Friday, August 19, 2011


I had a great mini visit with the Turkey a couple of days ago.
They stopped off for the night on their way back from
vacation time in San Diego.
A brief visit... they left early the next morning.
Still, any time spend with the Bear, Turkey, Angel and Mikey P
is a good time.
Even if the man says Turkey lacks an "off switch".
As it turned out, it was good that they left quickly.
Soon after I was physically attacked by the man's vicious
stomach bug.
I am currently recovering and lack most of my ability
to think or be witty.
So far I have managed to keep some greek yogurt
and half a turkey sandwich down.
So things are looking up...
rather than coming up.
Hee hee

Here's to hoping that you all have a great weekend...
vicious bug-free.
I personally plan on doing as little as possible.
Maybe hold the sofa on the floor and give the remote a good work out.


  1. Hope your tummy settles down... I doubt it was the poor boy's fault but you never know ;-) O'm betting on the chef and kitchen retribution. The server did say he was a dick or an asshole... or some orifice.

    Really hope you feel better soon.

  2. oh no so sorry you wound up with the bug! glad it waited until you got to enjoy our company though.

  3. I'm glad you got a little visit in before sickness descended. Hope you feel better very soon.

  4. Get better soon and I hope you get to enjoy some of your weekend. Take care.

  5. Sitting and clicking actually DO burn calories. It's a well-known scientific fact, rabbitson.

  6. doctor baltar could probably fix you up in not time flat.

    so say we all.

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry you've got a nasty bug! Feel 100% better soon!

    Is Turkey the little boy in the photo?

  8. Gotta love the helium filled sofas.... make a great excuse to stay down.
    And, that's the first thing you eat to keep stuff down?? yoghurt and turkey sandwich?? lordy. you have a strong stomach.

  9. Just checking in on the state of your stomach. Hope you're feeling better and just having too much fun to post.

  10. If you still have an upset tummy, don't visit my blog today (or, if you do, you've been forewarned and I'll not take responsibility!)

  11. Hmm... looks like I will indeed be driving up through Oregon... gotta connect (as long as you aren't still sick)

  12. Checking in again. Hope all is well. Starting to worry...