Saturday, January 14, 2012


Saturday Scavenger Shots is back!
Our mission today:

An excellent choice!
I've always enjoyed looking for "shapes"
in the clouds.
This one looks to me like its a sky 
full of ocean waves.

 I enjoy being able to "shape"
things with my hands.
Some clever gardener took the time
to "shape" this plant into a cactus "shape".

This one comes from FB...
It shows the difference between a 
closer to average "shaped" woman...

and a typical "shaped" runway model.

Which reminds me of my plan to 
get back into "shape" this year.
All I need is a pair of these...

Shoes that is...
I do not need an ankle "shaped"
like that again!

Yay!  This was fun.  Hope to see  you next week!


  1. So many wonderful shapes! Love the clouds, your carving, and that fantastic cactus shrub :)
    I saw that on FB too...very good reminder that while models are beautiful and the clothes hang on them nicely, they are not average women.
    As for that ankle...owie!
    I'm so glad you did SSS!!!

  2. That's a powerful FB image! I will never want to be as skinny as the runway model. Good shoes are an important tool if you want to get into shape. Comfy walking shoes equal happy feet!

    I love that cloud shot, those clouds do look like waves!

  3. laura b.- This was a fun one wasn't it?

    Tara- It is a powerful image. I don't want to be that thin either. I'd be happy to be the size 12 gal.

    My walking shoes are pretty much shot. I need to get new ones very soon. Thanks for starting up the SSS again!


  4. Fun meme. But I have a bit of an issue with the FB image - and that it is more complicated than that picture suggests. Of course, anorexia in models is a travesty. But. Women come in a wide variety of shapes and who says a fuller shape is more womanly than a thinner one? I am quite thin, but still very much a woman. And I'm happy with my body as it is. I wish we could stop fighting about what shape is right or normal and just see the beauty in ALL of us.

  5. secret agent woman- I totally agree with you on the FB photo. I think the contrast between the two body types are pretty startling. An interesting contrast of female shapes.

    But we are all individuals and it is a shame that people put women into size generalizations. I have seen very thin women who are graceful and delicate beauties. I have also seen large women, who despite their less socially acceptable size are gorgeous. And I have seen down right ugly on both ends... and everything in between.

    I think like many other things... who we are and what we are often depends on who is looking at us... including, and perhaps especially ourselves.

  6. Exactly my point. And often the beauty has as much to do with how someone carries themselves and the expression on their face. I have a patient who is looking into post-mastectomy reconstruction and her plastic surgeon is insisting that he will only give her big breasts. She loved her old b-cup breasts and wants that same size. I told her to get a second opinion, and run from that prick of a surgeon.

  7. Geat shot of the clouds.. One of my favorites to photograph..

    Runner's/sneaker's are an essential part of walking or running..