Saturday, September 10, 2011


Time for SSS's word for the week...

Of course the firs thing that comes to mind is the type of baggage that is old business...
of the kind we would rather leave behind, 
yet somehow don't.
As in my X got drunk last night and sent me some weird emails.
His baggage, not mine.
No anger though, just some rambling thoughts.

The other type of baggage is of the luggage type...
as seen with the silly rabbit vacation 
at the top of the page.
Like those silly rabbits,
I tend to pack light...
taking mostly myself wherever I go.

But when I have to do some real heavy duty packing...
such as with my move here...
my baggage of choice is
this versatile beauty!
Yep, I'm a trash bag packer.

My kids used to joke... 
well actually they still joke...
that when I die...
they would bury me in a "Hefty Bag".
I say they better use a "Glad Bag" instead! 

Have a great weekend my friends.
I will watch my Ducks today and hope for a win...
and celebrate Bear's Birthday


  1. hahahaha! love that last bit about hefty vs glad bags.

  2. I've done the "packing things in brown bags and garbage bags" thing. That was years ago, of course, and MY WIFE would die if I did so now, so I don't. I use regular old luggage.

  3. Aw, I love the rabbits getting ready for a trip!

  4. lime- Well once I lost so much weight, the idea of a "hefty" bag was unthinkable! Besides, if I'm going to heaven, a "glad" bag makes much more sense. =;]

  5. Suldog- That reminds me of a story that one of my bosses used to tell about skipping school to go fishing... and being caught by one of the nuns who passed their pond while running errands. His mother was so mortified that she swore she could not show her face in church that week and they might have to move. =:]
    The man seemed a bit confused by my luggage too. Ha!

  6. theecclecticspaghitti- Thanks. Me too.

  7. Finally reading you from home where I can comment on your blog!
    We all have our baggage and sometimes the baggage of others as well, don't we.
    Love the Glad bag way to pack. I can totally get behind that :)

  8. laura b.- I know about your reading/computer limitation. No problem!
    Hey, Glad bags are the way I roll. =:]