Mr. Tankers. Glad the no smoking is still going well and the walking goes just as well. Have a great weekend.