Sunday, February 26, 2012


~Kurt Vonnegut

The man is as regular as clockwork on filling up the truck 
when he has driven 249 miles.
Our gas gauge went kaput.
He keeps track with the trip meter...
rather than shell out a mini fortune to fix the gas gauge.

( This pic came from FaceBook )

When we went to fill the tank on his Friday morning...
he about had a hissy fit on the spot.
Thanks to the unhappy Iranians...
and the greed of oil companies using the 
limp threats of the Iranians as an excuse to jack the price
of oil per barrel.
And like o'l Kurt said...
we are still addicted to oil, so we will pay the ransom.

When the man left to go to his graveyard shift
on his Friday morning...
my Thursday night...
Roxy did the most surprising thing.

It is our custom to walk the man to his truck
and say our good-byes,
then reenter the home and check the parameter.
Once all doors are locked tight,
all lights are turned off,
and the security system enabled...
It is our custom to go to the bedroom together.
Roxy will check out the bathroom for possible idiots
hiding in the shower.
I have not taught her to do this, but she does it.
Normally when we walk the man out...
I have already moved my "stuff" to
the bedroom.
This "stuff" is my kindle, my Sudoku puzzle book,
and a writing tablet for ideas that pop into my head.
I tend to leave the door ajar.

By now you have guessed what Roxy did.
We finished our rounds
and as I flicked out the last light in the foyer
near the bedroom...
and we plunged into darkness...
Roxy launched into hyper drive.
She also launched into the firmly closed door.
Poor girl!
I've never heard her make that noise.
I felt awful.
I opened the door to let the light spill into the foyer area
so that I could see if she was hurt.
Cowed, head bent low...
Roxy slunk to her blankets
and lay down with her back to me.
She didn't even check the shower for idiots.

I crooned at her and gave her ears a good tickle...
until she laid her head down and sighed,
I felt badly for her.
We all have those moments.
The exuberance of stupidity can be emotionally crushing.
I was glad that she didn't physically hurt herself.
What a shock!

I had a fantastic weekend.
Visited with friends for a bit Sunday morning.
The rest of the time was "us time".
I got some new "New Balance" shoes.
At least 70-100% of the materials used to make them are made in the USA.
The shoes are 100% assembled here.
They are very comfy too!

an uneventful weekend.
Sometimes I think those might be the best sort of weekends.
What did you do with your weekend?


  1. "Us" time is the best time! Glad you got some this weekend.

    The Roxy story made me laugh, but please don't tell her. Just tell her I sympathize :)

  2. laura b.- I won't tell Roxy if you don't tell her that the man and I laughed when I told him about it. =;]

    "Us" time is the best!

  3. Yeah, it pisses me off. Overnight one night it went up 20 cents.

    Poor puppy dog...

  4. Gas prices wouldn't be so high if we drilled for our own and built the pipeline from Canada. 'Nuff said.

    As for Roxy's bad day... everybody has one sooner or later. She's a smart girl and probably will never do it again.

  5. I am very brand loyal to New Balance sneakers. We need more companies keeping business here.

    (Of course, gas prices being what they are, I am also a fan of Japanese cars!)

  6. The price of gas is astounding..

    Poor Roxy.. I did have to chuckle at the image of her laying there beside you.. and sighing..
    Hope there isn't a repeat..

  7. NoRegrets- Its crazy. Puppy is happy now that she has forgotten the experience.

    Cube- I do agree with you on the oil issue. I know that people are concerned with the environment. I'm not sure that a tanker that ruptures or sinks is any better than a pipeline that leaks. I'd much rather buy my oil from Canada than the middle east. We would not be paying as much shipping cost if we drilled here at home either.

    Secret Agent Woman- I love my new NB sneakers! They are so comfortable and past experience has proved that they last too. As for gas... my tiny Ford is great on gas.

    Mrs. Hairy Woman- So far Roxy has been safe and seems to have no memory of her crash. I was sure to leave the light on and the door cracked last night.

  8. Some American cars have really improved on gas mileage, that's true. And I'm thrilled. But I'm in love with my Prius - usually averaging about 48 mpg.

  9. Secret Agent Woman- My Bear has a Prius and she loves it too. I've driven it and it is a wonderful car. I like how quiet they are at low speeds. Makes you wonder if they are actually running.

  10. addicted to oil is right, and it's sad. we'll keep paying until we find another way.

  11. lime- Sadly, I do believe you are right.