Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome to another Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Today's word: organize.
Remember that saying that goes something like
"A messy desk means an organized mind." 
or something like that?
Yeah... not sure what that has to do with anything.
But  "organize" is not a word that 
I use in any form to describe myself...
but I do know...
When you organize flowers...
you get a lovely garden.

You can organize bears by the color of their vests.

At the art museum, they organize displays 
by photographer.

The photographer used an artistic eye
to organize this shot.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
The man is home for a day off 
for the first time in 20 days.
I do not plan to organize anything...
just enjoy his company.


  1. I think your entry was very nicely organized! Thanks for playing, Silly Rabbit.

    Oh my goodness...enjoy your time with The Man!!!

  2. laura b.- Ha! Thanks. I really do enjoy this game. I sometimes get lost in time though... my days and nights all blend in together. I almost forgot that it was Saturday again.
    I promise to enjoy him!

  3. I believe the actual saying has to do with a messy desk equaling a messy mind (or conversely, an organized desk equaling an organized mind). My desk hovers between the two states, as does my mind.

    Hope you and the Man have had a great day together.

  4. Secret Agent Woman- Really? That's pretty funny. Oops.

    I like to have things organized. I want things to be in a certain place and know that they will always be in that place. But I can also make a heck of a mess when I get involved in something.

    We had a lovely diner. I surprised him with his favorite meal; parmesan crusted halibut, pilaff and flash frozen corn. He surprised me with a movie that I have been wanting to see. Poor thing, fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie, so I have spent my day pretty much alone. That's okay. He needs the rest. And he should be waking up about the time I crawl into bed. =;]

  5. Well if that saying is true, than my mind is frighteningly organized....I just don't know it yet. Heh...

    I love the photos you posted! Also, I love the frame in the art museum that looks like it's posted on an "X"! It looks very cool.

  6. Yummy meal, and if he was sleeping, at least it was next to you. Some of my best naps are leaning against a warm body when I am supposed to be watching a movie.

  7. Tara- It was a very nice exhibit at a small local gallery. I knew two of the photographers, which made it even more fun. The "X" frame was very interesting, as was the poem inside it.

    Secret Agent Woman- Ha! That is exactly what happened... he fell asleep leaning against me. I only sent him to bed when my bladder became too uncomfortable to remain seated. And the very best part of my day was when it was my bed time... he let me lay in his arms until I was snoring my head off before he slipped out of the room. Living on different schedules is harder but you think about what you do, like intimate moments. You plan ahead and you cherish them as they are happening. Nothing is just "every day".