Thursday, September 1, 2011


Seems like we're all working on putting pieces back together...
those recovering from storms and floods...
getting the kiddos back into school mode...
looking for work...
building relationships
whatever each one of us has to deal with these days.

Hard to believe its the first day of September!
Where the heck did summer go?
The past few days here it has felt like fall.
I don't mind a bit.
But I'm not a fan of the heat.

Speaking of fans...
we did get our tickets.
They were send to a wrong address.
we know the people that they were sent to.
So we drove over and picked them up.
But how curious is that?

Tonight we will have little N again.

The man had an interview for a job today.
Who knows how that will go.
We've gotten used to doing interviews
and no longer bother hoping for this one or that one.
They all seem to go well.
But there are so many people interviewing for every job out there.
The odds aren't with anyone.
Kind of makes me miss the old days
of nepotism and the old boys networks...
when you could get a job just because you knew someone.
Oh well...
What will be will be.

I have a friend coming down to visit today.
We used to work at the same school.
She was the cook.
Her husband was the music teacher.
I am really looking forward to seeing her.

Speaking of that school.
The year before Squeaky would have graduated,
they closed our high school section.
This last year they closed our middle school.
Gone is our little K-12 family.
It is my understanding that next year will be the last
year that even the grammar school remains.
The pieces of that puzzle have all fallen apart.
How sad.

They are down to four teachers
and a half time principal.
My job vanished with the middle school.
Guess I got out while the getting was good.

Its a blessing in many ways.
Obviously I would have been wrangling for work,
though I had seniority and could have taken someones
job up district.
I would have felt bad about that.
It would have meant a half an hour on the freeway each direction...
which would have meant wear and tear on the car and gas.
Not to mention frozen road situations.
No thanks.
Mostly I am blessed to have a good relationship going.
Someone to share things and thoughts with regularly.
I have a much nicer home.
My family has doubled,
though my friends have become more distant, space wise.
I have an active life in a place where there are museums,
concerts, events and of course my Ducks.
Life is sweeter.
My puzzle is steadily filling in.
I like the picture.

Here we are on the cusp of a major holiday weekend.
Will you be doing anything special?

We are planning a quiet...
yeah, riiiight...
first game of the year party for two.
All the trimmings in smaller bowls.
I suspect there will be yelling and cheering.
It will be fun to see how the new line up goes.
I have faith.
I anticipate celebration!
And will be grateful not to have to drive home...
only to fall into bed when that time comes.

Whatever you are doing this holiday...
be safe
drive sober
and enjoy!



  1. It's nice to appreciate what you have when you have it. And it was also good timing that I left, though it's difficult. I would have gone nuts working with the new person who took over. Just a clash of personalities. Hope you enjoy a restful weekend yet exciting one.
    PS - you do follow up after interviews, right? Thank you notes and all that?

  2. Pamela- Yes, we do follow ups. I didn't at first, but began that a few months back. It sure can't hurt and my mom used to say that being polite opens more doors. Of course then you have to sell yourself too. That is hard for me. That's what I need to work on most.
    The place where the man used to work for 15 years suddenly closed down last month... adding 450 people to the job hunt here. We suspected his termination had more to do with how high his wages were and his retirement. I think it made him feel better to know that they were going under and it wasn't about him. But its a real loss to the community.

  3. Pamela- Its so funny how often we are busy posting at each others blogs at the same time.

  4. I hope you get a job soon, but it sounds like at least everything else in your life is fitting together nicely. I'm happy for you. Here's to appreciating what we have!

  5. Glad to hear you got your tickets. I'm having an at-home weekend until I go out Labor Day evening.

  6. We've spoken about how hard the job hunting has been here too. It doesn't seem to get any better and I can't blame anyone but Obama's policies that are anti-business.

    Me, I'm having a restful weekend by force, not by choice. I went to the doctor's office Thursday and found my blood pressure was high, so I've begun to take meds for it. My family isn't letting me do anything but rest.

    Hope you have more fun than me this weekend ;-)

    BTW that cook from your school isn't the one who made those public school peanut butter cookies that I still dream about from 7th grade? If so, please get the recipe. They were the best.

  7. secret agent woman- A nice quiet weekend sounds good to me!

  8. secret agent woman- A nice quiet weekend sounds good to me!

  9. Churlita- Appreciating what we have is, I think the secret to being happy. Too many people look for what they don't have and want and miss all the wonderful things they do have.
    A job will show up when its right.

  10. Cube- I'm sorry to hear about the blood pressure troubles. I take meds for that too. Grumble. But I am glad that your family cares so much for you that they want to keep you healthy. That is a wonderful thing!
    I'm betting she has the recipe. I'll email her and see if I can get it. But it might feed 200+ kids!

  11. My family used to be big on jigsaw puzzles, and it was fun to work on them with my mom and one of my brothers.

    I went on an interview once for an optometrist assistant position. The lobby was filled with applicants. Didn't get the job, but that memory has stayed with me - so many people applying for one position. Then when I was layed off from the job I had at my current company, and I took another position, I felt bad when I'd take a call from someone who thought the position was still open.