Saturday, February 18, 2012


Welcome to another episode of
Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Our exciting word this week: 

FIRE didn't affect me much until I moved to this
area on the Columbia River.
Wild FIRES are a scary part of gorge living.
One FIRE actually came close enough to melt my
mail box across the street from my home.
Now that was exciting in a scary way!

It's a good thing we had these guys...
Our volunteer FIRE Department!
Though firemen came from all over 3 states
before they could put it out.
Wild FIRES are horrible hungry creatures
that gobble up everything in their path.

But not all FIRE related things are bad.
There is romantic candle light FIRE,
the warmth of a cozy FIREplace burning logs,
a stinky old trash pile FIRE.

FIREworks are my favorite kind of FIRE.

And another kind of "FIRE"
happens when you discharge one of these
as you carefully aim and FIRE!

I think it is also interesting to note that
FIRE makes noise.
Even tiny birthday candles make a "woof" sound as you blow them out.
A match makes a scratch and poof noise when
Wood crackles as it burns.
FIREworks make a big BANG.

FIRE has long fascinated me.
Did you ever look closely at a match
as it burned and see that between
the flame and the unburnt wood/cardboard
liquid scurries along before the flame?
FIRE is part of a chemical reaction!
Solid to liquid to vapor.
Even the science of FIRE is exciting.

Whatever  you do this weekend...
I hope its something that you feel all
FIRED up about doing...
in a good way of course.


  1. I love that you mentioned so many different forms of fire! I didn't even think of fireworks! You're right...that is the most fun of all the fires :)

  2. Fireworks are the best.. they are fun to watch.. as for forest fires and coming that close to your house.. its definitely scary..

    We have a gas fireplace.. but it's not used much anymore.. it's not as efficient as it ought to be.

  3. laura b.- I've been a fan of fire since I was little. It was a big deal in our family to be old enough to burn Christmas wrap in the fireplace on Christmas morning or to be elected to the task of burning the paper trash. A big promotion in a kid's eyes.

    Mrs. Hairy Woman- I do love fireworks so much! That was a scary fire. We were evacuated. I had to leave work to save my fish, cat and dog. It was a crazy 3 days before we were allowed to go home again. Fortunately my boss put us up in a nice hotel.

    We have an electric fireplace that does not warm us as well as I'd like. We have a real one too, but don't use that room much.

  4. Yeah, any kind of fire that spreads and burns in nature is probably not the best kind of excitement. I hope that the only thing damaged for you was the melted mailbox!

    Excellent use of the word, and I liked your observation about the different sounds a fire makes, depending on the circumstance!

    I've got a candle going that my mom bought for me today that smells like lilac, but I must remember to put it out before I go to bed! Don't want an unnecessary fire!

  5. Tara- Gee I should have mentioned that no one and nothing of mine was harmed. The house did smell smokey and all the food in the fridge spoiled because I turned my power off as I exited. But all was well.

    I love candles but like you, I am very careful with them. My newest daughter-in-law got me one of those ceramic pots with the light bulb inside that you put a chunk of scented wax into a cup on top... and it makes the house smell so good! Safer. But there is much to be said for the glow as well as scent that a candle gives off too. Nope... I wish no fires for anyone!

  6. I have been fascinated by fire all of my life, but not wildfires. Those scare me silly.

    We have an outdoor fire pit which we use when it's cold and a real fireplace in the family room which we haven't used in years. I love the warmth, don't like how it makes the house all stinky.

    Billy Pilgrim: Don't they fight fire with water ;-)

  7. billy pilgrim- I put out a swamp cooler fire once with a garden hose. (My mother didn't want any firemen with muddy boots messing up her carpet... so she sent me up on the roof with the hose.) It was an interesting experience.

    Secret Agent Woman- It really is.

    cube- There is so much to fire. It has a way of drawing us closer to each other physically, weather its just gathering around it or snuggling with a particular someone. It can push away the darkness and make us feel safer... or it can be overwhelming and drive us away. I like telling stories by camp fires. I think Fire is a diva and we have to give it the center of our attention.

    I completely get the smell issue. After the wild fire, everything we had stunk for quite some time.

  8. Wow, I have no idea how you coped with a fire MELTING your mailbox, what a terrifying experience! You've certainly given a comprehensive cover of virtually every aspect of fire there is - just as well, or we might have had to "fire" you, otherwise (wink)..

  9. thanks for the shoutout to the volunteer firefighters out there. mr. lime was one for years and it's a pretty thankless job. i had no idea wyou were close to where wild fires rage though. that can be scary for sure!

  10. Shrinky- Yes, it was quite an ordeal! But fascinating too. My grand daughter and I were even interviewed on TV at the Red Cross shelter.
    Oh I hate being "fired"!

    lime- I think the world of volunteer firemen and women! In our DP'sH where I used to live, they were all we had. Between lightening storms and unattended candles, etc. they did wonders to keep our community safe. They give their time to train, work and even fund raise for more life saving equipment and that takes them from their families all hours of the day and night. Not to mention put their own lives at risk. They are amazing people and should get the ut-most respect!
    My wild fire was caused by sparks from a train in the old growth forest close to my home. It took three days to stop it once it got going. The gorge is known for its winds and it makes it a favorite of wind surfers... but those winds can take a spark and make it roar.
    A wild fire nearly took out Multnomah Falls Lodge... where the famous falls are and not far from where I lived too. That one took a longer time to put out. It made the national news. Crazy times! We needed those volunteer fire folk!

  11. RE: "Even the science of fire is exciting"
    Well, er..if you get excited by solving 4th order equations for mass and energy balance!!!