Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!

So the man comes home from work yesterday morning...
which is his evening.
I make him a nice diner meal while he farts around on the computer.
When the casserole is finished, I announce its diner time.
Normally this would take a bit before he is ready to eat it.
I expect him to say 
"As soon as I finish this game..."
and I am used to compensating for this by allowing 
5 to 10 minutes of cool off time...
So that papa bear's porridge is just right!

He must have been famished.
He showed right up and I hadn't even dished it onto the plate yet.
We get into the family room where we are going to eat
and he takes a bite.
Too hot.

A commercial comes on TV about giant teddy bears.
Get one for the one you love in time for Valentine's Day!

Its the day before Valentine's Day...
if you're going to get that bear, the time has expired.
I say this out loud...
because I am amused by that fact.
The man looks at me confused.

I explain that tomorrow is Valentine's Day
and anyone who orders that bear now
hasn't got a pin head's chance on the MENSA test
of getting that score.

"No its not."
says the man in miffed tones.

"Yes it is... look at your phone."
He checks the date on his cell phone.
He has that "oh crap moment" look.
I know that look.
Its the look that even I get when I have forgotten something...
that could lead to trouble.

Inside my head I am giggling.
I know that his remember-er is broken.
I had planned to drop at least one hint when he got home...
and another when he got up to go to work.
If I help him to remember Valentine's Day from the start...
there will be less awkward moments for him later as life together goes on.
Training the man is tricky work.
Luckily I am tricky.

So he picks up his food and tries another bite.
he says and casually picks up the grocery store flyer.
He is reading it like it has interesting things in it...
on every page.

Yeah.  Right.
The man does not do the grocery shopping planning.
He does not care what food items are on sale that I can make into a meal.
That's my stock 'n trade.
He gives me a weekly budget and I make magic out of it.
His job is to eat it.

Obviously he has not put a lot of thought into the big
Valentine's Day issue.
I think he vaguely knew it was coming up.

He's hoping that Albertson's Market will bail his ass out.
I figure I can expect whatever is in the sales ad when he arrives home.
I wonder which thing it will be?

The single rose in the swan vase?
Strawberries dipped in chocolate?
A real possibility... since he loves chocolate as much as I do.
Maybe... he knows that I love flowers.
It does not really matter what he brings home.
Only that he bring something that he thinks will make me smile.
Anything he brings will do that.
But don't tell him.

As for the man...
I got his gift  a week ago.
It's a very cool panoramic photograph of 
the Ducks at the Coliseum winning the Rose Bowl.
And I got him to make a nice frame for it.
He will figure that out when he opens it.
Hee hee.
Did I mention that I am tricky?
That's because framed, it cost $199.99.
Unframed was much less.
The frame the man makes won't be as flimsy as the store one either...
and it will match the frames on my wall.
I think that will give his crank a good twist!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
Anything fun or romantic?
Are you giving a special gift to someone dear?


  1. it totally slipped my mind until about 20 minutes ago when i reading a few ladies' blogs. since i have plenty of christmas candy left, v day has no meaning for me.

    i should pop out and pick something up for ruby.

  2. Mr. Cube's parents are in town and are coming over to take us to dinner tonight. We decided we wouldn't do anything -
    we have been married 29 years and together for 31 - we're not newlyweds like you and R.

    Anyway, that was the agreement. Today, in front of his father, he surprises me with a very sweet card. I had nothing for him. I feel like a real schlub. Walgreens, here I come.

  3. billy pilgrim- Ruby would love ya for it! But then, she loves ya anyway. Roxy got a T-bone bone. She's out trying to figure out which hole is the right size.

    cube- Oh no! But there's another in common thing... I got my card at Walgreens too.
    Enjoy your diner out tonight!

  4. haha! I always have to laugh at your Man gift giving stories. He is the King in the Land of the Well Meaning :)

    Your gift to him sounds great and the fact that you got him to contribute to it is quite awesome.

    I have reason to believe that DR is going to make me a birthday / Valentine's cake for when I get home tonight :)

  5. I gave a kiss on the cheek when I came home and went promptly to sleep after being on air for 4 hours... He doesn't believe in it anyway.

  6. laura b.- Ha! True. This year he got me an assortment of pastries and Kahlua flavored truffles from a specialty shop. He fooled me! Too fun and funny.

