Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brad Paisley - Water

When I hear the word WATER...
I think of this video instantly. I like the images in it as well as the song and the humor written into it.  Sorry that you have to endure a small commercial to see it.

But its SSS's word for the week: "WATER" and its a nice way to kick off the photo show.

 This is a pic of the Columbia River, where I used to live.  WATER can be historic.

 Aaahhh... my favorite memory associated with WATER!  This is the view from the porch of our motel room at the beach where the man and I stayed when we were dating.  WATER can be very romantic.

 WATER can be a home.  Good thing that jelly fish don't get all pruney!

 WATER is a playground.  WATER is a great way to cool off.  WATER is so many things! 

I'm hoping for a WATER free weekend... as in no rain, please!  But spring is full of WATER in my neck of the woods. 

Here's to a lovely, safe and happy weekend to all!
Cheers!  Can you picture me raising my glass of WATER?  What a fun word!



  1. Nice pics! Enjoying a water fountain is almost as good as watching my girls play in a water fountain.

  2. Great pictures.. an excellent way to describe "Water"..
    It's fun to play in "water" too!

  3. We have a couple of those kid fountains near here - I always want to jump in myself on a hot day. Ahhh, the beach. I so want to go to the beach.

  4. Excellent post! I love all those watery pictures...and the video too!
    Hey, I remember that beach vacation! Wasn't that one of the first things you two did together? What a nice memory that must be!

  5. Oh I would so enjoy a hotel with that kind of view!

    The Columbia River photo reminded me of a photo I saw in a magazine the other day about the Cuyahoga River. They're trying to clean it up and make it more accessible to the public.

    Jellyfish are fascinating to watch.

  6. 3GKnight- I love fountains, big and small. I can still remember how much fun it is to run through the sprinklers! That was last summer with Turkey. =;]

    Mrs. Harry Woman- I love to play in the water! On that trip to the beach, we had not been there 10 minutes before I had wet feet from losing a race with the waves. Ha!

    Secret Agent Woman- Me too. I cannot wait to get back to the beach. I'm guessing you will do your usual trip to the beach this year with your boys?

    laura b.- You have an amazing memory. Yes, I shamefully went to the beach to a motel with the man on our first date... or maybe you could consider it our second date since we went to a local bar the night before and set out for the beach the next morning. When its right, its right! Yes, that is a wonderful, cherished memory. =:D

    Tara- It was such a cool motel. Our room was on the beach and the wall facing it was all glass. We had our own private porch too and could hear the waves crashing all night long. Sigh.

    The Columbia River is very cool. Up to a mile across in places.

    These jelly fish were at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Or. I stood and stared at them for a long time. They are so relaxing and fun! Every time I have been there I stand there entranced by them and have to be drug away.