Sunday, February 12, 2012


This was taken by C4C.
The man was home for the entire weekend.
We were actually in bed at the same time...
Needless to say we had a very nice weekend.

It was great to have company.
By that I mean the man.
Most of my time of late is spent alone...
watching TV a lot
while I crochet or write or read.
Unless I am on the computer filling out applications.

TV choices were sad for a while there.
But new shows have come onto the scene.
Thank goodness.
I'd gotten to the point where I had watched everything
offered in Xfintiy OnDemand
in the series section.

Being the old fairy tale lover who reads to children...
I like Once Upon A Time and Grimm a lot.
Grimm has the extra icing of being filmed in P'land.
Its fun to see my old haunts.
Both are new twists on fairy tales.

Two others that I am very excited about are
(more old haunts!)
and The River.
Both have a spacy sort of feel to them akin to 
X-Files and Lost.
I'm up to snuff on all of these and have made copies to keep
for later reviewing.

The themes:
When Alcatraz closed in the 60s... a bunch of the worst inmates vanished.
Now these men are popping back into the present and committing crimes.
A special task force is collecting them...
Who took them in the first place?
Why have they not aged?
Why are they killing certain people?

The River is about a family like 
the crocodile guy and his family who made nature films.
The world watched their family grow up over the years.
Then the dad vanishes on a trip he made without the family
to make another documentary.
He is determined to be legally dead
and the family begins to go on with normal life.
Suddenly dad's beacon is activated...
and the family and old film crew
head off down to the river to find dear old dad.

That's when weird stuff begins to happen.
Is it voodoo or aliens?
Dad has tapes of dealings with natives on the river...
and their religious practices.
Something is attacking them...
stalking them.
Do they go home like normal people?
Hell no!
That wouldn't make much of a series.

There is another coming up.
It had a premiere in Jan. that I missed.
It will begin as a regular series on March 19th.
I think that I will like it a lot.

Do you watch any of these?
Can you suggest anything else? 
Weird and scary are good.
Mystery is fun.

Or do you even have time for TV?


  1. i so rarely get control of the remote in my house i don't watch much of anything with regularity. it was a little better when the girls were home because they'd often find something i enjoyed but not as much with just the guys, though my son and i do watch the food network together.

    funny you ask though since my new post is about this dilemma. hahaha

  2. lime- When I still had boys at home, not so long ago, my life was similar. They tuned in this or that. I watched because I was enjoying being with my boys... and adults should see what their kids are watching first hand. I know from having just been to your post that you know exactly what I've watched with them. Hahahaha Brains... brains... groan, unnn errrr, brains!

    Now that I have actual control of a remote with no male influence to guide me... most of what I see I think is totally dumb. So I am thrilled when I find things that I enjoy. Most of what is offered I consider to be drivel.

  3. I tried to get into "Once Upon a Time", but lost interest. I also tried "The Walking Dead", but was boared with that one. I do watch "Being Human" on Monday nights on SciFi. It's the American version, but the UK has one too. The stories revolve around a ghost, werewolf and a vampire all living together and trying to live normal lives.

    I also recommend "Justified" on FX, but that's more of a crime drama with some humor mixed in. It's an awesome show with great characters.

  4. Argh...I meant "bored" not "boared".

  5. I wish I had some recommendations, but I watch mostly sitcoms...and American Idol. Yeah, I'm that person. *sigh*

    I'm glad to hear you and the man had a weekend together. Sounds perfect!

  6. Tara- Oh... "Justified"! That has Tim Olyphant in it. (Excuse poor spelling of his name.) He was in "Deadwood". I really like him. I should see if I can watch back episodes of those and catch up. I am lost in "Being Human".

    Good ideas. Thanks!

    laura b.- I like some sitcoms. I still watch old "Cosby Show"s or "Fresh Prince of Belaire", because Will Smith reminds me of Boo.

    American Idol upsets me. Those poor people try to win and they get canned... and sometimes not at all nicely. We tell our kids to follow their dreams... but we don't tell them that others will crush them. I know, I'm a weenie.

    It was a perfect weekend. I don't like that we don't sleep at the same time... its a loss of snuggle time and I highly value and miss. But then when we can, I suppose it makes it that much nicer and not so every day.

  7. Glad you had an exciting weekend. Mine was quiet and that's just the way I like it.

    As far as TV goes, I'm getting to the point where I can't watch another zombie/deranged hillbilly cannibal/sexy vampire movie in which a bunch of idiot teenagers get killed. I don't mind gore as long as it's scary. One worthy exception is "28 Days Of Night" which was a vampire movie with very creepy vampires - the way vampires should be in my opinion.

    I find myself watching old Law & Order episodes that I never saw while they were on prime time. Also, I have found MeTV, a new network that airs lots of the old shows I grew up watching. I find myself checking their schedule more and more.

  8. cube- I do agree on a lot of the zombie blah blah blah stuff that is out these days. Inbreeds bug me the most. I like SCARY, not gross out.

    I also watch a lot of old Law & Order. Especially in the wee hours. I went on a Mayberry marathon awhile back doing that.

  9. Sorry - I'm totally out of the television loop!