    He loved the print and said "Ok...now I get it!". Then with an evil look he decided his mom would get to cut the mats out for framing it. That's a good thing. Cutting mats is not my forte.

    NoRegrets- A kiss is sweet and sleep when one is tired is very welcome.

    My X didn't believe in it either... but he grudgingly ate out on this holiday. Mostly because he got to pick the restaurant... and I paid.

  7. Aww, I love the relationship you have with this man of yours - warmth, acceptance, love and humour - what else matters, right?

    Us? My man is in London this week, so we had our Valentine's Day early. I expressed the usual surprise and delight to recieve the new book I'd requested, and he resignedly thanked me for the new snow-shovel he HADN'T requested, but knows he will need (evil chuckle)..! I made his card, and he made mine - silly, soppy and faaaaar more meaningful than any shop-bought one.

  8. Love reading your Man stories.. and makes me think that I need to be more tricky..lol

    Hubby was away this week and was due home last night.. but with a late shift and a longgggg drive.. he called me though and that was sweet.. I on the other hand.. bought us both Red Velevet cupcakes filled with yummy cream cheese icing.. that is waiting for us to nip into when he gets back..

  9. We have another special anniversary on February 10th (as you may have read) so we don't really do Valentine's Day.

    The giant bear thing caught my eye, though. Yesterday, our office manager had one delivered to her. It was hilarious. She sat it in a chair by the front entrance and everybody who saw it got a big smile (including me!)

  10. I saw that bear commercial while I was at the gym. For the life of me, I can't understadn who would want one. Where in the world would you keep an enormous teddy bear?

  11. Like Secret Agent Woman, I don't see the use for one of those giant teddy bears. At least it spares us from watching the small teddy bear commercials with the actors that look like porno film dropouts.

    Valentine's Day makes me look forward to St. Patrick's Day. Now there's a holiday ;-)

  12. we are low key. we exchange cards, may candy or something like that. but since mr. lime's birthday is 3 days later that's the bigger shindig.

  13. Shrinky- You are so right! Nothing else matters. =:]

    One of the things the man said that gave me a giggle was that he had no idea what to get me. I pointed out that he knew what I like and if he still wasn't sure, then ask me. I think its great when someone asks what you request and then gets it!

    Mrs HarryWoman- Awww... I like that. So sweet and thoughtful. I hope you both enjoyed your cupcakes.

    Suldog- I have a giant teddy bear story that I should tell one of these days.

    Secret Agent Woman- Ha! Mine lay on my double bed for years. He met a tragic end. But I won't go there today.

    Cube- Every time I see a Shamwow commercial, I laugh and think of you! He's got a new one and in it he actually comments on his arrest and mug shot. Hahahahaha.
    St. Patrick's Day! I'll drink to that!

    lime- I always feel sorry for those people who's birthdays are taken over by a holiday or another relative sharing the birthday. A birthday is a special day. ST.Valentine's Day is not that big of a deal. I sure can understand putting the focus on Mr.lime instead.

    All- Wow. It was interesting to see how many people do NOT celebrate St. V's Day! Here and on other blogs.
    I celebrate any day that I can and many that aren't even holidays. Besides, showing those people we love how much we love them should be an every single day event. You never know when you may not have the chance again. Life is fragile.

  14. I saw the new commercial for the Schticky. I swear that man can sell anything and he doesn't need a British accent to do it.

  15. I enjoyed reading this post. Funny stuff especially reading about your man squirm when he realized what time it was. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Me and Mrs. Shife got really exciting and had a lady come over to show us carpet samples. You don't have to tell me how romantic it is. Take care.

    1. I hate the threading downgrade to Blogspot/Blogger. It forced me to choose someone else's comment to comment on, in stead of letting me comment to the parent post.

      "Its the day before Valentine's Day...
      if you're going to get that bear, the time has expired."

      I could go on and on about the anachronistic advertisements I hear on my local AM radio station between 5:30 and 6:30 at night.


      - the one advertising sub-prime mortgages from Countrywide.

      - the one warning about buying cars damaged in Hurricane Katrina

      - the one about the invention of text messaging, that actual goes on about how text messaging has made driving safer.