Monday, August 29, 2011


Now isn't that just scary!

Hi folks.
I've been sick.
Saturday was the first day I've felt normal...
whatever that is...
in over a week.
To be frank, I was starting to worry about me.
No appetite.
Vague sick feeling.
No energy.
We're talking wondering if the trip to the bathroom was worth taking
to avoid a mess.

Thank goodness that is over!
So Saturday rolled around and the man set off following his bumper again.
I was grateful just to feel like moving around again.
We got word that our Duck tickets were lost.

We PAID for them.
How could they lose them?

Off we went to the ticket office.
And ran into a huge snafu...
Fan Day.

You know how much I love the Ducks.
But I still was not up to the lines and hoopla.
Nor the unwashed masses.
Actually it was the over perfumed masses.
Some women do not know how much is enough!
I darned near lost the first decent meal I'd had in over a week.

And we weren't even standing in line to meet the team.
It was hot and humid.
We had to weave our way through the crowds of craziness
of people in various insane Duck attire...
like that fellow up there
and some more normal people in simple fan shirts,
knee socks with short shorts, etc.

Because I did not have my camera with me...
since Fan Day was a total surprise to us.
Only to find out that the ticket office was closed.
Heavy sigh.

Today we will venture out and try to get to the ticket office again.
They already told us in a three party conversation that 
they will just reprint the tickets and send them to the 
"will call" office on game day.

The man is not satisfied with this.
He envisions us showing up ready to watch and have them 
tell us that they don't see any tickets.
We paid for these tickets months ago.
We have nothing on paper to prove that we own them.
Only our credit card receipt.
No confirmation.
No tickets!

Last year there was a big ta-doo
over counterfeit tickets.
Hundreds of fans showed up to find other people in their seats...
with exact duplicates of their tickets.
The man worries that this is this year's ticket scam.

If they were regular general admission tickets,
it would not be such a big deal.
These were expensive prime seating tickets.
He is not willing to risk nose bleed seating as a "we're sorry 
we can't find your tickets, but this is the best we can do".

I'll let you know how that turns out.
One way or another,
the man will get something today to prove that he owns those seats.
I will sheepishly follow him through this process...
and hope we are not escorted out of the 
ticket office by security.
I have never seen this man angry.
I don't want to.
But we are talking prime Duck tickets.
that means war!

My apologies for being so absent.
I looked at my computer several times,
then went back to feeling like death was waiting in the wings...
(Very melodramatic!)
and rolled back over to lay there like a lump.
I will try to play catch-up.

In the meantime...
stay well my friends.


  1. I was just reading this as you were reading mine it seems. though yours is much more exciting... in a not so calm way. I'm glad you are feeling better, and quite honestly I'd be a bit pissed too.

  2. Pamela- Hi! Yeah, that was a lot of money for no tickets. I did enjoy Bill very much. He looks like such a sweetie. I miss Puck, my cat, but he is happy with my son.

  3. Glad you're feeling better :-)

    That said, I could've gone my lifetime without seeing that photo and, now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it. It burns!!!!!!

    BTW I agree about the tickets. I'd be mad too.

  4. Cube- LOL! Sorry to have burned that image into your brain. I assure you that most Duck fans are not quite so disturbing. But with so many cracker jacks, you do get a few nuts!

  5. You Ducks are lucky. High school football is terrible up in the northwest. And, yet, you still get kids from Florida, Texas, and California to go up there and play for you. a) You must be really nice people up there or b) it must be frigging beautiful. Or both!

  6. Will "take no prisoners" Hart-
    We are lucky Ducks! I agree that high school football here kind of sucks. I think that is due to so many small schools rather than the great big public high schools of say... Cal, where I grew up. Higher budgets and more bodies.
    The U of O is one of the most gorgeous campuses that I have ever seen and the city around it is a young person's dream for activities.
    We have been fortunate to have some well known names here... Casey Matthews from his famous family and we have a (lord help me spell this one!) Tuinei! How that happened, I don't know, but I'm sure glad it did.
    It is unfortunate that Casey was the only Duck from last year's wonderful team graduates that made it into the NFL. But when you come with a pedigree... people watch more seriously.

  7. I don't understand how anybody could leave Florida's body-melting humidity, spiders the size of a cookie, huge flying roaches, gators coming into your house via the doggie opening in the door... oh, there's so much more that I just can't see anyone leaving behind ;-)

  8. Cube- Yikes! Don't put those on the tourist pamphlets. You lost me with spiders the size of cookies.
    Reminds me of a doggie door I had once, when a roommate made one for his dog. It was so large that my 6'3" friend could crawl through with ease. If Burris had been a fierce dog, it might not have worried me so much. But he would have been happy to host a relocation party of my things.

  9. We've always had the roaches, but this summer has the very worst since I moved here in 1968 for the HUGE spiders we've been encountering. Some are huge with thin legs, some are huge with thick legs and can be quite belligerent. They positively will not move unless you throw a safe at them or one of Mr. Cube's work boots ;-)

    We have had a big crop of the small black widows and some brown widows, but they pretty much stay on their webs.

    I don't know why, but it's been a good year for spiders.

    RE: the doggie door, we used to have one at the old house that was much smaller. The cats would bring in all kinds of kills and our German Shepherd at the time would use it as a puppy until she got so big only her head would fit. It was a sad sight to see her head jammed in it wanting to be let inside the house.

  10. I don't know about perfume, but seeing that guy would certainly put me off my feed. Hope you get the ticket mess straightened out.