Sunday, February 5, 2012


I liked this one found on Facebook.
I bet they had a big screen TV for the Superbowl!

It was a nice weekend all the way around.
The weather was beautiful for this time of  year.
I found little flowers on my vinca.
It looked like spring and felt like spring.

I knew the man was hoping to get Sunday off.
He gets off of his Saturday shift at 7:30 AM Saturday morning.
That meant he would be in the house all weekend...
until 11:15 PM Sunday night.

I decided to plan a surprise for him.
I'd gone grocery shopping for the week the day before
and found halibut steaks at a decent price.
So I made his favorite meal:
halibut parmesan, pilaf and flash frozen corn.
I made nanner puddin with Nilla Wafers.

He came home, walked in the door and began sniffing.
He was very pleased.
As I was dishing it up, 
he told me that I had to stay in the kitchen until 
he said it was okay to come out with the plates.
He had a surprise for me too.

My surprise turned out to be a movie I wanted to see.
I like to call it "Ronan the Conan".  
Its a SG-1 thing.
So we sat in the family room and ate our meal
while we watched my movie.
But the poor man fell asleep halfway through it.
At least it saved him from having to watch me drool over Ronan/Conan.

The graveyard shift still feels weird.
Kind of like living alone and having the man visit.
I spend a lot of time talking to Roxy
and as long as she doesn't begin to talk back...
I'm good and the town is safe.
(Remember Son of Sam?)

Oh well.
He's been working so much lately.
I woke him up and sent him off to bed.
He got up later and spent some time with me 
before it was my turn to crash...
and his to talk to the dog.

But its harder on the man, I think.
All these long hours day after day.
But it does sound like the overtime is going to slow down.
He didn't have to ask for Sunday off...
everyone else did and the boss gave it to them.

I taped the Superbowl so that the man and I can watch it
when he returns from work tomorrow morning.
I didn't want to peek,
but I was compelled.
I was rooting for the Patriots.

That was kind of a tough choice for me.
I really like Eli.
But the Pats have our Patrick Chung!
(A much liked former Duck.)
Sorry Eli... Ducks win out for me every time.
I just wish the Pats had won.
So close and so far.

What did you do this weekend?
Were you glued to the game...
or avoided it?
Happy new week to you all!


  1. That is so sweet that you both had a surprise planned for the other! Maybe that is the bright side of being apart (sleeping different shifts) guys will keep that sense of newness and excitement when you do have time together.
    As for the Super Bowl, I didn't give it much of a thought :) I saw it called the Superb Owl in a few places and that made me laugh.

  2. laura b.- I was pretty tickled about the double surprise too. He's a very thoughtful man. I try to give back what I get.

  3. i was tickled pink with the giants thumping the pats! ever since the bruins beat the canucks in the stanley cup final i hate all things boston.

    i hope the husband daycare has a back door.

  4. How nice that both of you had something special planned.. Poor guy must have been bushed..

    We were in the midst of having some painting done and it lasted way too long.. but it is done.. I watched a little of the game.. not a huge Foot ball fan..then it was time for me to do cleanup and stayed up way too late..which left me bushed today!

  5. No game for me - I don't have TV but even if I did, not a football fa, Still, I make nachos every year and my son and I watched a movie!

    I was just noticing flowers on my vinca yesterday!

  6. billy pilgrim- Ha! Hey now, the Bruins rock! But I see your point.
    I don't know if it has a back door or not. Is that so that husbands can run away when they see their wives coming?

    Mrs. Harry Woman- Have I told you how much I enjoy your name?
    Oh painting. Yikes that's hard work. No wonder you were exhausted when you got done. I hope you get lots of rest tonight. And that whatever you were painting looks wonderful.

    Secret Agent Woman- So the vinca is beginning to bloom! Yay! I am so hungry for spring. If the man had been awake, nachos would have been his choice.

  7. Grave yard shift is SO hard. I worked it a few years, my last year of college and about two years after. It wasn't fun, and I'd hate it even more if I was the one at home alone all night. I'd get freaked out.

  8. SilverNeurotic- Hello and welcome down into the hole!

    It is hard. I'm a big chicken and being alone all night is not something I enjoy. However, Roxy, my pit bull is a huge comfort. She is always by my side. Our house is very secure. Its not as creepy as I thought it would be. I feel safe and I'm very careful.

  9. that's a funny sign for sure. so sweet that you and your man both came up with sweet surprises for each other. you're taking advantage of what time you have with his odd hours

    football does NOTHING for me but i am married to a giants fan and gave birth to a pats fan so it was intersting here.

  10. lime- We try. We are to the point now where we make "dates". Not spontaneous, but working at making time for each other has made for a lot of fun in the planning... and the playing. =;]

    Ha. You were stuck between teams! At least you could run away or read a book if you liked.

  11. I love that you both had a surprise for each other! That meal sounds amazing. Great find with that "Husband Daycare Center" photo! :D