Friday, September 30, 2011


The man and his sister when they were little.

The man's phone rings.
We are in the market of all places...
so I whip a mechanical pencil out of my purse and an old receipt to write on.
I am prepared to take down any important information.
But he nods as he tells whoever he is talking to that he is familiar with the place...
and hangs up.

It's a job.
I can tell its a job.
Its about freaking time!

But its not just any job.
It is his idea of a dream job...
The place he recently told me that he would truly like to work at if he could choose.

I can't understand why he is not leaping and hopping for joy.
Then he says
"Baby, you know what this means don't you?
When everyone else is leaving to go hunting...
I'll be working."

There it is.

"I'm sorry I'm letting you down."

He's not worrying about him missing the first day of hunting.
He's worried about ME missing the first day of hunting season.
He thinks I am disappointed.


It's a job.
The most important thing that either of us need.
Happiness is a warm paycheck!

He apologised for letting me down.
But I don't feel let down.
I feel elated and relieved.
And happy for him.

Its not the only day in hunting season.
Its just the opening day.
Once he is used to his new schedule,
there will be Sundays when he can hunt.
So we hunt one day a week instead of two.
Clearly I don't have hunter's fever.
I am happy under the circumstances to wait.
What I don't want to do is go without him, even though Todd would happily take me.

There is one icky thing about the job.
It's graveyard shift.

I walked him out to the truck and we said  good-byes
until morning...
and I immediately made sure the house was locked up tight.

I am a big chicken.
I am glad that I have Roxy here to keep me company and safe.
The only problem is that she gave up on me hours ago and went to bed.
So much for company.


  1. Just catching up on past posts. Cool about Squeaky's book writing and yay! on the man's job!

  2. secret agent woman- Glad to see you back! I agree on both, thanks!

  3. Oh, what wonderful news! Graveyard is tough, but perhaps he won't be on that shift forever.

  4. laura b.- That is exactly what we are hoping for. His job is to run a computerized machine that cuts the bows out. Sounds simple, but you have to know how to write new programs and fix glitches. It takes experience and know how, which few have at the factory. But on that note, he may need to wait for one of the day guys to move on or retire, which could take a long time.

  5. Hi - worked back here to find the post. Good for him! Nothing can ever be perfect, unfortunately... But that's so great, and you two will work it out.
    And, well, re: the other guys, there could always be a hunting accident. ;-)