Thursday, February 2, 2012



You might think that Phil is screaming because he saw his shadow today and now
there will be 6 more weeks of winter on the way.

But you would be wrong!  

 The Website for this image

is for groundhog meat patties!
( and other groundhog recipes)

Poor Phil.
I'd be screaming too.


When Phil made his prediction this morning
I looked outside my windows to see fog.
You can't see a shadow in fog...
so I was hopeful.
There must not be any fog where Phil lives.
But right now looking outside...
I see sunshine.
The air is in the mid 60s 
and I have violas blooming along the walk to my front door.
Granted these are rather ragged looking violas.
Perhaps only four or five little faces smiling up at me.
They've been chewed on a bit by slugs.
But I'm awfully glad to see them!

The walking has been going good.
Though yesterday I had a serious sock incident!
Go ahead and yuck it up over that...
but it is true.

I don't know why I bought these dumb socks.
The kind with no cuff at all.
While tromping along 
they snuck off my heels and hid in my shoes.
Curled up snug in my instep.

I corrected them twice...
which was playing hell with my pace
and was just plain annoying.
I chose to ignore them after the second time and as it turns out,
this was not a good plan.

I've never really done anything with my instep prior to this, 
other than put it in a sock and walk on it.
my insteps did not appreciate my 
poking them with wadded up sock parts.

They protested this horrific treatment
by swelling up to the size of river rocks.
Or at least that's what it felt like trying to walk on them...
like I had strapped a couple of rocks 
the size of a small canned ham under my delicate feet.

Its kind of made life interesting today.
Happy Groundhog Day!
Could you see your shadow when you walked outside today?



  1. Winter has been rather mild here, even my Southern California standards. Still, I always look forward to the real heat :)
    I'm sorry about your feet! That sounds awful. My feet are very delicate too, as you've seen. Yikes.

  2. laura b.- The feet are fine now, but thank you for the sympathy. It seems they just wanted to puff up to make a point and now have gone back to almost normal. I accept their complaint and will not do that to them again.

    I remember this time of year in Fresno I'd be seeing bulbs blooming and the start of spring. I miss that about Cali! Though I am not over fond of the heat part. =;] Here it takes longer.

  3. Ooh, even before I stopped eating meat, I wouldn't have eaten groundhog.

    I'm so glad for the mild winter so far.

  4. Secret Agent Woman- You could not pay me to eat a groundhog.

    Our winter has been very mild too. They were warning us that this was going to be a hard one. I think maybe Phil is better at forecasting the weather.

  5. LMAO @ where you found that picture. it's been such a mild winter here if we get 6 more weeks of the same i don't much care. as for the socks. i HATE saggy socks. i may have taken them off and thrown them into the woods.

  6. Hard to believe we are supposed to get 6 more weeks since it has been so mild. I will pass on groundhog meat but thank you for letting me that it is an option for me. Have a great weekend.