Saturday, August 13, 2011


  Welcome to today's Saturday Scavenger Shots!  
Our word this week is QUIET.... like this peaceful sunset.

This gentleman looks to be lose in stoney QUIET contemplation.... probably about why he has succulents growing out of his head!

Last but not least... a rare QUIET moment from little N.  
QUIET only because her mouth is otherwise occupied!
Having her spend the night last night was not at all QUIET.
She truly has the gift of endless gab!
Fortunately, she is funny...
which kept us from going QUIETly mad.



  1. My younger nephews love to jabber, but they have the best laughs and those are incredibly contagious.

    I LOVE that first shot! So beautiful, I can feel the quiet peacefulness.

  2. Tara- I had a niece who would talk so much that everyone began to tune her out... so she would stand in front of the TV where she could get their attention. Ha. N is a sweetie pie.

    I love to take pics of that time of day.

  3. Sunrises and sunsets have such great light for photos.

    I'm enjoying a rare bit of quiet at home.

  4. secret agent woman- I never tire of sun rise or sun set.

    Ah... joining in on the quiet fun! Quiet can be a true blessing. =:)

  5. Quiet is good. I don't get too much of it because my house is usually loud.

  6. BTW scuba gear is a great way to keep a kid quiet. I'll have to remember that ;-)

  7. Perfect pictures! The first two really do feel quiet and peaceful...and the third one feels like a temporary lull :-D What a cutie!!!

  8. Cube- Ha! I am loud, the man is quiet for the most part. Ha.
    She is a cutie pie but sometimes the talking is exhausting. She mostly wants me to tell her repeatedly how pretty she is. After a while that gets very old. Distraction is always the best policy.

  9. Laura b.- Ha! It was temporary! But with kids, well... I'm not sure there is ever such a thing as quiet unless they are sleeping. =;]