Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can you say AAAAAAA

Rain, rain, rain.
Where I used to live they got one foot of snow last night.
Never thought I would miss that.
But I sort of do.

Now that the man is back on graveyard shift...
I'm back to making diner at 7:00 AM
and pretending to talk to Roxy when I am speaking to myself...
most of the day long.

We have one outing every morning
to our local mini mart that has a drive up window.
They have cheap coffee that is actually good
and if you have a hanker for it...
biscuits and gravy also cheap.
$2.58 will get you a big serving of both.

I avoid the biscuits and gravy.
At any rate...
Roxy has learned that the kid who serves at the 
drive up window keeps dog treats for her there.
As I pull up,
she gets behind my headrest and shoves her big head
as far as she can through the small space...
making loud snuffling noises.

Twice she has startled the girls who fill in 
for the kid on his days off.
But they recover and Roxy gets her happy treat.

So the man sends me to the bank to make a deposit.
Off Roxy and I go.
On the way there I decide not to go inside the bank.
I've got my flip flops on and I don't like the idea of soggy socks.
Its been raining for days.

By now  you've guessed it.
I have to roll my window down entirely just to put the deposit
into the drawer that pops out.
That narrow gap between my headrest and 
potential doggie treat opens wide...

It should have been very funny.
The way she tossed the money and slip into the air
as she screamed and windmilled her arms
to keep from falling over.

But I felt terrible.
Roxy is not a mean dog.
She's just a goof of a dog who thinks drive up windows have Milk Bones.
The bank lady doesn't know that the bark she heard
was Roxy's higher pitched happy chirp.
She heard the war whoop of a crazed pit bull.

After a moment or two...
when one of the other bank ladies ran over to see what the trouble was...
and that lady laughed.
Roxy had her ears perked up and her tail wiggling for all she was worth...
tongue lolling out of the side of her chompers.
She would have gladly jumped through the thick glass 
and played pick-up with them.

The frightened teller collected herself
and apologized for over reacting.
I apologized for Roxy's behavior.
Then the teller apologized to Roxy for only having suckers,
no Milk Bone biscuits.
I drove away on happy terms with the bank staff.

All the same...
I'm thinking that Roxy isn't going 
to the  drive up window  at the bank again soon.
I did stop on the way home long enough to run into the market...
for some Milk Bone biscuits.

By the way... has anyone seen a show called


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaa, oh, I love that little clutz of yours, what a sweet picture that is of her hanging out the window for her daily treat!

    Yup, I've seen both Whitechaple AND Torchwood, fab, aren't they?

  2. Shrinky- I love Torchwood and Whitechaple! I found them on my Xfinity On Demand and now I am hooked.

    Right now Roxy is mooning me thinking that I should be getting her a treat.

  3. haha! I loved that story! I have a little fear of dogs myself and might have reacted like that teller did...and felt very silly after as well :)

    I haven't seen Torchwood, but I love Whitechapel!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmm. Biscuits and gravy! Not something we see too often in the Northeast, and a shame, too!

  5. Oops! Although I might have reacted like that, too. I have a sizable scar on my leg from a dog bite and don't do well with dogs startling me, no matter how friendly!

  6. laura b.- I jump if someone enters a room and I don't hear them come in, even the man. I can't help it. So I did feel badly for the nice lady. Whitechaple is great! I can't wait to see more.

    Suldog- Oh biscuits and gravy are big, big up here. I love them but they are bad for my self image... as in they make me fat and I don't like that.

    secret agent woman- I don't blame you for being cautious after that. Yikes! I was always afraid as a parent when a strange dog came close to my kids. A dog can do terrible damage and you just don't know if they are friendly or not.

  7. Somehow I knew what the story was going. And man I would have not only jumped, but screamed also. Loudly.

  8. ha! i can well imagine the scene. maybe they will start carrying milkbones!

  9. Poor Roxy. So misunderstood when all she wants is a Milk Bone. My niece dog, the Pitt bull Pumpkin, was bitten in the nose the last time she was staying at our house. We ran her to the vet because of all the blood and how we thought she was choking. Who bit her, you ask? Our usually calm and gentle German Shepherd. You can never tell about dogs.

    Come to think of it, my kids used to get pretty rowdy when we'd go to the bank and they expected a lollipop. You can never tell about kids, either.

  10. Pamela- I'm not very good at setting up surprises. Ha.

    lime- I think I would if I was the bank staff.

    Cube- Ha! When Boo was a baby he did a similar thing... mauled me to get to the bank window to yell "Fries!" into the speaker. Kids and pets are very much alike in some ways. They just expect certain things in certain places.

    The only dog who ever bit me was a German Shepherd. I had known her for years as the neighbor dog. She was old. The hair had fallen off of her tail and hind quarters. All I did was lightly touch the skin on her naked tail. Perhaps it was sore.

    A funny foot note. The dog's naked tail skin looked like a monkey's paw skin. I also tried to touch a monkey's paw and that's how I was bitten by that monkey. I guess I hadn't learned the lesson that Lulu the German Shepherd taught me about touching. (The other two times a monkey bit me were unprovoked. The only touching I did was my skin between its teeth.)

  11. Well Roxy gave you and the bank teller a good story to share with others. DId I ever tell you that Roxy is our favorite girl dog name? If we ever get a girl basset her name will be Foxy Roxy. I have heard of Torchwood and watched a few episodes. It was good stuff but not good enough to make me a loyal viewer. Have a good weekend.

  12. Hello Sillyrabbit, Happy New Year first off.. and all the best to you and the Man and of course your sweet dog..
    I'm sure the Teller has a great story to tell to her grandkids one day.... Its pretty funny really to imagine what the scene was like..

    Milk Bones are awesome too!

  13. Ha! There's nothing else that can cheer someone up as a goofy dog. Well, everyone but the owner sometimes.

  14. Mrs.Harry Woman- Hi! I've missed you! I'm glad you stopped in. I too wish you and yours a wonderful New Year. Milk Bones are awesome. Roxy now thinks that all places give them out.

    3GKnight- Oh so true!

  15. Hey you. Hope all is well. Have a good weekend.

  16. Mr. Shife- Hey yourself Shife! I will try to have a good weekend, and same to you! I'm a bit bat shit from talking to no one but the dog all day long, but at least she has not answered me yet.