Friday, February 24, 2012


Its time for another episode of 
Saturday Scavenger Shots.
Our word this week:

I can't help but think of my kids when 
I think of the word GROW.

We have anxiously watched this 
baby bump GROW!
Olivia will arrive on March 6th.
She is one of two new grand daughters
that are making our family GROW.
Zoe will join us on April 30th.
This next one made me all teary-eyed.
I love that our school made these for each
of the students and gave them to the 
parents at graduation.
Not the best photography on my part.
But what a great way to remember
watching Squeaky GROW up.
(sniff, sniff)

We certainly had fun watching this 

 in to this!

The handsome Puck!

Of course there are many things that illustrate the word GROW. I focused on family.
Please note that Puck is a family member!

This one I just had to add for the heck of it.

Same meaning, different spelling.

I hope your weekend GROWs into
a fun one... filled with things and people
you love.
Mine will be.
The man has the weekend off.
So this weekend,
I know that I will not GROW
Instead, I will GROW happy!


  1. Great pictures.. Love Puck he is a handsome puss!

  2. man, i wish my kids would grow some grandchildren for me!

  3. What a perfectly perfect post :) It is so much fun to watch baby bumps and the children they become grow...and they grow so quickly!
    Hope you guys had a great weekend.

  4. Mrs. Harry Woman- Puck is a handsome puss!

    billy pilgrim- Chances are that they will eventually. I love the little rascals!

    laura b.- We had a great weekend. Calm and cozy. I do love watching my family grow. Its very exciting.

  5. One baby is good, but two babies are better! You and your family are truly blessed.

    My sister and my brother's wife had babies about 4 months apart and those babies are now toddlers. It's been a wonderful trip watching them grow into little people with their own distinct personalities.

    Sometimes it seems as though our kids grow up too soon... my recommendation is to stop feeding them ;-)

    Puck is a cutie. I don't know if he's fixed, but he would still find our new cat very attractive. ShoShin has super model good looks.

  6. Exciting changes coming to your family.

    That collection of class photos really is a great idea.